Neptune in Leo or Simha in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + image = plenty of plans.
With a negative development of character, rare self-conceit, narcissism, and incomparable love of power are formed. In love, such a person may turn out to be the last tyrant and despot, and in attempts to convert others to his own faith – a ruthless fanatic and an aggressive missionary. Often he is mistaken about the scale of his own forces, is almost always full of unrealistic desires, he is sometimes delighted, then he loses faith in everything, he often overestimates himself. With a positive development of character, a person becomes enterprising and generous to wastefulness, full of enthusiasm and at the same time inclined towards a materialistic vision of the world. This is a deep romantic and sincere mystic, constantly preoccupied with improving his life and striving to enjoy art and public spectacles. Such a person always deals with his love problems for a long time and is always preoccupied with his person. A person has a wonderful creative imagination and is almost always full of inspiration and love – for himself or for others. He confidently and often uses an intuitive gift, strangely idealistic and materialistic at the same time: he sublimely accepts earthly values ​​and tries to materialize his ideas about the ideal. Religion is superficial, sometimes denying its innermost meaning. Sometimes such people manage to find the highest goal of being only in perfecting the matter itself. In his work, such a person is sometimes full of unrealistic, unrealizable plans and truly transcendental projections. He can be faithful to selflessness and selfless to the limit. But in feelings such a person is rarely lucky since he simply overestimates them, attaches excessive importance, and as a result, is disappointed. For such a person, harmonious and subtle relationships with children are very important, although the latter are often afraid and deceived. They tend to demand from the children the almost impossible, all conceivable and inconceivable perfections. Such people are often vulnerable to soreness and have many inferiority complexes. They are often blinded by their own splendor, immersed in the sacrificial pursuit of the direction indicated by their spiritual leader, often their feelings are divorced from life. This person loves art, knows how to amuse others, acutely feels the dramatic nature of life, tends to exaggerate everything and wants to at least once, but try everything he can. He loves courtship and is prone to risk and excitement. Craving for power but not able to sincerely recognize someone’s authority. This is a potential dictator, destroyer and voluptuous seeker of entertainment. His spiritual and emotional life is full of cataclysms and sorrows. Such a person is rarely frugal and prudent. It is easy to seduce him with anything from flattery to beautiful food. His erotic relationships are often full of deceit and betrayal. But such a person serves the community selflessly, if he is already engaged in this. He always intuitively feels what is absolutely necessary for people at this stage. It is not easy for such a person to self-actualize in creativity, since he is prone to window dressing and suffers from a lack of clear determination. Despite the outwardly declared materialism, he is capable of high revelations and often experiences ecstatic states with a spontaneous transition to other planes of consciousness. Such people often strive to make their dreams a reality, which pushes them to extremely risky adventures and overwhelms them with unrealistic optimism. They love to splurge and brag, unduly dramatize their lives and engage in self-decoration. Their relationship with children is not too streamlined, almost always confusing and incomprehensible. Such people either become charlatans and deceivers, or convinced spiritual leaders with the talent of a preacher and a tendency to subtle perception of mystical forms of art. Such a person finds secret and intimate pleasure in power, honor, visible and loud authority. He seeks to conquer the whole world with his faith, which almost always leads to more or less major destruction. It seems to him that by the power of his energy he is able to regulate any process and any situation in external and internal life.