Sun in astrology

Willpower, personality, ego.

In Astrology, Sun represents the following:

  • The main expression of a person’s individuality. 
  • Indicates leadership ability and success. 
  • Represents the masculine principle, father, husband and man in general. 
  • The sun governs health, life principles, authority and leadership, rank, title, high position, progress, dignity, energy, a sense of identification, and the ability to gain experience. 
  • Its influence gives physical and vitality. 
  • Where you have the Sun in your natal horoscope, there is your life and your heart; there you wish to shine.
  • life principle,
  • spiritual energy,
  • psychic strength,
  • physical strength,
  • will,
  • vitality,
  • self-expression,
  • self.

In Western astrology, any planet in the natal chart located next to the Sun is considered burned (i.e. a planet that has lost its properties) because its impact will be extremely insignificant against the background of the sun’s impact.

Zodiac sign ruled by SunLeo
Sun ElementFire
Sun Metals gold.
Sun Colors pale yellow to bright red.
Sun Looks of a personAthletic physique, tendency to be overweight with age. 
Height – from medium to high, depending on the position of the sun. 
The upper body is more developed than the lower one. 
Broad shoulders. 
Mighty chest. 
The arms are stronger than the legs. 
The head is large. 
Oval face. 
The forehead is high, often convex. 
The eyes are also often bulging, blue-gray or gray in color. 
The eyebrows are often tousled. 
Pronounced chin. 
Hair that is golden, flaxen, light brown or saffron, often wavy. 
Posture is straight. 
The movements are fast. 
Gait – bold, energetic.
Sun TemperamentSanguine, slightly choleric. 
Strong self-esteem.
Sun Astrological principle
Sun Animals Lion, horse, deer, eagle, falcon, hawk, swan, nightingale, peacock, rooster, scarab, firefly.
Sun Plants Anemone, anise, chamomile, mint, parsley, poppy, primrose, rose hips, dill, mistletoe, lavender, heliotrope, white letter, yellow lily, saffron, rosemary, cherry, palm, chrysanthemum, wheat, almond tree, cedar, olive tree, orange tree, laurel tree, ash tree, tormentilla (cinquefoil), eyebright, calendula, mustard, rice, rue, grapes, St. John’s wort, walnut tree, lotus, peony, ginger, gentian, ephea (ivy), verbena, menta (mint), resin, ambergris, musk, scarlet, cloves, cinnamon, calamus, pepper, incense, marjoram, crocus, celandine, sundew, butterbur, sunflower, coltsfoot, camphor tree.
Sun Gemstones and Minerals gold and diamonds, and everything that is valuable and rare
Sun Transit Time 1 month
Sun SignifiesFather, boss, husband, man in general, leader. 
Wealthy, powerful, authoritative, famous, respected or state people, nobility, etc. 
The degree of personal freedom. 
General welfare. 
High position, rank, title. 
Fame, recognition, glory, honor, respect, titles, awards. 
A responsibility. 
Life principle

  • Zodiac sign ruled by Sun:  Leo
  • Sun Exaltation Zodiac Sign : Aries
  • Sun Debilitation Zodiac Sign : Libra  
  • Nakshatras ruled by Sun : Kruttika, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Shadha
  • Sun is karaka for : Soul  
  • Planets that are Friendly with Sun:  Moon, Mars, Jupiter  
  • Planets that are Neutral with Sun: Mercury 
  • Planets that are Enemies of Sun:  Saturn, Venus  
  • Unfavorable Zodiac signs for Sun: Capricorn  
  • Gemstone represented by Sun:  Manik (Ruby)
  • Day ruled by Sun: Sunday 
  • Numbers ruled by Sun: 1 
  • Difficult house in Horoscope for Sun (Marankarak)twelfth house 

Sun is significator of soul. Sun is the source of energy. 

People with well placed sun have good chances of rising to high position in society. Sun decides a person’s status in society. Well placed sun in horoscope helps to rise in politics. 
Sun shows the outward nature and ones behavior in society. This is defined by sun signs. 

Sun enters a new rashi every month. The transit of sun in 12 rashis defines one year. The entry of sun in a new rashi is called ‘sankraman’. Sun enters Capricorn rashi (maker rashi) on 14 January. This is called ‘Makar Sankraman’. This is celebrated as the Makar Sankranti festival in India. The transit and sankraman of Sun are important in Mundane Astrology. 

Sun : Positive Traits

  • Cheerfulness. 
  • Will. 
  • Activity. 
  • Energy. 
  • Brightness. 
  • Integrity. 
  • Independence. 
  • Creative power. 
  • Confidence in yourself and your strengths and capabilities. 
  • Strong and convincing self expression. 
  • Pride. 
  • Ambition.
  • Determination. 
  • Courage. Valor. 
  • Dignity. 
  • Nobility. 
  • Generosity. 
  • Loyalty. 
  • Friendliness. 
  • Sincerity. 
  • Devotion to loved ones. 
  • Honesty. 
  • Humanity. 
  • Consistency. 
  • Efficiency. 
  • Developed thinking. 
  • Eloquence. 
  • Artistry. 
  • Organizational skills.

Sun : Negative Traits

  • Pride. Self-conceit. 
  • Lust for power. 
  • Cruelty. 
  • Despotism. 
  • Tyranny. 
  • Authoritarianism. 
  • Reassessing your strengths and capabilities. 
  • Bombast. Inclination to external shine, splendor, ceremonies, effects. Pomposity. 
  • Window dressing. 
  • Knowledge. Arrogance. 
  • Complacency. 
  • Arrogance. 
  • Vanity. 
  • Swagger. 
  • Impudence. 
  • Despotism, sometimes treachery and betrayal. 
  • Love for luxury. 
  • Prodigality. 
  • Self-affirmation at the expense of others. 
  • Weakness. 
  • Fluctuations. 
  • Lack of determination, will. Extravagance.

Sun : People and Professions

  • people who are worthy of trust; 
  • outstanding people; 
  • rich and powerful people;
  • officials, bosses,
  • judges,
  • high-ranking officials,
  • managers,
  • teachers,
  • directors,
  • jewelers,
  • reformers,
  • those whose affairs involve large sums of money,
  • employers; 
  • a person on whom honors or benefits depend; 
  • people who can protect a person from difficulties.

Sun : Health and Diseases

  • Heart and cardiac muscles. 
  • Upper back, dorsal muscles,
  • spinal column. 
  • Spleen. 
  • Diaphragm. 
  • Eyes. 
  • Head,
  • bone,
  • spinal cord. 
  • Nervous system. 
  • The right half of the body and eyes in men, the left in women. 
  • Vessels. 
  • Arterial circulatory system. 
  • Blood circulation. Sahasrara chakra. 
  • The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. 
  • Pine-shaped gland. 
  • Potency.

Sun : in Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable in Horoscope

Sun in Cardinal Zodiac Signs 
(Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs)

speaks of a large supply of vitality, a strong character, a desire to build your own destiny and activity of actions.
Sun in Fixed Zodiac Signs
(Taurus , Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are fixed sign)

speaks of decisiveness, purposefulness, perseverance, the ability to bring things to an end.
Sun in Mutable Zodiac Signs 
(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are Mutable Signs)

speaks of the ability to navigate well in the external environment, adapt to the situation, changeability, flexibility.

Sun : in different Elements in Horoscope

Sun in Fire Element Zodiac Signs
(Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

gives a strong will, great energy, high ideals in life, perseverance, perseverance, determination, punching power.
Sun in Earth Element Zodiac Signs
(Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

gives will, practicality, a realistic way of thinking, patience, obedience to circumstances, perseverance, perseverance, the type of action – waiting for the best moment to start a business. 
Everything is done with one goal – to strengthen your financial position to ensure old age.
Sun in Air Element Zodiac Signs
(Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

gives lofty aspirations, idealism, artistry, love of art and scientific interests.
Sun in Water Element Zodiac Signs
(Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

creates extremely impulsive natures, these types are the most secretive. 
The will of these people is highly dependent on the circumstances, both internal and external. 
People with the Sun in the signs of Water can be both mystics and spiritualists on the one hand, and extreme materialists on the other. 
Their own views and opinions are unstable, and their point of view depends on their mood. 
They are very receptive, impressionable, emotional and expressive. 
On the one hand, they can inspire and convince, on the other hand, they themselves succumb to outside influence, especially if 
someone is able to impress or is their idol. 
The strongest type of them is the Scorpio.

Sun : Significance in Astrology

  • Father, boss, husband, man in general, leader. 
  • Wealthy, powerful, authoritative, famous, respected or state people, nobility, etc. 
  • Health. 
  • The degree of personal freedom. 
  • General welfare. 
  • High position, rank, title. 
  • Fame, recognition, glory, honor, respect, titles, awards. 
  • A responsibility. 
  • Life principle

The sun always represents strength and power, generosity, nobility, sublimity, nobility and majesty. It personifies people who have strength and are endowed with tremendous power.

The sun symbolizes individuality, vitality, will, energy, strength, abilities, success, career, self-esteem. In this case, the Sun speaks not of visibility, but of the human being. It indicates personal freedom, good luck, social uplift and material status, fame, honor, honor, respect, titles, awards, appreciation of others or society. The sun in the male horoscope indicates the potential of vitality (vitality), in the female it is an indicator of the degree of love, warmth, kindness and tenderness. His position in the signs of the Zodiac and in the fields of the horoscope gives information about the breakdown power of the individual, about the strength of his self-expression and self-affirmation, about the possibilities of both internal and external development.

The Sun rising during birth indicates not only strong ambition and healthy pride, courage, courage, bravery, courage, but also to a certain extent happiness or, in extreme cases, happiness in misfortune.

The qualities of the essence of the Sun, positive or negative, are reflected in the formation of a person’s character. All possible positive and negative properties of the Sun are laid in the process of the formation of the character of an individual. 

We can say that the fate of a person depends on the location of the Sun in the sign and the field of the horoscope and on its configurations with other planets and elements of the horoscope, because, as they say, you sow character – you reap fate. 

Considering the position of the Sun in conjunction with the indicators of other planets, you can see everything good or bad in a person, and you can also judge whether he will be strong, independent and independent. 

The sun shows what innate talents and gifts a person is endowed with, how he will apply them in life; whether he will be engaged in intellectual labor or physical labor is shown to him.

If the Sun in Radix has a strong cosmic status and is not damaged, especially by malevolent planets, then a person will have a healthy constitution. Happiness and fullness of life are guaranteed, as well as success in public affairs, in service and in undertakings. If the Sun also has strong aspects with favorable planets, then there will be honor, and glory, and honors, and awards, and honorary titles and titles, especially if the Sun is in the horoscope between the Ascendant and the Meridian.

If the Sun has a weak cosmic status and is damaged by pest planets, the individual’s life purpose is usually markedly weakened.

The favorable aspect of the  Sun highlights noble character traits, a person with a well-aspected Sun is able to be not only a faithful friend and devoted like-minded person, but also a generous enemy.

The aspect of the Sun with Mars gives courage, enthusiasm, increases will, energy, but a person with such an aspect takes little regard with the opinion of other people.

An unfavorable aspect, as a rule, limits the growth of spirituality, indicates insensitivity, a person with such a Sun can become a tyrant and despot for his subordinates or a low-worshiper.

A well-aspected Sun in the years when it is dominant (1982, 1989, 1996, 2003, etc.), enhances ambition, generosity, loyalty, devotion, brings honor and glory, honor, respect, recognition and public approval. A poorly aspected Sun, on the contrary, enhances vanity, narcissism, arrogance, lust for power, aggressiveness, unhealthy pride, and makes it possible for betrayal.

The sun rules Leo: this symbolizes the fact that the will rules energy and is the source of strength. Dominance in Leo gives the Sun direct power over the outside world: a strong Sun gives a person whose direct will is very difficult to resist, even if it is not backed up by any additional circumstances (which, however, is rare). Leo also gives the Sun the quality of stability, stability in the presence of both external and internal obstacles (if the Sun is in a moving cross, this quality is weakened).

The sun culminates in Aries: this symbolizes the fact that the development of the solar principle gives a person new energetic opportunities, which, however, require comprehension and development, that is, they need to be re-learned to manage, otherwise they quickly dry up. Controlling powerful forces requires a lot of attention, subtlety and flexibility.

The sun symbolizes the father, the paternal figure and the main, most imperative, karmic programs that await a person in this life, which will give him will, courage, perseverance, but also require the same, otherwise the person breaks down and burns out, that is, he loses his independent existence, becoming by someone else’s appendage or by switching off from the life stream.

If person has strong Sun in Horoscope

  • Very loyal, punctually fulfilling his promises,
  • has an irrepressible desire to rule and have influence wherever he appears. 
  • Prudent, has an amazing ability to judge, significance and dignity. 
  • Is resourceful in receiving honors and distinctions, but at the same time it is easy to part with them. 
  • This person usually speaks seriously, but laconically, his words are filled with confidence and are able to inspire love for him. 
  • Always full of ideas, plans, worthy of trust, speaks deliberately, friendly, accommodating and very human with others; 
  • no low thoughts can penetrate his heart

The man of the Sun, whose Sun is stronger than the rest of the planets, is distinguished by great authoritarianism; already in childhood, he instinctively respected authorities, strove to imitate them and, perhaps, studied the biographies of outstanding people in order to achieve the same victories and heights. 

His ambition does not remain unsuccessful, even if (which is rare) he does not achieve significant posts or results: in any case, he is respected by those around him for a certain inner strength, which may not be expressed explicitly, but is intuitively felt by everyone; it is felt that if a person has not achieved much, it is only because the tasks set by him to himself turned out to be too difficult. 

At the same time, the Sun is a planet of external manifestation, and therefore the goals and tasks to which the will of the Sun man is directed are always of a concrete practical nature, they are clearly visible. 

Even if a person has the Sun in a water sign and he works as a psychiatrist, then all his forces will be directed, for example, to return his patients to human society, where they could (his criterion for evaluating their work) work normally, and the details and changes in their inner world by themselves will worry him much less.

at a high level of evolutionary development, a solar person can be anyone: a psychologist, a writer, a preacher, a saint, but he will still broadcast the imperative will of his egregor.

If person has weak Sun in Horoscope

  • proud and arrogant,
  • neglects people,
  • is obsessed with his origin. 
  • He is shortsighted in actions and judgments, restless, busy, prone to tyranny. 
  • No weight in words or sanity in actions. 
  • A mon who squanders his inheritance, relies on the charity of others, and yet believes that everyone owes him, since he was born a gentleman.

Weak position of the Sun does not mean a low evolutionary level of a person (generally speaking, it is impossible in principle to estimate an evolutionary level by a birth chart). 

A weak Sun means that a person is not supposed to participate in imperative karmic programs; however, at the same time, his level of working out the Sun can be arbitrarily high, and in principle he can take part in arbitrarily important and intense programs, but his role in them will not be too important: the egregor does not follow him very closely. 

At a low evolutionary and energetic level, this means not so much weakness as indifference to what is happening and internal irresponsibility. 

A person is not connected to any egregor. It is difficult for such a person to create a significant obstacle to the karmic programs going around him and he almost never has an intention to do this;

Sun in mundane astrology

The sun is obviously the main planet in any horoscope, and the sun sign in the mundane chart can say a lot about the essential in the character of a state, nation, or other organization.

It can indicate the supreme authority in the nation – the supreme body and leader, king, queen, president or prime minister. Thus, the Sun can represent both an actual political leader and a symbolic head of state. It can also show the way a nation expresses itself, the myths and images it projects, and the way foreigners see it. 

Sun in 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun in AriesSun in TaurusSun in Gemini
Sun in CancerSun in LeoSun in Virgo
Sun in LibraSun in ScorpioSun in Sagittarius
Sun in CapricornSun in AquariusSun in Pisces

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