Pluto in Leo or Simha in a Horoscope

With a negative development of character, a tendency to excessive pressure on subordinates and poorly controlled ambitions is formed. Such a person is highly erotic, absolutely self-confident and convinced of the need to use authoritarian power, dictatorship and despotism. With a positive development of character, he feels himself the manager of the life and death of everything that exists. A sort of coordinator of fate. A very strong desire for power and a passion for using magic tricks to influence the environment. This is a bright teacher, an ardent leader, an important commander and a narcissistic despot. Such a person often favors young generations and professes at the same time both the ideals of high humanism and altruism, as well as faith in permissiveness and the possibility of performing any actions only on the basis of one’s own desire. Such a person stands for absolute freedom in love and the assumption of the realization of any impulses of passion and aspirations. Such a person subconsciously strives for the conquest of world domination and involuntarily contributes to the strengthening of all kinds of totalitarian structures. He has a powerful internal potential, colossal passions and a strong ability for self-giving. He is inclined to absolutize the meaning of strength and energy in life, he reacts to everything extremely emotionally and is deeply convinced that he better understands the meaning of love and desire. Almost certainly such a person is very independent and unyielding to influences from outside. He constantly needs to discharge the accumulated energy, advocates competitions of authorities and openly participates in the redistribution of power and influence. Often, such people become the founders of totalitarian sects or powerful criminal organizations. This is an active, creative maximalist, energetic and ambitious, who can never find ultimate satisfaction in anything. He is able to consolidate and coordinate collective energy, has an innate tendency to subconsciously use magical powers. The greater his power, the greater his personal energy. The larger the crowd, controlled by him, the stronger such a person. He always strives for maximum authority and vivid isolation from the environment. He craves endless forces for the deepest transformations, is inclined to events of enormous scale and has tremendous endurance. He rules, directs and transforms both people and nature. He longs for space and freedom of action. Almost always free from complexes and “troubles”, bold, impetuous and passionate. He is capable of surprisingly renewing his powers, terrible in anger and generous in mercy. Such a person seeks to redo everything in his own way, without fear, intervenes in the lives of others and absolutely does not tolerate objections. He is a practical ruler of the world, carrying out both management and transformation in accordance with the tasks of evolutionary development. He constantly thirsts for concrete power over the existing one with the aim of rearranging it from top to bottom. He easily creates imperative situations of a harsh nature, getting a direct opportunity to manipulate every person and any event. This is a born administrator and courtier. His spiritual development follows the path of a calm, humble acceptance of the rejection of existing power. Humility for him means accepting the external power of the world over himself and developing unconditional respect for her. This person is predisposed to a global synthesis of science and religion. He is full of dignity and subconsciously longs to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others. He easily succeeds in the profession, which causes widespread interest in him and makes him widely popular. This is a leader of enormous proportions, even if he lives modestly and imperceptibly.