Neptune in Aquarius or Kumbha in a Horoscope

Susceptibility + change = mysticism.
With a negative development of character, a clownish and adventurous type of person is formed, torn between self-centeredness and the desire to benefit everyone and everything. With a positive development of character, a person is humane and altruistic, compassionate and sympathetic, naive and trusting, highly receptive and deeply impressive. Such people are especially willing to turn to practical magic and successfully collaborate with representatives of secret societies. They are capable of magnificent manipulations of public opinion, and they are not confused by the apparent contradictions and ambiguities in their own positions. Public relations are deliberately idealized by them. They have their own ideas about the criteria of social justice and are politically inclined to extravagant and original approaches to solving old problems. They selflessly believe in the future and strive to master new forms of spirituality. They are constantly inspired by visions of the future and now and then generate unusual, bold and daring ideas that are accepted by others with considerable delay, sometimes several decades. Such people are happy to discuss everything that can even be called into question. They are prone to risk, instantly grasp a new direction of development, expansive, progressive and humane. Seeking to live by universal principles, they crave to comprehend the fundamental principles without their consistent study. The inspiration of such people is purely mystical, rational, they without hesitation are replaced by an intuitive and ecstatic beginning. They strive to comprehend the true meaning of history in order to feel the true unity of the past and the future. Such people in a wonderful way interpret the symbols that remain dark for others and are sometimes so absorbed in the internal that they forget about the external. Often these people have a strong ability for clairvoyance and prophecy, the ability to consciously communicate with the Subtle World and synthetically see the lines of future development of both people and communities. They get the most pleasure in dreams of the future and in associations with like-minded people. In general, they are constantly engaged in the dissemination of ideas of progress and development, as if being plenipotentiaries of the future in the present. Their main temptation and temptation is that everything old and old is extremely boring for them. The intuitiveness of such people is rarely combined with sanity and practicality, and therefore external affairs are carried out with difficulty, with a creak. Such people strive to very clearly polarize good and evil and in everything strictly separate the old and the new. They are strong energetically and mentally brilliant. They are higher than any superstitions and prejudices, are able to realize any internal complexes and are brilliant in partnership and cooperation. Their worldview to one degree or another is anarchic. In their feelings, they are unrestrained and radical, they relate to traditions downward, sometimes not noticing their existence at all. Their overactive thinking allows us to discover fundamentally new directions in science, and in art, and in social construction. Social justice and universal harmony are above all for them. The depth of thoughts and feelings is combined with sincere love for people, although no less sincerely people of this type adore ideas and novelty as such. In all their views, these are independent and original figures, sometimes even overly active, which creates many difficulties in relations with friends and like-minded people. Their main task is to translate into reality the new principles of humanism and contribute to the advent of the era of universal brotherhood on earth.