Sun in Scorpio or Vruschika in a Horoscope

Very strong sign. It always impresses, a special force of attraction, although it often inspires fear. At the same time lively, but also mysterious, viable, but also full of forebodings of death. Strives for self-improvement. He fights all his life with his passions, this struggle is severe and does not pass without a trace for health (nerves). Racks, holds on to the end. Despises his own and others’ weaknesses, but can be generous, compassionate. Strong individuality, passion, unconditionalness, which makes life with him (with her) exciting and difficult at the same time. The partners are tormented, but they don’t feel relief from this, everything is in full swing in their hearts. They do everything with enthusiasm, emphasize their originality, and do not want to put themselves on a par with others. Comparison with someone is insulting for them, so it’s difficult to communicate with them. They are always belligerent. They love to delve into their souls and in their feelings, which can develop creative abilities. When they are interested in something, they do not spare themselves, they spend their strength like no other. Even if outwardly they may seem calm, their nights are often sleepless, despite the tiring days. And sleeping pills will not help here, it affects the internal stress. They know that everything in the world has an end, and with all their might resist it. If someone in their presence is easy on life, they lose patience. Constant fun can make them sick. Their reaction can be harsh, the language is rude and angry, they can quickly and deeply offend, sharply, almost impolitely defend their opinions. They are either admired or not accepted at all. With enemies they are cruel, ruthless, and they themselves do not expect mercy from the enemy. Able to treachery, take any risk. Possess amazing energy especially if you are in a quandary. They do not give a glimpse into their souls, they are always contradictory, excited, tense. Having not found an appropriate partner, they are torn to pieces – and discover creative interests and harmony, which until then seemed unthinkable. At work, they need to use their energy, courage, they are not afraid to do what others doubt, so there are many good surgeons among them. They are interested in secrets – from the secrets of the universe to the secrets of the underworld (they can be scientists engaged in fundamental science, detectives, scouts, various kinds of researchers). They need work that requires all the strength, not half. They are brave. They need to be used where intransigence is needed in the struggle, as well as magnetism and passion, which can save a stalled business or negotiations. But in posts where subtlety is needed,

Passionate lovers. Unions are strong and indissoluble, and the stamp does not play a role in the passport. If they part, then, then, nothing can save this union. But having said yes, they will withstand everything: illness, storm, and disappointment. Only deception is not forgiven. Despotic, capable of gross abuse, quarrels, after which passionate, erotic reconciliation usually follows. A calm life with them is not to be expected. In all pleasures and pleasures they do not know the measure. Very jealous. Children are forced to be independent early.

Dangers: passion for quarrels, temper, temper, cruelty, unwillingness to reckon with others, opposing oneself to everyone and reassessing oneself. They do not know the measures in anything. Generously consume their forces – material and physical. They do not know self-restraint, what must be learned, otherwise life will be on the edge of the abyss. Possible diseases: hemorrhoids, fractures, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, heart disease and pharynx, alcoholism is often the case.

You are calm, deep in your feelings. Your emotionally complex nature is closed, you value the opportunity to be yourself. You are not a person who is easy to meet and easy to understand. Being sensitive to everything, you are nevertheless not inclined to show it, allowing only a few select ones to enter your inner world. Like a cautious animal, you are suspicious and distrustful of those whom you do not know until you “sniffed” them. Your instincts and intuition are highly developed. You react energetically, decisively to the actions of people with whom you join, although you may not be able to clearly explain why you are doing this and not otherwise. More often than not, your feelings and sensations are deeper than words.

You have strong emotional beginnings. You give yourself intensely in love and affection. You have developed a sense of ownership towards those who are close to you, and you are often very jealous of who you see as your opponent, you are wary of anything that can worsen relationships with your loved ones. When you surrender yourself to someone or something, you surrender with all your heart and expect in return absolute affection. And if you have to break off relations, then you experience it very, very painfully, in a stormy, deeply emotional form. In these situations, you are not the most pleasant person. If you are offended, then you are not inclined to turn the other cheek, and at the first opportunity, pay offense for the offense. And, of course, you will never forget the wound inflicted. Often you remember grievances and lurk evil over time. It’s very difficult for you to forgive.

Whatever you do, show passion and zeal in everything, going to the extreme. You either show a keen interest or are extremely cold. But the definition of “neither fish nor meat” suits you. Either you are passionate about something one hundred percent, or something potentially interesting does not exist for you at all. Rarely are you emotionally impartial and objective. There is no doubt that you are sitting a good fanatic. Strong will, perseverance in achieving the goal often border on your obsession.

You are characterized by pride, courage, intensity of emotions. You love the mysterious, show a deep interest in the hidden, secret, secret sides of life. You are not satisfied with superficial knowledge; you always strive to penetrate deeper into personalities and events, breaking the envelope, to establish what is really happening. You are more prone to cynicism than idealism.

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