Moon in Leo in a Horoscope

With your warmth, love and nobility you excite in those whom you love a sense of affection and devotion. This is very good, because you will never agree to anything less! You need to be adored, worshiped, and in return you bring down your care, warmth and attention. You have a very developed sense of pride, you need to be recognized and appreciated. The deepest wound to your heart is inflicted by those who do not pay attention to you. You are an open, sincere, decent person, and you hate any kind of game that dishonored people resort to.

Pride, a penchant for theatricality and a desire to be in the spotlight. A thirst for admiration, recognition, romance and sympathy. They love children, evening parties, art, sports, entertainment. They love to command, especially at home, can become unbearable. The desire to love and be loved makes you radiant and courteous. There are many failures on their way. Physical ailments: heart disease, convulsions, scrofula, skin diseases, poor blood circulation, blood poisoning.

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