Venus in Leo

Love + design is the wealth of love

Venus in Leo Keyword:  romance

Positive qualities of Venus in Leo

idealism (especially in love),
success thanks to social talents and sometimes speculation.

Negative qualities of Venus in Leo

a need for pleasure.

Venus in Leo Health disorders

  • back diseases,
  • blood diseases,
  • heart enlargement.

Venus in Leo in the natal chart : Personality

This person illuminates everything around with his feelings. Negative character development can form excessive lust and angry jealousy. Such a person always focuses on himself and gives his love to others only to achieve his goals. 

The thirst for pleasure may turn out to be frantic, and the need for pleasure is placed above all others. The harmonious development of personality forms a bright, exalted person who is convinced that “all people are brothers and sisters.” 

Such a person is characterized by impulsive and passionate feelings, an ardent need for sublime love and rare generosity. In intimate relationships, in behavior, in the family, he can be safely called a high idealist. He is caring, contactable, almost certainly popular among people of the opposite sex. 

Success in life is achieved, not least because of the wide emotional connections with the environment and the clever manipulation of the feelings of others. There is a desire for splendor, play and power. 

This person wants to stand out from the environment at all costs, for example, to choose a bright, outstanding partner, ordinary people simply do not notice them. 

He is inclined to patronize his partner with zeal and care, though the partner should constantly show gratitude, value such an attitude towards himself and regularly express his gratitude “for all the good”. 

The feelings of such a person are fiery, passionate, glowing, full of self-confidence and exactingness. This person directly requires love from others, while self-esteem is constantly emphasized. Emotionality is extreme. 

In intimate relationships, a person is indefatigable, generous, does not know timidity and constraint. Betrayed to the limit. In love with everything beautiful and harmonious from birth. 

The world of feelings is rich and highly energetic. Charm is irresistible. Confidence in their merits is complete. Either he himself patronizes others, or he successfully finds a patron for himself. Feelings are the core of all life. 

The nature is constant, hot, there is no sense of proportion, practically no recessions and cooling. By all means strives for self-giving and sacrifice. True, often such ardor leads to overwork and excessive expenditure of energy, however, recovery occurs quickly – and again in battle. 

The circle of relations is usually very wide and substantial. There is a tendency to dramatize love situations. Usually such a person is not jealous, but does not tolerate opponents. 

People of this type are bright, honest, cheerful, warm-hearted and self-confident to the point of arrogance. With regard to newfound love, they always build many grandiose idealistic plans. 

For them, external gloss, beautiful clothes, unusual entertainment and noisy holidays mean a lot. A marriage is often quick, but not necessarily happy, since life with such a person is always full of stress and extreme situations. 

Often such people behave theatrically, they adore elegance in everything, like to organize magnificent receptions of guests. Many are concerned about their own careers, very proud, love to be in the spotlight. 

Appearance for them means very, very much – just one severed button is enough to make the mood fall. There is a strong need for praise and applause. And if this is lacking at home, it is sought elsewhere. 

Great need for communication with children, developed a sense of color and artistic taste. This person is kind and knows how to be faithful if the partner deserves it. Usually he gives the impression of a snob, preoccupied with the search for sexual adventures. 

Jealousy is rare, but bright and fiery. The character is noble, free and merciful. Man is ardent in his affections and sincere in promises. 

Attraction to the opposite sex is very great. With harmonious Venus, special luck in gambling and the benefit of a reasonable investment of money are possible. 

Typically, such people come in contact with many celebrities, especially with theatrical bohemian and romantic poets. He is capable of strong and lasting love, he is a romantic by nature, thirsty for exciting experiences and exciting adventures. 

Very proud of his love victories. The main problem is excessive pride, narcissism, excessive sexuality and the desire to always be “in the light of spotlights”.

Famous People with Venus in the sign of Leo

  • Francis I,
  • Louis XI,
  • Louis XIII,
  • Louis XIV,
  • Cardinal Mazarin,
  • Bernard Shaw,
  • Leo Tolstoy,
  • Ernst Hemingway,
  • Pierre Cardin,
  • Gabriel (Coco) Chanel.

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