Neptune in Pisces or Meena in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + expectation = meditation.
With a negative development of character, a person is subject to many temptations and strange inclinations, is easily deceived and deceived, he lacks self-confidence, he is distinguished by the excessive power of natural instincts. With a positive development of character, a sensitive to paranormal person is formed, which can safely be called “transcendental”. He possesses the deepest emotional insight, freely penetrates into the arbitrarily large depths of the psychic world, from birth he has the deepest faith in the higher and is able to instantly penetrate into the deepest essence of problems and difficulties. The imagination of such a person knows no bounds, and the degree of sensuality amazes even himself. This is a convinced sybarite, very superficially related to the norms of social behavior and living its own life, not paying much attention to the opinions and opinions of others. Such a person constantly strives for spiritual renewal, longs to help everyone at once and in everything, wants to find happiness thanks to what makes everyone else happy. Such a person has a strong ability for deep faith and total sympathy for others. He adequately perceives the rhythms of life and is able to exactly match the spirit of the times. He understands the concept of the sacred and spiritual as a religiously contemplative vision of the unity of the world. This man is constantly engaged in religious, philosophical, spiritual and mystical searches, leading him to direct contact with higher forces and energies, bringing him a direct sense of closeness to God. All love for him is a kind of love for the Supreme and he brings this truth to people by his personal example, by its very existence. Joy, light and grace envelop him in meditation, he is psychologically musical and poetic in the highest sense of the word. The rational abilities of such a person can be hundred times overlapped by the subtlety and depth of his emotional meditations, therefore he often lives in dreams and prayers, distinguished by high mental instability and a tendency to self-deception and fears. Such a person is often easily suggested, inclined to escape from external reality into the inner world, very often deceives himself. It is either selfless, sometimes frankly parasitic, now absolutely clear, sometimes shrouded in fog and illusions, then sacrificial in love, then indifferent to coldness. His psyche is not under the control of the will, it lives as if by itself, controlling external actions and evaluations. Such a person secretly strives for the highest creative manifestations and for the establishment of universal peace. He knows self-denial and service to others until self-forgetfulness, he is inclined to completely surrender to what he is doing, he is deeply intimate in contact with the influences of nature, he is inclined to consider secret societies as the highest form of association of people. Often, the ideals of such a person are many-sided and mysterious; in any case, he is not able to explain them to others, because of which deep passivity often develops – the difference between spiritual ideals and observable reality is too great. This is a poet and prophet, composer and high artist, priest and magician. Whatever he does, he is always interested in psychology, esotericism and a secret knowledge of the laws of nature. Often these people are so deep that they seem to many just “a little bit of that.” Such people always behave with dignity, calmly and seriously, as they are prone to deep contemplation of existing things and high thought. Mercy and helping others for them are not empty words, but the most important occupation of life. Often, fate is not too supportive of these people, sometimes they have to pay for the mistakes of others and take the blows of fate on themselves.