Neptune in Libra or Tula in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + harmony = readiness for perception.
With a negative development of character, a person becomes infantile, tearful, prone to betrayal and breakup, easily losing balance and overestimating external attractiveness. He is frivolous and unstable, hovers in the clouds, not confident in himself, easily succumbed to temptations. With a positive development of character, a person has vivid intuition, deepest inspiration and the ability to subtly feel the mental states of others. He is full of high ideals, capable of platonic love, very refined in sensual manifestations, dreamy and humane. Such a person has very strong humanitarian, aesthetic and spiritual interests. He loves everything in the world from opera to prose, from occultism to mathematics. He is highly sensitive and highly emotional, he knows prophetic dreams, he is active and successful in social activities. Sometimes he so actively feels other people that he completely loses faith in himself and is unable to distinguish where his opinions and experiences end and the positions of his neighbors begin. The criterion of social responsibility of such a person is based on intuitive ideas, and not on the norms accepted in society. Such a person is able to intuitively comprehend the “unwritten laws” of groups and collectives, which allows him to adapt and become “his” in any company. Contacts with him are strong and deep, as they are based on emotional intuitive sensitivity. His spiritual perceptions have a wide range, but his positions are not too independent and extremely dependent on social stereotypes. Such a person is inclined to see the highest in moral and artistic ritual. Such a person is eager to profess a religion of justice and social equality. His ideals are somehow connected with the idea of ​​brotherhood, general equilibrium and mutual responsibility. This is the most convinced conformist, who made the idea of ​​equality above all others. He takes ideological constructions very seriously, since he sees in them a means of ordering interactions between people. Often, such a person refuses to develop new relations, clinging to the already existing and identifying with stereotypes and norms prevailing in society. Potentially, such a person is capable of a higher vision of the harmony of the world, has the gift of a high synthesis of thoughts and feelings on the basis of fundamental ideas about harmony and order. Violation of beauty, poise and social justice cause him an intimate feeling of deep grief, stable enough to to permanently enslave a person with the bonds of a negative state. Such people get genuine pleasure only from contemplation of measure and harmony. They base their personal and social ethics on artistic principles – everything that is beautiful and elegant, harmonious and balanced is right for them. Such people tend to be guided by the opinions of the elite, who are usually worshiped. Their self-deception is associated with a misunderstanding of harmony and underestimation of the entire array of life factors. For pleasure, they need a subtle harmony, a sense of ownership of the elite and mental refinement. Often mutual obligations are worthless in the eyes of such people. They tend to develop their moral position on the basis of personal intuition, not paying attention to the words and calls of others. Such a person is always interested in a new concept of relations and new views on the law, since he constantly shows uncertainty in everything related to his duties and needs. The attitude to art is very sophisticated and unusual. In ethical terms, a person always gravitates to humanism, altruism, compassion and peacefulness. At the same time, impracticality and weakness of will, laziness and a tendency to abuse drugs are possible. Such people often believe that a person should do only what he likes. They are very dreamy, adore poetry and nature, exquisitely sensual and have a fine artistic taste. Sometimes such a person is too attracted to the opposite sex. He is good as an employee and interesting as a partner, though reliability is a big problem. Such a person intuitively comprehends the depth and complexity of social relations,