Moon in Virgo in a Horoscope

You are very careful, shy and preoccupied with how not to discover true feelings. Although you can love and take great care of people, you rarely show these feelings openly and freely. Often love will manifest itself in the form of help, something tangibly tangible and useful.

It is difficult for you to believe that you are valued, that you are attached to and loved. Often you feel that you simply did not deserve it, or that all these are “words-words-words”, so you can look like a rather cold, restrained, detached person, even much more than you feel.

A critic is deeply seated in you, which fundamentally complicates communication with you. You must learn to be softer with people, lower your maximalist criteria in relation to others and in relation to yourself too.

Ability for accurate and directed work, scrupulous in food and diet, monitor their health, everything is clean inside and out. Accurate, shy, do not like the first plans. In the manifestation of feelings pedantic. Very punctual. Cunning, fussiness and timidity are possible. Colic, constipation, dysentery, indigestion.

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