Venus in Scorpio

Love + self-preservation = passion

Venus in Scorpio Keyword:  intensity.

Positive qualities of Venus in Scorpio

great attractive power,
passionate sensuality,
creative power of the image,

Negative qualities of Venus in Scorpio

fluctuations between self-control and irrepressibility,
waste of energy,
lack of self-control

Venus in Scorpio Health disorders

  • diseases of the lower body,
  • menstrual irregularities,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • illnesses due to an irregular lifestyle.

Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart : Personality

The negative development of character forms an excessive tendency to sensual pleasures and a habit of self-exaltation. Sensuality is excessive and uncontrollable, which often leads to squandering, up to the development of diseases of the body. 

It becomes characteristic of angry jealousy with a lack of self-control, unbridled passion, a tendency to play behind the scenes if you want to achieve possession of an object of love. At the same time, a person does not reckon with anything and goes for any expenses. 

With a positive development of character, a type of restrained sage, a deep devoted family man, persistent and strict, sincere and undemanding person is formed. 

He has tremendous attractive power and is capable of arbitrarily deep self-control. His sexuality is high, and sensuality is passionate. He is completely attached to the object of his love, shows a diplomatic gift and surprises many with the creative power of his imagination. 

In love, such a person is characterized by complete dedication. For him, love is a struggle, even self-sacrifice. Strong sensuality is combined with dexterity and agility in sex. In eroticism, such a person dissolves without a trace, prayerfully and selflessly – up to the loss of reality and inability to control himself. 

He seeks to satisfy his instincts at all costs. With respect to the other sex, it exhibits pronounced magnetism. Jealousy is strong and stable, insults to the feelings shown are never forgotten. 

In love, such a person is demanding and seeks to completely exhaust the passion and thereby extinguish the burning fire of desire. The power of subconscious impulses is extremely great. feelings are deep and intense, attachments are strong and stable. 

This is a man with strong passions and powerful emotions, inclined to dramatize the events of his love life, looking for tragedy where it does not exist. His main problems are jealousy, exactingness for loved ones and impatience in the pursuit of sensual pleasure. 

Questions of love and sex for such a person are always central and important. With improper upbringing, such people are afraid of sexual relations, that is, they are afraid of what they most need. 

Unsatisfied and non-transformed sexual energies can be deformed and create a desire to torment others and a tendency to cruelty. Often, such people are cruel to themselves, up to continuous self-eating and masochistic auto-aggression. Almost always, they disdain prejudices and commonplace norms of social behavior. 

Most often, in matters of love and sex, this person comes into conflict with generally accepted attitudes of social behavior. He himself perceives this as a conflict with his own conscience, as a result of which he is mistaken for assiduous self-torture, both moral and physical. 

Strong passions and unbridled attraction often lead to an early marriage, which is saturated with jealousy and secrecy, ostentatious diplomacy and a fanatical striving for the absolute possession of the subject of love. 

If such a person is disappointed in love, then for his former partner, he can become a dangerous enemy, capable of violence and secret nasty things. There is a tendency to eccentricity, perhaps the development of interest in unusual sexual experiences. 

Emotions are very deep and stable, their energy source is immersed in the mysterious depths of the psyche. Therefore, such a person often cannot understand the reasons and conditions for the development of his own feelings and attachments. And for others it is not very clear. 

The intense creative energy can eventually make him a deeply religious person, a convinced idealist and mystical poet. Since his actions are extremely intense and fixed on purpose, he deeply despairs if people do not respond to his feelings. As a result, love quickly and easily transforms into hatred. 

His behavior is often full of secrecy and silence. He never loses self-esteem. Perhaps a combination of self-doubt and preoccupation with the problems of sex, if at one time it was not possible to realize your passion for pleasure. 

With a negative development of character, pronounced egocentrism and cruelty are formed. Man is freedom-loving, noble and wasteful in spending. Often makes money by catering to the tastes of others. He loves luxury and sensations, holidays and unexpected surprises. 

Attractions to the opposite sex are most often accompanied by anxiety, disappointment and grief. Perhaps the development of revenge, a tendency to intrigue and a secretive course of action. 

If the behavior is guided by passion, under the influence of the latter any arbitrarily strange and dangerous acts can be committed. A man at heart is sincerely proud of his sexual and romantic adventures. 

With high moral development, vivid ideals are formed in love and friendship, and if the partner deserves it, then for the sake of love our hero is ready to make any sacrifices. Unable to relate to his love relationships with irony and condescension, lacks a sense of humor in assessing his love affections. 

He takes all relationships extremely seriously. Being extremely emotional, he expects the same from his partner, and therefore in a love relationship he is inclined to radicalism – either all or nothing. 

If such a person is left or betrayed, he will believe that he was humiliated and insulted, which will certainly lead to the development of jealousy, bitterness and hatred on the basis of deceived love. 

If the bond of intimacy is broken, they cannot be restored to their former quality – there will always be a touch of neglect and arrogant indifference in the relationship. 

With a bad character development, a tendency to use personal sexuality to control the environment is possible. There is a desire to dominate marriage and cooperation, which often leads to clashes and excesses. 

Such a person always behaves with dignity, no matter how deeply he is offended. He acts with restraint and discipline, relying on his inherent self-confidence. which often leads to clashes and excesses. 

Such a person always behaves with dignity, no matter how deeply he is offended. He acts with restraint and discipline, relying on his inherent self-confidence. which often leads to clashes and excesses. 

Such a person always behaves with dignity, no matter how deeply he is offended. He acts with restraint and discipline, relying on his inherent self-confidence.

Famous People with Venus in Scorpio

  • Marie Antoinette,
  • Henry III,
  • Henry IV,
  • Charles I,
  • Paul I,
  • Archduke Franz
  • Francois Marie Voltaire,
  • Francois Charles,
  • Mahatma Gandhi,
  • Martin Luther King,
  • Joseph Stalin, Leonid
  • Steven Spielberg,
  • George Gershwin,
  • Patricia Kaas.

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