Pluto in Taurus or Vrishabha in a Horoscope

Pluto in Taurus
With a negative development of character, excessive eroticism, a passion for the accumulation of money and titles, an indefatigable thirst for pleasure and a pronounced predatory instinct are formed. With a positive development of character, rare perseverance and perseverance are formed, a steady interest in collecting spiritual values, causing respect among others around self-will and unusual waywardness. Such a person seeks to create, support and change the material-production and political-economic conditions of society. He advocates the unbridled growth of capital and the strengthening of the power of financial institutions. Secretly cherishes the dream of creating a personal financial empire. The potential of energy is huge, but directing it only to the material can make it difficult to implement in specific cases. Such a person checks ideas and suggestions that come to him through materialization, followed by testing the result for strength. He regularly inspects the forms entrusted to him and strives even for a radical, but still peaceful transformation of them. Such a person easily and freely uses the magical powers of the earth, and restores forces through intimate contact with nature. With a negative development, love of power is combined with greed, and excessive materialism in views and destructive sensual aspirations can lead to catastrophic losses. Such a person now and then falls into the trap of frustration associated with failures in the accumulation of material objects. He feels deprived of fate, and therefore constantly trying to take revenge and is looking for workarounds to achieve the desired. The main thing for him always remains the material plan and specific objects – from antique trinkets to government offices. The main task of his life is the development of humility in situations of material deprivation and the formation of optimism and contentment with existing ones. He understands power as a material influence leading to an increase in capital and an increase in the power of personal power. Such a person advocates a constant economic redivision of the environment and strives with all his might to create a solid, reliable foundation under his feet. This person is called by fate to renew production and industry, his mission is financial revolutions and coordination of material energies. This is a convinced pragmatist, capable of arbitrarily deep influence on the material world. He is a monarch and a monopolist in spirit, a Puritan on the outside and a voluptuous lover on the inside. He is hardy, stubborn, he is characterized by an all-consuming need for wealth and stability. He easily transfers his problems to the shoulders of his subordinates, whom he is able to exploit to the limit.