Moon in Pisces in a Horoscope

You are unusually light in heart, full of sympathy for people, and this understanding of their feelings and needs is bordered by telepathy. You cannot stand it when a living being, whether a person or an animal, suffers before your eyes. Knowing your kindness and responsiveness, people who suffer from heartache or are in a confused state often turn to you for help. Sometimes they abuse your kindness.

You have a poetic soul, you love and feel the music. Many of your sensations are vague and vague, so you cannot easily convey what you think about life. It seems that music is your natural language. In love, you are romantic, often in love not only with a person, but with the relationship itself, in this pleasant state.

The hypersensitivity, the receptivity of the thoughts and feelings of others is like a sponge, a vivid imagination that manifests itself in poetry, music. Love of travel.

Courtesy, sympathy, shyness and mental vulnerability often feel insulted, suffer from persecution mania, and if upset, then lack of common sense and sense of humor.

Melancholy, distraction, neglect of one’s appearance, threat of mental illness and isolation. All illnesses begin through the legs.

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