Moon in Scorpio in a Horoscope

You are secretive and prone to painful silence. It is difficult for people to understand what is hidden in the depths of your soul, because you trust and open yourself to very few. You do not allow yourself to be vulnerable and lose control of relationships with others.

Love and hate. You are intense, passionate, you are a jealous friend, treat your friends like children. As an enemy you have to be afraid. You have an unpleasant habit of remembering the past when you were hurt, when you were offended, falsely accused. You keep all these feelings in yourself. It is very important that you learn to forgive and forget. It will be better if you begin to show your feelings openly and directly, without hiding or suppressing them.

External appearance does not satisfy you, you seek to penetrate through the external in order to understand the hidden motives, and you yourself have a great depth of feelings.

Lust restrained by will. Fast subconscious decisions and inability to substantiate sympathy or antipathy. Inexplicable fanaticism, sensuality, constant conflict in feelings. An exaggeratedly serious attitude to personal affairs, which leads to greed of possession and extreme jealousy. Grievances are not forgotten. Sarcastic, mocking. Often they want to change their family and home situation. They are self-willed and reckon only with their desires. Children are brought up by the stick and carrot method.

Diseases: swelling, tumors, diseases of the bladder and excretory system, diseases of the genitals, in women with menstruation.

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