Sun in Aquarius or Kumbha in a Horoscope

Those who have the Sun in Aquarius are distinguished by their eccentric temperament, determination, obstinacy. In an effort to renew the environment, they can go so far as to seek change for the sake of change itself. The desire for spiritual renewal in them often coexists with pampering, quackery. To demonstrate something as best as possible, they can go to the wrong means, as a result, the desired is not achieved.

Often they think that people do not understand their ideas. And in fact, it is difficult to say whether they are really obsessed with the idea of ​​a new one, with the idea of ​​reform, or with evil they joke and play pranks. After all, they are really spiritually developed, impressionable, and active, and their ideas are really good, but the reputation of a frivolous person prone to profanation causes caution. And not without reason, since sometimes they are ruining the best reforms because of their embellishment and too many promises. They have many ideas, but lack the strength and seriousness to fight for them consistently.

Preaching idealism, in decisive situations they may not show such an example. They dream of influential posts, but for their sake they may not want to leave a cozy apartment. This can lead to oblomovschina.

They all and always perplex, it is possible that bluffing is their essence. And yet they are not only pranksters, but also great inventors and geniuses (who they consider themselves to be). Keep up with the times. They are always in search, but not systematic, but impulsive, their invention is not the result of long and painstaking work and observation, but an instant insight.

Often react unexpectedly, smartly, but not logically. Everyone questions, criticizes, and they themselves do not respond to criticism. They seem contradictory and capricious, they may even seem to be unbelieving in the business that they are engaged in and proclaim, but this is because they know people and know that they can’t be presented with increased demands. They are very humane, in their tolerance they are great.

Dressed casually or superelegant, or bright and catchy. They have a developed intellect and communicate with all people in a friendly manner. Make a diverse impression. Interests are more in the spiritual field. They work better in a team that sets as its goal the realization of the ideal, then all their talents and tirelessness are manifested. They are attracted to technology, in it they are very inventive, like everywhere else where you need to find out something, re-register, re-classify, use intuition (in medicine – psychology), as well as in all new areas of science.

They have the ability to discover talent. Their activity is great, but heterogeneous, then they are like a storm, then not a breeze. They need original work with ideas, they quickly get into the picture, can replace any position, quickly navigate in an unfamiliar place.

Communication through unusual acquaintances. The partner must be original, striking. Boredom should not be. They are loved for unexpected ideas, unpredictability, you will not get bored with them, but whether the partner will withstand this eternal change of moods, unexpected actions is another question. Usually it’s better than others think, because Aquarius has a sense of responsibility: the family makes sense to them, and children are the goal of human life. Mutual assistance is in the family, children are brought up by very progressive methods, in their house a pleasant atmosphere.

Dangers: the desire for originality can become a mania, unusualness can push others away. Individualism, poor concentration, frivolity in communication, frivolity.

You are freedom-loving. You have a strong will. In evaluations, you rely only on your mind and persistently strive to build your life as you see fit, even if you violate generally accepted rules and traditions. In a personal relationship, you are not able to give yourself into power to anyone. And although you acknowledge that when you receive something from a person, you need to give back part of yourself in return, it is not easy for you to accept this emotional balance of close, close relationships. Although intellectually you are an open-minded person, in individual communication, one on one, you are extremely stubborn, incapable of perceiving the opinions of others, inflexible. You have strong beliefs about what is fair and what is not, regarding equality in relations, and you try to live in accordance with your ideals. But your ideal ideas how people should relate to each other do not always take into account human weaknesses, differences and needs. You probably don’t like sentimentality, the traditional distinction between gender roles and the “games” people play.

You are fair, smart, objective and often give preference to your head rather than your heart. It seems that you do not need anyone emotionally, except yourself. You are isolated from people, but are able to push aside your personal feelings in order to look at things impartially. But once you have made the decision, you cannot be budged: you can be quite dogmatic.

You are characterized by large-scale thinking, a serious concern about what goes beyond your personal sphere: the life of your city, country, and even the planet. Perhaps you will become involved in municipal affairs, the affairs of public organizations, various groups and show a keen interest in their activities. You enjoy participating in mass events and often find yourself the organizer, administrator, leader of various associations.

You are a man of progressive beliefs, have high hopes for the future, carefully monitor all changes in the world. Lively react to different trends in modern culture, to new ideas and changes in lifestyle. In youth, you easily succumbed to the influence of your peers, group pressure, followed the latest fashion. Your mind, prone to experimentation, has always responded to everything new.

Your strongest qualities: You are concerned that people live better, that society functions better. You have developed a sense of justice, democracy, the ability to look forward. Your shortcomings are stubbornness, inflexibility, insensitivity and even dullness when it comes to personal feelings and human needs.

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