Venus in Aries

Love + strong desire = passionate love

Venus in Aries Keyword:  demonstrativeness.

Positive qualities of Venus in Aries

impulsive passionate feelings (“love at first sight”),
strong desire,
popularity with the opposite sex

Negative qualities of Venus in Aries:

need for change,
little stability in love and family,
thirst for extravagance,
a lot of partings.

Health disorders

  • severe sputum production,
  • colds,
  • unclean skin on the head,
  • catarrh of the frontal sinuses,
  • disease of the lacrimal glands.

Venus in Aries in the natal chart : Personality

Venus is a planet of Love. Aries stands for Strong desire.

This factor determines the formation of a clearly and sharply defined and dominant character with a quick response to a changing situation and a certain tendency to dictatorship. 

With a negative development of a person, arrogance, boastfulness, excessive exactingness to others and the desire to seize and appropriate everything without giving anything in return are formed. 

There is an indomitable thirst for change, a passion for love affairs and erotic intrigues. 

In love and in family life, such a person does not know stability, he is wasteful and extravagant. His life is full of thoughtless partings with his beloved and all kinds of disappointments. 

With a positive development of character, a person becomes fast, sincere and honest, extremely freedom-loving and recognizes the same love for freedom for others. It is characterized by impulsive, passionate feelings, usually he does not have enough time for sentiment, he is prone to love at first sight and is popular with the opposite sex. 

True, the love relationship is fastened, though quickly, but not for long. 

His desires are strong and creative, with a high development of character, perception of love as the highest ideal of life is possible. Often there is rigidity in relationships, as well as a certain rudeness, chaos and lack of form of feelings. Man craves crazy love and passionate fiery emotions. 

His sensuality is rampant, and sometimes destructive. His harassment can become intrusive, he is extremely persistent in courtship and is ready for an instant temptation – you just have to call. In his youth, he is characterized by a strong sexual attractiveness. Hot feelings give his character traits of militancy and militancy. 

An insatiable desire to decorate oneself and one’s environment requires a lot of expenses. In general, the sexual manifestations of such a person can hardly be called harmonious. 

At first, he expends all the power of his feelings, sometimes showing tactlessness and excessive assertiveness, and then cools by himself. Feelings manifest themselves too openly and violently, there is a tense need for all kinds of entertainment and all imaginable pleasures. 

Most attracted by bright, catchy, noticeable beauty. The movement of sexual energy is broken, sharp and sharp. Gusty temperament, affection combined with dedication. In relations with a partner there is no harmony and balance, there is no diplomacy and sophistication. 

Sometimes the thirst for possession and the inefficiency in spending the energy of attraction affects others – a kind of thoughtless waste. Such a person seeks to communicate only with active partners, with invaders and aggressors. 

Sometimes, due to the tension of sexual desire, a person reaches a high level of spiritual development, but nevertheless, in relations with people of the opposite sex, signs of manifestation of an aggressive instinct are always noticeable. 

The love of such people is too active to be harmonious. Under the influence of passion and a self-excited impulse, these amorous people are capable of involuntary betrayal. 

They are drawn, attracted and rushed to active representatives of the opposite sex. A person of this type is characterized by vivid enthusiasm and high idealism, combined with zoological and chaotic love manifestations. 

These people are full of uncontrollable passions, visible and attractive. Their normal state is love “head over heels”. They like fleeting, but passionate and hot romance novels. 

Sooner or later, such inclinations harm their reputation, lead to squanders, violate the ability to concentrate, and create conditions for the destruction of the family. Such people usually tend to marry, but they need a partner of equal strength and activity, and this still needs to be sought. 

They love travel and painting, novels and singing, poetry and theater. They love not only bodily, but also refined spiritual pleasures. 

Their character is ardent, unrestrained, full of thirst for love and the desire to remain noble in their affections. Such a person strives at all costs to enjoy the love and burning feelings. 

He looks at the subject of his passion with admiration and vividly imagines pictures of possible proximity. Very attached to friends of the opposite sex, sexuality is harmoniously combined with kindness. 

Usually such people are very popular, they have many friends and loved ones. Marriage usually occurs early and in a hurry. However, family life is most often complicated by a number of intimate problems. 

The character is merciful, in their feelings and sympathies they instantly respond to calls for help, and in spending and gifts show a rare inner freedom and nobility. Such people can be safely called charming and attractive. 

Their talents are diverse, but more often than not, energy is spent on seeking pleasure and satisfying a love passion. They express their feelings swiftly and aggressively, with their initiative and enterprise they add brilliance and scope to any social undertakings. 

They purposefully and energetically pursue their goals and, in open competition, decisively fight for the favor of other people. These are passionate lovers, full of strength and energy, though their feelings are impulsive, uneven and spasmodic. 

Usually, people of this type are prone to egocentric motivation for behavior, often show signs of bad manners and rudeness in relations with others, and are passionately in need of personal recognition by others.

famous People with Venus in the sign of Aries

  • Henry II,
  • Charles VIII,
  • Louis XV,
  • Michelangelo Buonarotti,
  • Leonardo da Vinci,
  • Francisco Goya,
  • Charles Baudelaire,
  • Sigmund Freud,
  • Albert Einstein,
  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Liza Minnelli,
  • Fyodor Chaliapin,
  • Saddam Hussein,
  • Valentina Vaulina.

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