Venus in Pisces

Love + expectation = love longing

Venus in Pisces Keyword:  compassion

Positive qualities of Venus in Pisces

strong emotionality,
willingness to help,
the ability to make sacrifices,
social engagement,
altruistic motives,

Negative qualities of Venus in Pisces

lack of self-control,
irrepressibility in love,
thirst for pleasure,
changing relationships.

Venus in Pisces Health Disorders: 

  • Leg diseases (swelling from frostbite, gout),
  • colds,
  • indigestion (too much food and drink).

Venus in Pisces in the natal chart : Personality

The character is weak, vacillating, viscous and unrestrained. With the negative development of personality, a type of person is formed who seeks to serve others for any reason and subservient to the powers that be. 

There is a lack of self-control, unpleasant negligence, rampant love affection and a passion for luxury and comfort. A man is so hungry for pleasure that anyone can seduce him without difficulty. 

The character is secretive, relations changing by themselves and unstable. With a positive development of character, a person shows surprising sympathy and compassion for others, selflessly expresses all his sympathies both in words and in deed. 

He is characterized by a strong and deep emotionality, the ability to sacrifice himself and his readiness at any moment to rush to help his neighbor. 

He is altruistic and disinterested in the deepest sense of these words. His relations with people are full of nuances, subtleties and gentle hints. Man loves to sacrifice himself for others, dissolving in feelings of devotion and love. 

He deeply understands the inner meaning of artistic masterpieces. Capable of high religious and mystical ecstasy. He feels the need to feel sorry for others, to empathize with them both in grief and in joy, and even to complete self-forgetfulness. 

Often exaltation of feelings, often manifests unusual caring for strangers. His feelings are, as it were, in standby mode, always ready to nourish and equip the life of his neighbor. 

He constantly experiences the deepest longing for high tenderness and subtle sex, in which one could forget all the hardships and disharmonies of earthly being. He shows sincere sympathy for those who knows neither platonic nor bodily love. 

The sensual life of such a person is soft, plastic and dreamy. In love, he is penetrating and sympathetic, sincerely idealizes the image of his beloved and strives to realize the highest, spiritual, cosmically beautiful in him. 

The nature is merciful, adoring nature and animals and subtly feeling beauty. In general, the emotional sphere can be called harmonious, empathy and empathy are very strong. 

These people can be called geniuses of love, ideally feeling their partners. They are not aware of selfish motives, there is no obsession with contradictions and problems, seething in the subconscious. 

In the perception of the difficulties and moods of a loved one, they completely dissolve, forgetting about everything in the world and completely abandoning themselves. The need for tenderness and affection is fantastic. 

They are attracted only by the thinnest, deepest and most elevated partners, capable of appreciating the full depth of their perceptions and entering into the subtlest resonance at the fundamental level of mental interaction. 

There may be some vagueness in perceptions, which complicates a normal life, hypersensitivity and a tendency to unconscious adherence to superstitions. These people are not only vulnerable, but also extremely touchy, even in the little things that they perceive as inextricably linked with the whole context of personal relationships. 

Such people are characterized by sentimentality, friendliness, refined sensuality, pervasive spiritual eroticism, a subtle sense of humor and mild skepticism regarding material problems. 

If family life does not satisfy their high demands, they can begin to seek satisfaction anywhere, just to try to realize his deepest desire for genuine feelings of love. These are kind-hearted, spiritualized people, without love, feeling lost in this life. Their intuition is extremely deep, they like to create and easily inspire the creativity of others. 

Often they suffer in silence, suppressing their feelings in the neighbor, for fear of being misunderstood. Their tendency to self-sacrifice directly attracts all those who suffer and are undeservedly offended. Perhaps the development of excessive emotional dependence on others,

it is also dangerous unconscious desire to manipulate the feelings of others in order to make them dependent on themselves. Their sexual fantasies and plans for the realization of drives are sometimes unrealistic, and the desire to satisfy passion is great. 

Therefore, they often do not show sufficient legibility in choosing a sexual partner. These people are charitable and noble in everything, they respond easily to sympathy and try their best to help the weak and sick in order to alleviate their suffering. 

They are easily inspired by lofty appeals and selflessly fulfill their moral duty to others. With normal development, a cheerful, hospitable and hospitable nature is formed, loving quiet companies and communication with friends, striving for peace and tranquility. 

With deviations in development, the formation of persistent depressive moods is possible, as well as the manifestation of laziness and idleness, up to unconscious parasitism. Such people most often obey others – both emotionally, and in the service, and ideologically. 

There is no particular attachment to maintaining the bonds of official marriage, since they do not consider it important and significant. For others, a similar attitude to the issue of preserving the family can leave an impression of carelessness and optionality. 

These people are easy to fool, fraudsters sometimes make a lot of money from their trust and vigilance. Dexterity and rude cunning are alien to them, although they possess themselves so much that they can deceive anyone arbitrarily efficiently. 

Often they make strange mistakes in career matters, which is why they remain in a subordinate position for a long time. These are born peacekeepers and inspirers. In their souls, the principle of love and harmony reaches its highest development. 

They marry only for love – no other arguments play a role in their choice. 

They almost physiologically feel their connection with all living things. They have the special gift of directly perceiving the sensations of their neighbor, and therefore the sentence “to be in one’s skin” leads to an almost physiological resonance with other people’s inner world. 

Their soul is able to be identified with every subject and subject. They are romantic and idealistic, and if they do not receive sincere evidence of love, they feel lonely, disappointed and bewildered.

They themselves often seem to be martyrs, as it really is, for their spiritual life is too subtle and musical to achieve harmony with the superficial and crude structure of external existence. 

Therefore, such people are characterized by neurotic conditions and mental breakdowns. They are full of creative ideas, intuitive inspirations, poetic and musical influxes. 

Many self-servingly use their excessive sensitivity to the love of other people. Sensitivity makes them afraid to be rejected, therefore, they are very gullible and allow others to deceive themselves. 

Such people are afraid to reveal their feelings with all their fullness and depth, they hide their own experiences in the treasury of the soul, and therefore often do not dare to establish the desired romantic ties with those they like. 

Famous People with Venus in Pisces

  • Galileo Galilei,
  • Victor Hugo,
  • Jean-Baptiste Moliere,
  • Edgar Poe, Vincent
  • Van Gogh,
  • Charles Dickens,
  • Hans Christian Andersen,
  • Werner von Braun,
  • Barbara Streisand,
  • Andrey Mironov,
  • Tamara Globa.

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