Sun in Cancer or Karka in a Horoscope

Those with the Sun in Cancer are both mobile and constant, your problems are understanding the need for movement, but not wanting to part with tried and tested traditions. Hence the typical movement of the Crayfish – a step forward, two backward. Their essence is directed inside themselves, first they need everything inside to settle down and order, and then only they go outside. They need protection. Pushing from the outside does not help, as they know the art of passive resistance.

People who have the Sun in Cancer always create some distance between themselves and others, because of a sense of inner shyness. They are revealed only by recognizing a person closely and being confident in him. Very vulnerable. Internally prepared for big sacrifices for the sake of someone they trust.

But they are contradictory: conservative and progressive at the same time, friendly and at the same time keep distance.

They better understand the historical problems and affairs of bygone days, everyday life with its ever-changing fashion is contradictory, and therefore their actions often seem illogical, highly dependent on their mood. These are really people of mood, very impressionable and judgmental, with great intuition, they understand everything without words.

By nature, they are peaceful people, unless their feelings are hurt. They have an exceptional memory, although dates and names may be confused, but important memories of basic moods and actions are not erased from memory. Intuition is highly developed. They love music, are sentimental, for trivia they can cry, but with really tragic events they do not manifest themselves outwardly.

In life, petty, little things are very important for them. The shortcomings of others are harshly judged, but if others acknowledge this, then the Crayfish can melt. Love affection, but not excessive tenderness. Strong connection with the family.

Very touchy, afraid of ridicule. They rarely put money at stake, they don’t like to take risks, so they don’t let those who trust them. They are friendly and diplomatic, if not offended. You can only manage them in a good way, they do not like other people’s advice. They are afraid of responsibility, but they do important work accurately, reliably, punctually and successfully.

The professional path is uneven, career ups and downs. They prefer professions where intuition and help are required (art, various types of social assistance – orderlies, foster nurses, insurance, parenting, charity). They can get used to someone else’s fate (artists), have a strong sense of justice (good arbitrators). They love to patronize, but they do not spoil children, they are even severe with children – outwardly.

Crayfish homebody, although they are attracted by trips, but they always strive to return home as soon as possible, if for some reason this is impossible, they settle in a foreign land and feel at home.

In love, susceptible to beauty and sex, but the most important thing for them is feelings. If there are no feelings, then a long union will not work. Passive, prefer to be charmed, not them.

A family for them is everything, a house for Cancer is its fortress, it can even become a home tyrant. In humans, Cancer is quieter than water, lower than grass, and houses are being transformed. The house is cleaned to his taste, he also sets the routine of life in the family. But home tyranny is often discovered only on the day of the silver wedding. To a partner (partner) is very demanding: looking for fidelity, equality, mobility, modesty – in no case should anyone, even close friends, be told about his relationship, a careless word can put everything at risk.

Dangers stem from vulnerability, resentment, and reassessment of self. If others do not recognize him, feel offended and abandoned, his pride suffers. The tendency to exaggerate the suffering that befell him. It is cruel if the partner disappointed him, and he suffers most from his cruelty.

Weak physique, from diseases – frequent digestive disorders and diseases of the digestive organs.

You have a strong emotional attachment to the past, to your family, to childhood, to those places with which you have a sense of security, the absence of the need to worry about tomorrow. It is very important for you to keep in touch with your family and cultural past, to strengthen family foundations. You are characterized by loyalty, affection, sentimentality, responsibility to everything that is dear to you – be it a person, thing or familiar places.

You are a good teacher, treat people with sympathy, you are always ready to help them both materially and spiritually. You like it when people need you, especially those you love. You are attached to the house where you live; You need to be understood and accepted here. You are more concerned about people and their feelings than power, career, position in society. Kindness, caring, tenderness impress you more than any worldly honors.

Basically you are a person of emotions. Your views are more likely determined by feelings and personal subjective experience, rather than reason, logic, and abstract principles. It is difficult for you to judge life situations impartially, objectively, because personal sympathies and attachments are usually woven into your judgments. You perceive life very personally, sometimes you build a wall around yourself to protect yourself from painful contacts, from the possibility of being rejected by someone. In the depths of your heart, you are shy and vulnerable, a tendency towards mood swings, emotional ups and downs is noticeable in you. In life, you need time and a place to go into yourself, think about life, dream and recharge. Otherwise, you become irritable, unhappy with those around you.

You act instinctively, without turning to the mind, like to surrender completely to the power of creativity, where you can show your feelings, imagination. You like to cook – and here your creativity is also manifested, your natural ability to bring up, to take care of the human stomach. You also love music – it gives you feelings that are difficult or impossible to convey in words.

Your strongest qualities are compassion for people, heightened feelings and imagination. Your shortcomings are the inability to leave the past and go forward; You are limited in your circle, full of prejudice and inclined to indulge in self-pity when life encounters you with difficulties.

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