Venus in Libra

Love + harmony = the art of love

Venus in Libra Keyword:  compatibility

Positive qualities of Venus in Libra

quick and uncomplicated contact with others,
pronounced aptitude for art,
love of music,
fine disposition,
good taste (especially with regard to fashion).

Negative qualities of Venus in Libra

danger of dispersion of love,
disappointment because of the “big heart”,

Venus in Libra Health disorders

  • kidney disease (uric acid poisoning),
  • disorders due to poor nutrition.

Venus in Libra in the natal chart : Personality

Man is full of affection for many people, but at the same time for each individual. Equilibrium with people is achieved by any means – if only mutual understanding and harmony triumphed. With a negative development of character, excessive sensuality develops. 

There is a danger of spraying love experiences among many popular people. Almost certainly such a person is unfaithful to his neighbor, superficial and fussy. Therefore, he often experiences frustrations of an emotional and intimate plan. 

With the harmonious development of the character of attachment, they become so balanced and impassive that love sometimes turns into sympathy and friendly understanding. 

This gives a person strength to help others and allows you to manage the feelings of others in conflict and stressful situations. Thanks to their pretty kind nature, such people quickly and without much difficulty establish contacts with others. 

They have great taste, especially with regard to clothing and jewelry. They love music and have a penchant for practicing the arts, which sooner or later brings them considerable popularity and the well-being of others. 

With a harmonious development of character, they show an enviable devotion to a partner who is not at all strained by high sensuality and tension of sexual desire. Even with a very strong interest in another, such a person seeks to comply with all the rules of etiquette. 

At the same time, he himself is very touchy, which is why he is often disappointed in his neighbors. He is characterized by the spirit of chivalry and aristocracy, for him life is a holiday. He is a great master at dealing with people. 

Feelings do not lead activities but are the background for her. All emotional life is directed towards balance and balance. A person is elegant, charming and loyal, able to skillfully create entire complexes of relationships, influences and contacts. Good attitude towards people, evoking sympathy. 

In entertainment, there is a penchant for sophistication and grace. Harmony and balance are the most important values ​​of such people. Sometimes they are mannered and flirtatious, which is associated with the desire for the decoration of all life. 

Even in sexual relations there is a special aestheticism. Perhaps some foppiness, indifference to others and a disregard for his duty. 

The fact that such a person does not understand is sharply and violently denied by him. A sort of militant esthetician on guard of harmony and order. The attraction to harmonious, refined, somewhat different from other partners is very developed. 

This is a type of attractive Friendly, sophisticated, polite, handsome and friendly person. He gains success in groups and in collaboration with partners. It is possible to improve social status due to a successful marriage. 

The desire for balance is manifested in a special sense of form, word and composition. In general, marriage and social contacts for such a person are of great importance. 

He is sociable and loves to please others. Practical in judgments, trying to adhere to high standards of behavior in society. He loves luxury, capable of intellectual inspiration. 

He knows how to make others laugh and entertain them with his stories. It has a keen ear, and therefore quarrels and roar can even lead to physical illnesses. Doesn’t like to feel the need for money, although he prefers to spend more than accumulate them. 

It is very attractive for the opposite sex, and it is not indifferent to the intimate. In a way – loves to love. Conflicts rarely and reluctantly due to natural subtlety and vulnerability. 

Often graceful and youthful. Sometimes too superficial and official. For the sake of maintaining harmony in relations, I am ready to abandon the defense of my own beliefs. The affections of such a person are pure and refined. 

The character is loving and lively. Prefers friends and acquaintances with a philosophical mindset and certainly with a good position in society. In marriage and partnership, usually lucky. 

He often makes friends with rich people, collects art objects. 

He loves poetry and travel. In a harmonious relationship with others and a happy marriage, this person is physically in need. There are usually more than enough opportunities to get married. 

From birth, a talent is inherent in understanding the feelings of others, values ​​partnership very highly and needs close and harmonious relationships. Such a person can take into account the opinions of others and often offers them his own services, which ensures his popularity. 

A sense of justice and nobility in love and social relations is well developed. He hates rudeness and rudeness, is inclined to adhere to a strict framework of etiquette. 

Romantic and affectionate, striving for spiritual communication, just sex is clearly not enough. Usually, he affirms his position not by his fortune, but by friendly relations with influential persons. 

Thanks to the dexterity of communicating with people, she makes money without difficulty. The desire to avoid conflict situations sometimes leads to the fact that others perceive him as an insincere and duplicitous person. 

The desire to follow social canons and adhere to conventions can create the impression that such a person does not have his own convictions. He vitally needs the sincere sympathy of others, most of all he wants to be gallant and irresistible.

famous People with Venus in Libra

  • Prince Charles,
  • Charles I von Habsburg,
  • Niccolo Paganini,
  • Giuseppe Verdi,
  • Friedrich Schiller,
  • Ivars Godmanis,
  • Pablo Picasso,
  • Norbert Wiener,
  • Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine,
  • Bill Clinton,
  • Avgustina Semenko.

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