8th house in Horoscope: Mrityu Sthana, Trik Sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

1.       Surgeries

2.       Accidents

3.       Obstacles in life

4.       Inheritance, money obtained from will, hidden wealth, wealth obtained through fight, black money. This is the second house from 7th house. Hence it indicates money obtained from in-laws, divorce alimony,

5.       Husband wife relation

6.       Yog Sadhana

7.       Health: Genital organs

In today’s world, it is necessary to have a strong 8th house as it is related to money.

Some examples of planets in this house:

1.       Mars, rahu, Saturn – are good in this house

2.       Saturn: will delay death

3.       Jupiter: Good for obtaining wealth and progress in direction of moksha

4.       Mercury, Venus: Good for obtaining money