Venus in Taurus

Love + guarantee = fidelity

Venus in Taurus
Keyword:  endurance

Positive qualities of Venus in Taurus

increased passion and sensuality,
a deep perception of love,
the power of attraction,
a sense of beauty and art,
increased devotion,
good forms of communication,
a winning being,
loyalty and affection

Negative qualities of Venus in Taurus

many prejudices,
too strong fixation of external details.

Venus in Taurus Health disorders

  • throat disease,
  • goiter,
  • inflammation of the tonsils,
  • lumps in the neck and larynx (secondary: disease of the lower body).

Venus in Taurus in the natal chart : Personality

With a negative development of character, a tendency toward rudeness and gluttony is possible. Such a person is full of prejudices regarding the sphere of interpersonal relations. 

He pays too much attention to the external qualities of his neighbor, focuses on his shortcomings and, on the whole, is extremely vindictive. With the harmonious development of character, he lovingly spreads support and sympathy around him and is filled with the most tender emotions in contacts with others. 

In the actions of love of such a person, one can see his absolute selflessness. He experiences both successes and failures very intensely and deeply. His feelings are strong, intense and vibrant. Passion and sensuality are very powerful. 

Love is perceived by such a person deeply and seriously. It is characterized by an amazing sense of harmony, beauty and rhythm. It spreads an irresistible charm around itself and magnetically attracts people of the opposite sex. 

Such a person seeks to communicate extremely harmoniously. He is devoted and faithful to his partner, deeply attached to his family and home life. One can safely call him a generous, open man, accustomed to defeating trouble with generosity, nobility and confident hope for a better outcome. Sensuality is filled with the primal elemental energy of nature. 

Man has a rare sense of form and artistic taste. Most of all he values ​​industriousness, perseverance and striving for harmony in others and in himself. The active energy of the Feminine Principle takes an active part in his life. 

His love is inextricably linked with caring for his beloved, in pleasures and pleasures he never loses his sanity, guided by an unmistakable sense of proportion. In love, dear to him, clear to everyone, simple joys. 

He does not like bohemian sophistication and elaborate artificiality. He perceives intimate problems easily, simply and naturally, without tension and excessive dramatization, resolving them immediately when they arise. 

The house of such a person is full of beauty items and is always open to guests. Such people do not tolerate betrayal, betrayal and insecurity – this simply offends their best feelings. This is a sensitive and gentle person who deeply understands nature and adores comfort. 

The stability, poise and evenness of his feelings attracts the attention of others. Experiences and passions are harmonized by inertia, slowed down and put in order. 

In his affections, a person is inclined to trust an established habit, sometimes just being lazy to respond to tempting offers “from the outside.” Such a person is not easy to get out of emotional balance, his attachments are strong and stable, and therefore it is very difficult to seduce him. 

At the same time, in the vicinity these people are inexhaustible and tireless, they are ready at any moment to indulge in the search for pleasures. Love in their souls blossoms only when peace and security are achieved. 

They are loyal to their partner and, in turn, trust him extremely. Jealousy is not characteristic of them, and if it arises, then only if there are significant reasons. Attraction to a partner is thorough, powerful and deeply balanced. 

The character of such a person can be called pleasant and kind, behavior – calm and polite. This man loves luxury and objects of art, has a great instinct in financial matters. Particular attention is paid to the cleanliness and beauty of his clothes. 

Sometimes it is excessively attached to monetary accumulations, which symbolize for him vital stability and the stability of prosperity. This person is caring, has a wonderful imagination and diverse artistic abilities. His emotional states are lasting, and his feelings are deep. 

He is loving, accurate, attentive and correct in everything that concerns the harmony of form and following tradition in friendship, in communication, and in pleasure. In judgments, he shows determination and perseverance, in feelings – stability and constancy. 

He loves others simply because they give him pleasure and guarantee comfort and coziness, but he also shows amazing nobility towards them. For such a person, marriage is often delayed, but family life is calm and joyful. 

This person is a practical, attractive partner, seen as a blessing. He is compassionate to those in need, but really does not like ambitious people. His heart is peaceful, bright and loving. 

His understanding of the beauty of form, sound and color can serve as a standard for others. Often material well-being is inherited from parents or through marriage. The affections and feelings of such a person are long and constant. He most of all needs eternal love and indestructible feelings. 

He is loyal and reliable, although in love a powerful possessive instinct sometimes manifests itself. He is very sensual, but usually passive in proximity – most of all he wants to be conquered. 

He adores beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and an excess of finance. The house is always decorated with a rare artistic taste. Much attention is paid to jewelry and jewelry, there is a desire to seem younger than his age. 

Great attraction to beautiful and expensive things. 

Almost always I want to do floriculture and cooking. Often such people have a melodic voice and are clearly guided by the quality of the vibrations of the interlocutor’s voice, seeing in their characteristics a psychological sign.

famous People with Venus in Taurus

  • Peter I,
  • Catherine de ‘Medici,
  • Princess Diana,
  • Gustave Courbet,
  • Alphonse Daudet,
  • Oliver Cromwell,
  • Gabrielle Fauré,
  • Karl Marx,
  • Alexander Herzen,
  • Charles Chaplin,
  • Adolf Hitler,
  • Salvador Dali,
  • Anna Akhmatova.

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