Venus in Sagittarius

Love + sincerity = the power of desire

Venus in Sagittarius Keyword:  objectivity

Positive qualities of Venus in Sagittarius

versatility (especially in love),
variety of interests,
a sense of beauty and art (especially music),
willingness to help,
social engagement,
love of travel.

Negative qualities of Venus in Sagittarius

spraying in love,
lack of stability,
sometimes abnormal ideas about intimacy

Venus in Sagittarius Health disorders

  • abscesses on the thighs,
  • tumors,
  • rheumatism.

Venus in Sagittarius in the natal chart : Personality

The character of such a person can be called direct, positive, resolutely and firmly crushing any obstacles. With a negative development, he can become sharply egocentric, cruel, with a deep conviction that his selfish, selfish behavior is right. 

Such a person is overly sensitive and irritable, unrestrained and unstable. Either he sprays his strength in an unnecessary love affair, then he falls to dry formality and snobbery. 

It is characterized by unrestrained boasting, a complete lack of stability in feelings and deformed ideas about the nature and purpose of physical relation.

With a positive development of character, a person appeals to the reason of others, shows rare openness and fearlessness in the struggle for the ideals of social development. 

He becomes mature, determined, and internally collected. He can be called a high idealist and deep romantic. In love manifests versatility and diversity, if the emotional interests are wide and unusual. He is very sociable, has a developed sense of beauty and artistic taste. 

He is sympathetic, ready to help his neighbor at any moment, noble and generous. He loves traveling, loves to demonstrate to society the full breadth of his soul. 

This person is very amorous, from the very beginning idealizes his partner, is ardent and assertive in demonstrating his goodwill. For a loved one, he seeks to get stars from the sky – and often successfully does it. 

It has a strongly developed sense of duty and justice, it is most seriously guided by the opinions of other people, more precisely, by general social standards and attitudes. In love, he shows rare generosity and generosity, more than anything in the world seeks to be faithful and faithful. 

Hates pettiness and nit-picking. He treats his partner extremely kindly – his love can be safely called “royal”. 

The love of such a person is strong and lasting, sometimes he shows excessive credulity. This is a monogamous, not tied to a partner too much, but for a long time. A partner must certainly be intelligent, educated and cultured. 

There is always nobility and decency in feelings, even a kind of charity in the broad sense of the word. In love, he is always independent, does not hide his opinions and feelings, in his relationships he is honest and strives for utmost frankness, remaining confident that justice will prevail and will certainly be understood. 

In the partner he sees a spiritual teacher – or he himself gives him spiritual protection. Not too concerned about the criteria of external beauty; moral authority and spiritual beliefs of the partner are of the greatest importance. 

As a life partner, he often chooses someone from whom he can learn something high and useful. He experiences the strongest erotic attraction towards those whom he deeply respects, for example, to shepherds and tutors, leaders and teachers. 

In general, the love of such a person is permeated with the energies of spiritual, intellectual and social authorities. He may have several loved ones at the same time, without experiencing even the slightest sense of guilt, because the main thing for him is sincerity in relations with each of the partners. 

Love shows great independence and sincerity, but coquetry and a sense of ownership are completely absent. Love is destroyed if the partner’s spiritual and moral authority falls: disappointments immediately lead to estrangement in a relationship. 

The feelings of our hero are full of warmth, intelligence, readiness to repulse everything unjust, dirty and low. This person is polite and self-confident, his thoughts and plans are grandiose, and his passions are intense, but balanced. 

A marriage can be happy and lasting, to the envy of others. In love, manifests inconstancy only until a worthy partner is found. Prior to this, love relationships are invariably flavored with hypocrisy, moodiness and internal dichotomy. 

Emotionally, this is a high idealist, witty, sociable and prone, and flirting during the courtship period, until the marriage is officially concluded. He easily expresses his feelings, is friendly and open, loves freedom and meaningfulness of experiences most of all. 

He is respectful inclined to adhere to traditional tastes, respects moral values ​​that have developed over the centuries. 

He is rather a classic, not a reformer, although it is difficult to call him a conservative. He likes people who are prone to philosophy and are seriously concerned about the problems of higher education. 

Often a partner is a citizen of another state. In love, she often seeks to impose her opinion on her neighbor, which may be the main cause of conflict. The nature is impressionable, impulsive, refined, with a rich imagination and prophetic abilities. 

Intentions are noble, romantic character, spiritual inclinations, merciful thoughts. Strives to establish universal harmony, skillfully using a synthesis of high feelings and deep mind. 

Such people love jewelry and bright clothes, they strive to live in comfort, are well aware of all currents and trends in art, and are often friends with celebrities. 

Those who will love them must take into account that people of such a warehouse are guided in everything only by spiritual ideals and high values ​​and principles, and therefore it is worth appealing only to them. 

They are friendly, alive, helpful and always ready to help. They strive to build their emotional relations based on the most stable, objective and acceptable to society as a whole principles based on moral and religious values. 

Traditional concepts of morality give them inner support and reliability in relations with loved ones. Almost certainly, they will try to convert their beloved in their faith in order to create a common basis for the development of relations. 

Romantic adventures may well interest them, but not so much that they betray their ideals and abandon their social growth. They are very representative and respectable, they are forever obsessed with a thirst for complete abundance. 

They like unusual flowers, magnificent forms and thoughtfully decorated interiors. Features of their artistic taste are addicted to Greek architecture and symphonic music. 

They love rituals and ceremonies. They are always drawn into the distance, they almost certainly travel into their lives at least several times. 

Famous People with Venus in Sagittarius

  • Maria Stuart,
  • Françoise d’Aubinier de Maintenon,
  • Margaret Thatcher,
  • Johannes Kepler,
  • Edouard Manet,
  • Mark Twain,
  • Nicholas Roerich,
  • Winston Churchill,
  • Federico Fellini,
  • Tina Turner.

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