Venus in Gemini

Love + versatility = many-sided sympathy

Venus in Gemini Keyword:  moodiness

Positive qualities of Venus in Gemini

willingness to help,
a sense of rhythm and harmony.

Negative qualities of Venus in Gemini

superficial relationships in love lead to conflicts,
several inclinations at the same time,
thirst for pleasure
insecurity in love,

Venus in Gemini Health disorders

  • colds (due to carelessness),
  • respiratory disorders,
  • bad blood.

Venus in Gemini in the natal chart : Personality

This is a sparkling, brightly loving and cheerful person, never limited to one subject of love. With negative development, he can be so focused on himself that he simply stuns others with self-conceit and superficiality. 

Often experiences several inclinations at the same time, constantly longs for pleasures. In love, unreliable and prudent. In the end, a superficial relationship with a loved one leads to insoluble conflicts. 

With the harmonious development of character, this person is able to love everyone with sympathy and understanding. 

A kind of pretty creature, versatile and adaptable, amiable and helpful. His behavior is skillful, he is always ready to help his neighbor, has a wonderful sense of rhythm and harmony. It is characterized by inconstancy and enthusiasm. 

The need for continuous updating of links is very strong. Strong attachments are rare in his life. More often than others, he likes smart partners. He expresses his feelings towards everyone openly and sincerely, nevertheless, his contacts are usually fleeting, he wants to talk more about love than to act. 

His feelings concern everything and everyone. 

He has an invariable charm, his speech is refined and cultural, he loves banquets and magnificent dresses. This person very often changes his intentions with regard to his neighbors, because of which everyone seems unreliable and, as it were, fluttering from one subject to another, but you can get incomparable pleasure from communicating with him. 

Feelings are changeable, light and weightless. Great tendency to novelty, to new, more vivid experiences. Longing for a new experience in love. He shows particular virtuosity in short connections. 

At heart, there is a constant desire to change partners, a kind of frivolity and frivolity. A person of this type is attracted to easy, lively and interesting partners in communication, in a word, to those who do not focus on their own feelings and do not like to suffer about love problems. 

This person is truthful, almost always in a good mood, full of good feelings and lively thoughts, freedom-loving. He is well versed in his passions, he perceives erotic relationships simply and easily, as his love is more spiritual and platonic than instinctive. 

He is generous and impartial, friendly and independent. 

His partner must be very literate and poetic, have excellent intelligence and a brilliant sense of humor. Probably early or multiple marriage. It’s easy and simple to family life, with sincere interest. 

Emotions relate more to intellectual processes than to the body. Extremely curious and eager to experience everything that life offers. He loves traveling, likes to do many things at the same time. 

Feelings and intelligence are refined and delicate. The person is sociable, intuitive, original, deeply understands everything light, simple and easy. 

There is a tendency to flirt and establish relationships with several partners at the same time. He strives to bring joy to people with his feelings, to make them more fun and educated. 

Love for such a person is more friendship than passion. In public relations and intimate relationships, she strives for maximum diversity. 

The thirst for events and interest in a variety of people make it difficult to maintain a long relationship. He wants to be friends with literally everyone. Witty and eloquent, attracted to people with a jerky and sharp mind. 

Needs complete freedom of movement, does not like to adhere to the rules of the daily routine. Particular attention is paid to public affairs and the pursuit of pleasure. He hates rudeness, he is very diplomatic and helpful. 

Such people attach little importance to marriage; in intimate relationships they often show indecision and a tendency to hesitate.

Famous People with Venus in Gemini

  • Charles VIII,
  • Louis XII,
  • Catherine II,
  • Francesco Petrarch,
  • Johannes Cardan.

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