6th house in Horoscope : Rog Sthana, Trik Sthana, Upachay sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

1.       This is 2nd from 5th house. This is the house of job. Will person’s job stay? How often will the person change his job?

2.       Servants

3.       This is the main house for illness. Rashi in the 6th house is indicative of the illness and the body part that is prone to illness.

4.       Gives information about mother’s brothers and sisters. How will they be? Will person receive happiness from them?

5.       Loan – Will a person get loan?

6.       Pet animals – will having pet animals be benefic for the person? Saturn and rahu represent dogs, Jupiter represents cows and pigeons, ketu represents cats, venus represents love birds, fish tank, Neptune represents tortoise, mars represents horse.

7.       Step mother is seen from 6th house. 6th house is 3rd from 4th house. So it complements the 4th house. Secondary sukha represented by 4th house if seen from 6th house. Eg. rental home, rental car, company car, second mother.

8.       Enemies (open not hidden enemies) – How will the enemies be?

9.       Health: Stomach, small and large intestine, some part of digestive system.

This is a trik Sthana; means it is a malefic sthana and gives problems.

Some Examples of planets in this house:

1.       Moon in 6th house: problems related to eyes, digestive system, mental problems.

2.       Jupiter in 6th house: person will not have enemies. Diseases due to which augmentation of cells or fluids occurs. Example: some types of cancer, increase in white blood cells, diabetes. If person has Jupiter in 2nd or 6th house, he should control eating habits.

3.       Venus in 6th house: Problems related to glands, ovaries, testies. Body strength reduces.

4.       Mercury in 6th house: parts indicated by rashi are affected.

5.       Saturn in 6th house: person will have cunning enemies. He will have to cleverly deal with the enemies. Bad servants. Chronic illness, asthama, arthritis, skin problems. These are not easily cured.

6.       Mars in 6th house: person will have aggressive enemies. Health problems related to heat in body, surgery, falling.

7.       Rahu in 6th house: Person’s enemies will be deceitful. Enemies will reduce automatically. Rahu is a deceptive planet. Hence, illness is not diagnosed. Person with this placement of rahu should always take second opinion from the doctors, do sonography, scans pathology tests. Rahu represents UV rays. Person gets disease suddenly and the pain is excruciating.

8.       Ketu in 6th house: The illness is never cured. Ketu represents IR radiation, cancer related.

9.       Neptune in 6th house: Will hide the illness. Person will receive wrong treatment.

10.   Uranus in 6th house: Person will fall ill suddenly. He might be paralysis or brain haemmorage.