Moon in Sagittarius in a Horoscope

You are an open and generous person. You have a lot of friends and acquaintances. You succeed, being able to communicate with people, enterprising, perceive life as a game. You are freedom-loving and always ready to buzz-eat. You rarely get spoiled by obstacles and difficulties. Overcoming them helps you to believe in an optimistic future. However, when faced with everyday problems or emotional pain, you often try to cheer up those who are in pain, to give them general philosophical advice, not paying attention to the feelings that are affected.

Friendship plays a huge role for you. Perhaps even more than physical and romantic love. For your happiness it is necessary that the one with whom you are intimately close is your best friend and supports you in your expectations and goals of an ideal order. At the same time, you need more emotional freedom and mobility.

Extravagance, idealism, emotionality. The pursuit of lofty goals, often not of this world. Attachment to traditions, philosophical and religious views that have been inculcated since childhood. Belief in a good outcome, longing for distant worlds, love for all living things (people, animals, plants). They like trips, changes of places, often settle in other countries or far from the place of birth. Cheerful and optimistic. Possible diseases of the blood, lungs (tuberculosis), nervous system, sciatica, weakness of the hips and buttocks. Addiction to accidents.

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