Neptune in Virgo or Kanya in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + thoroughness = planning.
With a negative development of character, a person is overly attached to the material side of life, is full of doubts and hesitations, unstable and unbalanced. He attaches great importance to the external, ritual side of life, he becomes extremely secretive and insincere against his will. The danger lies in underestimating genuine treasures and inattention to lofty goals. Such a person tries to seem more stable than he really is. With a positive development of character, he seeks to raise everyday life to heaven and improve all aspects of life. With trepidation and admiration, he refers to everything unknown and deep. Such a person perceives an imperfect reality almost painfully. His nervous system is often tense, there is a discord between intuition and reason. Sometimes he inclines to selfishness and cunning and denies generally accepted ideas without any argument. It is not easy for such a person to perceive the overtones of situations, nuances and midtones. At the same time, he seeks to comprehend the unity of the world through a key detail or completeness of aspects. Cosmic love is indirectly expressed in selfless and hard, monotonous work with dense and gross forms. In process of spiritual development, a person has a feeling that some inner meaning that cannot be expressed in rational terms can be hidden behind the form. Such a person seeks pleasure in the beautiful and harmonious material details of life. Sometimes he sees the presence of the Upper World in everyday objects and everyday situations. The self-deception of such a person goes through the misunderstood and too primitively perceived facts of the reality of the external and internal world. Often such people spontaneously become atheists and profess pseudoscientific, at least materialistic views. The romance of experience, they replace the romance of action. They are characterized by a misunderstanding of the highest moments of life. They are sometimes inclined to idealize work, putting it even higher than spiritual quests. Such people often feel constrained in their feelings and a strange tendency to self-restraint. Some spiritual infantilism, a passion for gain, and the depreciation of ideals are possible. In the absence of interest in higher values, great trust in science. Such people strive to find harmony in the details, are anxiously hungry for knowledge, and in their work they see their highest destiny. They clearly lack idealism and a sense of transcendental reality. Regarding health and working conditions, these people always have a special opinion and are ready to talk incessantly about health and work. They recognize psychiatry as part of everyday life, as they are constantly on fire the conflict between the mind and emotions. It’s hard for them to bear responsibility, as their sense of duty is too deep. Hence the propensity to use sedative psychotropic drugs. In general, they are critical to inspiration and sometimes love to destroy the old and the imperfect from pure pleasure. They like to fight for human rights, consider themselves great humanists, although they often fight not for the spirit, but for the letter of the law. They are sincerely interested in everything secret and mysterious, while remaining very isolated from other sane pragmatists, impressionable, but mercantile. Their spiritual quest is perfectly supported by intellectual capabilities. In general, this is a reserved nature, at the same time capable of mathematics and possessing mediumistic inclinations. The character is soft, constant, patient. There is a tendency to psychosomatic diseases associated with excessive emotional concentration on minor trifles.