Sun in Leo or Simha in a Horoscope

If the Sun in a person’s horoscope is in Leo, then this person is the embodiment of self-consciousness. Lions are always on the throne, even if they work as shoemakers. They always feel the center of attention, even if in fact it is not. Even the most shy of them believe that they supposedly make a huge impression. They are proud, strong, calm, even if they feel insecure.

They need attention, everyone should listen to them. They love the honor, which is sometimes bought by a rich treat. Always generous, but do not forget yourself. Their affairs go as if by themselves, so their self-confidence hypnotizes the environment. There must always be someone who worships them, otherwise a feeling of selflessness appears and bitterness may develop (although it is not shown).

They have extraordinary ingenuity, strength, determination, regality, organizational talent, love of freedom, the desire for independence. It’s impossible to bind Leo, it’s better not to try – there will be a lot of noise, they obey only of their own free will. Their love of freedom knows no bounds. Arrogant, but for them it is natural. Everyday worries are too low for them, but they are willingly responsible for their actions, take responsibility and give orders. Generous, can protect. They overestimate themselves, they emanate extraordinary authority, they can impress, words and gestures are wide, it is difficult to argue with them, they are always right, pride prevents you from immediately changing a false opinion. Then they can change it, but as if of their own free will.

Brave, love to enjoy life, do not like to work, but their laziness is majestic. Pronounced pride, grievances forgive, but do not forget. They do not tolerate criticism, but they have a sense of humor. They always occupy a high position in life, at least once. Professions prefer those where you can lead (possess organizational talent and know how to make others work). Work associated with painstaking work is not for them, otherwise an adjutant is necessary. In negotiations, they are magnanimous and generous, inferior in trifles.

They are generous with their subordinates, easily advance in service, do not subservient to their superiors, keep themselves on an equal footing, or even make it clear that they themselves are higher. They are ambitious, although this is not connected with the case, but with the position. They love the public, love to shine and know how to do it better than others. Places under the Sun cannot be deprived of them, they will not sit in a cage, at the first opportunity they will attack the person who brought him there.

They do not need to give greater powers, since they will certainly use them to the end, like to make decisions and do not repent of what they have done. Their weakness – timing, punctuality, consider it a shame for themselves to work like a clock, that is, a technical tool. They have many enemies. They love to keep themselves waiting.

In love, they quickly ignite, quickly turn to words from business, take care of them fieryly, but they don’t like those who do not submit at once, because in case of failure their pride suffers. With great passion, they retain pride. They are very sensitive in love, food, drink, love beauty, brilliance, a partner (partner) must have a beautiful appearance. In marriage, they demand unquestioning obedience, do not differ in fidelity: family – family, and hunting – hunting. But God forbid if another predator enters the family! Children are not spoiled.

Dangers: reassessment of oneself, feeling of insulted dignity, inability to make out enemies in time, vanity, surrounding oneself with flatterers parasitizing at the expense of Leo, thirst for pleasure, power loving, intolerance, arrogance, self-love. Too gullible.

They have a strong physique, are resistant to diseases, they are characterized by heart disease. Often these diseases and blood diseases occur as a result of excesses and act on the pharynx and excretory system.

A proud and purely individualistic person, you strive to be an outstanding personality, to show yourself at the limit of possibilities, to achieve recognition and appreciation of what you are doing. The thought of being in the last row or following someone else’s orders, or just being an ordinary employee is unbearable to you. You need to leave a seal of your personality on everything that you do, go your own way in life, shine, be creative and be on the captain’s bridge.

Your dreams are large-scale, and you do not have to take decisiveness, firmness of character, energy and enthusiasm for the implementation of large plans. You also have a noble, romantic heart and a love of dramatic, vibrant, extravagant.

You completely agree that the world is a stage, and secretly (and maybe not so secretly) you wanted to be an outstanding actor, the protagonist of the play. You need to adore the audience, applause, even if the audience consists of one, but dear to you person who would believe in you and your dreams. Although outwardly you radiate self-confidence, in fact you are heavily dependent on the support, love and recognition of people. It is unbearable for you when you are not noticed or appreciated.

In love, you are generous in heart and are not afraid to show your loved one how dear he is to you. You appreciate the magic of the state of love itself and know how to keep this heat in a relationship. A devoted person, you will protect those you love and stand behind them with a mountain – unless they offend your pride, they will not betray your trust. In relationships with people, you like the role of the strong, and it is very difficult for you to give up leadership. Ideally, you need to find a person with the same strong will as yours, but that he does not seek to stand above you, to be your rival.

The strong side of your personality is a keen interest and love of life. This is your creative energy, a warm and generous heart. And the main disadvantage is that you are self-centered. Being preoccupied with the impression you make, with your own creative self-expression, you forget about the existence of another, larger world that does not revolve around your person.

Sun in Leo in 1st House in Horoscope

“Solar character” – a very high self-esteem, considers himself a “navel of the Earth.” From him emanate warmth, optimism, enthusiasm. It will always help another, but he himself is not inclined to make requests and petitions (proud too). Has high demands (I won’t go to Zaporozhets, come on Mercedes) and is constantly striving for self-affirmation. In general, it makes a vivid impression, it stands out among others, it is difficult not to notice it. Women with such a sun are drawn to the stage or the catwalk. Conflicts with the father are possible because of the desire to do everything in their own way.

Appearance is courageous, muscles are enlarged, hair is more often light (as if faded in the sun), skin is light with a slightly golden tint. Never slouch, always proud posture, looks solid, eyes are often brown.

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