Neptune in Capricorn or Makara in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + concentration = meditation.
With a negative development of character, a very selfish, cunning and cunningly clever person is formed, able to intuitively perceive weaknesses in the environment and use them for career purposes. The instinctual space is full of obscure impulses and strange desires, but subconscious chaos is consciously disciplined and placed at the service of achievement. Such a person always has many difficulties in love, ambition is very pronounced, false ostentatious patriotism and a passion for parasitism are possible. With a positive development of character, a special intuitive-logical mind is formed, capable of even intuitively searching for the right way out. He knows how to do that and so that invariably achieves the best results. The internal forces are huge and almost always used by such a person to the benefit of the cause. He is able to structure, to draw up and delimit deep, collective representations that are successfully used by him in the work on creating state formations and religious communities. His spiritual perception is built on the foundation of a deep understanding of the processes of the material world. For him, an almost ecstatic sense of competent business is very important. Emotions are easily controlled by the mind, a sense of truth is very accurate and subtle. Often such people are skeptical about previous generations, striving to develop their own system of organizing life. These are convinced ascetics, possessing the gift of the deepest self-discipline and striving for the practical realization of spiritual values. Often they plan the future so carefully and hard that they later become captive of their own pragmatic illusions. Self-deception is associated with an overly primitive understanding of the practical needs of the world and the worst form of materialism, both philosophical and ethical. Such a person is trying by all means to change his vision and understanding of the organizational forms of the human community. He gladly blurs and scatters in the wind an ineffective, from his point of view, organization of forces and means and is steadily striving to build new, rigid forms of mutual relations and subordination. Often, he suffers due to a mismatch of his plans and reality. Such a person never allows himself the luxury of abstract spirituality – he seeks to transform all his plans and ideals on his own into everyday reality. The main idea of ​​such a person is the need for strict spiritual discipline for a real change in the world for the better. Such people without there concentrate enormous spiritual energy on their tasks and are able to use esoteric sciences in the practical transformation of life. These are convinced hierarchists and legalists. Sometimes they are very dogmatic, inflexible, and for the sake of lofty goals, they forget the specific needs of people. At heart, these people are secretive, pessimistic, homeless and, as it were, cornered. At the same time, they are capable of a long-term aspiration in the implementation of ideals and high spiritual development, based on self-control and refusal of the unnecessary. They are diligent and traditional, responsible and hardworking. Their spiritual and poetic dreams in one way or another become an organic part of everyday life. They tend to develop new forms of governance and new political concepts. The main transformations are thought by them as a result of the development of new forms of organizing life. They are full of strong faith in themselves, sane even in solving the most delicate and deepest issues, gifted as entrepreneurs and politicians, attentive, careful and fearless. Such people tend to confidently destroy the economic and political foundations, but only if they intuitively found new forms of streamlining the process.