Venus in Aquarius

Love + change = love reform

Venus in Aquarius Keyword:  coldness

Positive qualities of Venus in Aquarius

modern approach in matters of love,
desire for freedom,
interest in art forms of the new era,
social engagement,
desire for independence,
social work

Negative qualities of Venus in Aquarius

protection of “free love”,
very personal views on “morality”,
a tendency to speculation.

Venus in Aquarius Health disorders

  • heart disease,
  • circulatory disorders,
  • vasospasm,
  • nervousness

Venus in Aquarius in the natal chart : Personality

Such people are as if electrified, they are always on the lookout, striving to sacrifice themselves and shine with burning for others. With a negative development of character, they tend to spend the time and energy of other people to satisfy their own needs, as well as to demonstrate their abilities and advantages. 

They zealously defend the idea of ​​free love and, to put it mildly, have unusual views on the norms and rules of sexual behavior and love life. There is a tendency to adventurism in the sphere of feelings and to speculating in the experiences of a partner. 

The positive development of character forms the type of person who faithfully serves the idea of ​​the Common Good and successfully shows enviable honesty and patience always and everywhere. 

Such a person has a very modern understanding of issues of love and gender. He is extremely communicative and sociable, strives for complete freedom of personal relations and for their own independence. 

Any coercion and attempts to persuade him to the point of view of others are angrily rejected. He shows interest in avant-garde art, is preoccupied with the state of affairs in society, in everything related to the problems of love, feelings and sex. 

Successfully engaged in social work, which gives him almost physiological satisfaction. The love life of such a person is always full of new ideas and readiness for change. 

He easily gives himself into the power of new impressions, which causes great uncertainty of the partner in his attitude to him. He likes to play passion and juggle with feelings. Sometimes involuntarily deceives a loved one out of simple interest. 

He always seeks to develop a cash relationship in some new, unexpected relationship. 

Manages to constantly change the tone of relationships with loved ones, thanks to which it is perceived as a dazzling and iridescent innovator. Ready for any sensual adventures, as everything bored and familiar quickly bothers. Likes to be friends with members of the opposite sex. 

For him, love is entertainment, not tragedy. In love, such people can be called extravagant and eccentric. Their assessments of partners are unexpected and contradictory, and the elections are unpredictable. 

Usually they love and are friends at the same time, which confuses others a lot. 

Their feelings are generally not warm enough, but bright and altruistic. Such people easily find friends and easily establish contacts with strangers and even unfriendly people. 

Usually they are attracted to very strange partners, as if falling out of the general background of the environment, not similar to others and deviating from general standards. It is with such extravagant personalities that they enter into the deepest relationships and are fully revealed. 

True, finding such a partner is not always easy for them. In everything and always they love only new and fresh. 

Sometimes this leads to frequent changes of partners, which is why an unsuccessful marriage can be considered as a burden. And in sensual life, and in artistic addictions, such people are pioneers. 

They intuitively capture the desires of others and complement them with their own inventions. Friendship and respect for the freedom of a partner are paramount in any relationship. 

Sometimes in sensory addictions without any external causes, strange internal turns take place. For example, fiery feelings suddenly gives way to coldness and vice versa. 

Their drives are paradoxical, and their attachments are contradictory. They can relate to the same person in different ways, and show these conflicting feelings at the same time. 

Even they look at the serious misconduct of their loved ones through their fingers, often allowing them to do everything that they can imagine. These people are peaceful, sincere, pleasant in behavior and have many creative abilities. 

Because of the indefatigable desire for independence and freedom, their relationship is often broken for the most insignificant occasion. In love, they exhibit rare composure and composure. 

They are never selfish or self-serving to those they love. It is difficult for them to be devoted to only one person, as they strive to give their love to many. 

They always live only by their own rules and sophisticated internal laws. They don’t care whether society likes it or not. Their romantic relationships are always unexpected and unusual, but rarely are permanent. 

In love, they strive to find not so much bodily satisfaction as intellectual inspiration, while quenching the thirst for diversity. In general, they can be called natures self-sufficient, and therefore resolutely shying away from anyone who wants to become attached to them, or to attach them to themselves. 

They have a highly developed intuition, manifested in the sphere of sensual and friendly relations. Sometimes they seek pretentious and eccentric forms of sexual intercourse. Their love is always full of incidents, oddities, surprises and surprises. 

But at the same time, many of their desires and expectations, even the most unusual ones, sooner or later come true in the most amazing way. Such people are friendly with everyone, anyone can become their friend, but more often – not in an intimate way. 

They are valued by friends, their popularity is very wide, even outside their immediate environment, in general they have a wide circle of acquaintances. They make the partners a strong impression of unusual and wonderful, their charm is unique, their sexual radiation excites the mind and excites the body. 

They almost don’t give a damn about all social and sexual traditions; they strive to be faithful only to themselves. 

Not that they lacked moral principles, they just want to decide everything themselves, and independently determine the others – what is right and reasonable for them. They do not like uncouth manners, although they themselves do not always adhere to generally accepted rules. 

Often love comes at first sight, but rarely it becomes strong and lasting. In choosing a partner, spiritual accents and a sense of newness are of great importance. They are always drawn to eccentric and witty people, especially to those who are able to help them achieve complete freedom and respect in society. 

Their partner must always understand the enormous importance of diversity in their sensual life. Most of all they hate boredom and monotony of habits, resolutely reject all manifestations of jealousy and possessive instincts. 

They deliberately shun partners who may at least somewhat limit their freedom. Although sometimes they honestly strive to remain constant, but still their feelings change so abruptly and unexpectedly that they spontaneously break off relations and unexpectedly start new ones for themselves. 

This is always associated with an insatiable need for freedom and a thirst for adventure and new experiences. Often they are stubborn and refuse to recognize the truth of the opinion of a loved one. 

Sometimes marriage or even just stable love relationships hinder their social realization.

Famous People with Venus in Aquarius

  • Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini,
  • George Gordon Byron,
  • Charles Maurice Talleyrand,
  • Giovanni Battista Pergolesi,
  • Henri Marie Stendhal,
  • Giscard d’Estaing,
  • Frederic Chopin,
  • Yuri Gagarin,
  • Louis de Volle.

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