Venus in Cancer

Love + receptivity = need for love

Venus in Cancer Keyword:  sensitivity

Positive qualities of Venus in Cancer

a deep perception of love,
a sense of family,
a sense of art and music,
a great sensitivity to moods and relationships of the environment,
a love of convenience,
strong imagination

Negative qualities of Venus in Cancer

amenable to influence and unrestrained in love,
excessive sensitivity, comfort,
inclination at random,
thirst for pleasure.

Venus in Cancer Health disorders

  • stomach disease,
  • increased acidity of the stomach (due to thirst for pleasure).

Venus in Cancer in the natal chart : Personality

This person is at the same time unstable, self-centered and cordial. Its main feature is the desire to show genuine maternal care for others. The negative development of character focuses him only on himself. He begins to collect fans and becomes greedy both in the sphere of feelings and in the sphere of material accumulations. 

This person is easily amenable to external influence, overly sensitive, prone to luxury and laziness. Often acts at random, shows negligence in relationships and lack of discipline in feelings. The thirst for pleasure often leads him to a standstill. 

The positive development of character forms a persistent instinct of maternal care for others. Extreme patience and endurance, the ability to endure both physical and mental pain, as well as rare selflessness are manifested. 

Such a person perceives love very deeply, becoming extremely dependent on the partner. He is very susceptible to the mood and condition of the people around him. She loves amenities, has a developed sense of beauty. 

His imagination is extremely vivid and strong, and the attraction to arranging his own home is adamant. With a good personality development, such a person is able to create a perfectly harmonious psychological atmosphere in the family. In emotional and intimate terms, this person is extremely vulnerable. 

He is capable of the deepest manifestations of feelings, but does not seek to demonstrate them, and most often hides them deeply in the recesses of his own soul. 

Extremely susceptible to both negative and positive environmental influences. Most often he is afraid to swim according to the will of feelings, most of all he is concerned about domestic happiness. 

His sensibility is absorbing, accepting, receptive, his feelings are supple and soft, smooth and tender, imbued with the energies of romanticism and sentimentalism. Such a person likes to have fun, but only in a narrow circle of friends and family. 

She loves to explore objects of art and mysteries of the past, most of all she loves old houses and ancient monuments of architecture. 

Particular pleasure in contact with natural reservoirs. His feelings are very sensitive, attentive and delicate, but extremely unstable in manifestations. The need for sympathy and affection for parents is very strong, the latter may even interfere with the creation of your own family. 

In order to be adequately perceived by his neighbors, he himself must learn to adequately express his feelings outside. These are the most sensitive and sensitive people in the world. They are sensitive to any changes in the partner and are susceptible to the slightest fluctuations in the feelings of those with whom they communicate. 

Living deep down the inner need for change is carefully hidden by them. 

They strive to establish ideal relationships, but fear to be misunderstood. In general, they vitally need love, affection and a deep understanding of their mood by others. Do not tolerate any falsehood. Very affectionate and steady in their sympathies. 

If the partner is not faithful to them, they will immediately feel the falsity – it is almost impossible to deceive them. But they can easily circle others around the finger using honest eye expression and sincere voice modulations. From their own deceptions, they deeply suffer and suffer. 

Unhappy love can lead them to a hospital bed. Ideally, they strive for the thinnest, deepest and most tender partners, capable of genuine empathy. A person of this type loves to decorate his house and take care of its decoration. Will is weak, desire is strong sense of duty is small. 

There is always some drowsiness and blurred perceptions. Marriage is often late, the partner is usually older. Such a person is an idealist and a poet by nature, striving to enjoy the beauty of life and the harmony of beauty. 

In general, he is prone to excesses in pleasures, but for this he is quite lazy and prefers not to waste his efforts in vain. She covers her vulnerability and hypersensitivity with either indifference or continuous employment and preoccupation with everyday affairs. 

Financial and marital reliability is of particular importance to him. He possesses almost holy charm, is gentle and compassionate, knows how to love and serve others. Feelings are often involuntary and poorly controlled, relationships with a partner are more maternal than love. 

Invariably requires that the partner express his feelings openly and honestly. The attachment to the mother is very great, the desire for secret love, even imaginary, is possible. Obstacles in marriage may be due to lack of funds or parental resistance. 

Such a person sooner or later comes to understand the sacred meaning of mystical love, takes prayer very deeply, and is capable of high religious ecstasy. Sometimes such qualities of character are revealed as indecision, timidity, excessive gentleness and suppleness in conflicts. 

The best trait of this person is kindness and the ability to forgive. The lack of opportunities for self-expression can lead to a pathological riot of fantasy or create a tendency to violate moral standards in achieving bodily satisfaction. 

Since the mood is very changeable and uncontrollable, he needs a reliable home and complete security. In marriage, she is most of all looking for reliability, she looks after her family and housing faithfully. 

If such a person does not receive constant evidence of a partner’s love for him, he begins to feel insecure and eventually becomes irritable. The initiative is shown by such people only when they get tired of their own loneliness, although their activity is usually invisible and as if latent. 

It should also be taken into account that with prolonged emotional confrontations they are capable of unexpected violent outbursts of anger and explosions of discontent. 

Often these people are extremely touchy and like to cry and cry. when they get tired of their own loneliness, although their activity is usually invisible and as if latent. 

It should also be taken into account that with prolonged emotional confrontations they are capable of unexpected violent outbursts of anger and explosions of discontent. 

Famous People with Venus in Cancer

  • Napoleon, Franz
  • Joseph I,
  • Nicholas II,
  • Antoine de Saint Exupery,
  • Amedeo Modigliani,
  • William Shakespeare,
  • Honore de Balzac,
  • Robert Schumann,
  • A. Pushkin,
  • C. G. Jung,
  • Fidel Castro,
  • Ernst Kraft,
  • Otto Pfefferkorn,
  • Vladimir Patsaev ,
  • Herman Hesse,
  • Judy Garland.

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