Pluto in Gemini or Mithuna in a Horoscope

With a negative development of character, a person becomes a clever manipulator and an insidious intriguer, prone to rash acts, excessive criticism and spiritual nihilism, up to and including militant atheism. With a positive development of character, remarkable resourcefulness and amazing ingenuity, pickiness and criticality, an inventive spirit and rationalization abilities are formed. Such a person always advocates the creation of global information systems, the development and widespread effective use of the media in order to control public opinion. He is predisposed to active political work and is able to influence in a word the consciousness of large groups of the population. He is distinguished by a special search activity, he is always looking for new things and is preoccupied with the search for excellence that could become an example to follow in society. A person is extremely observant, has psychoanalytic and propaganda abilities. He owns the hidden power of the word, the magic of speech allows him to destroy and create values ​​- without any external efforts. His spirit is constantly concerned about the search for truth and the constant desire to change. All blows of fate received by such a person are associated with the incorrect nature of his ideas about the world. Often he is distinguished by mental pride and the desire to be smarter than everyone. Such a person is diligently engaged in a radical restructuring of all information flows both inside and outside himself. He is often distinguished by hype and fuss, he advocates the use of powerful means of indoctrination, for the “brainwashing” of an entire people. It destroys false mental models of reality, which have proved to be ineffective during the development of society. A sort of folly and revolutionary thought. He is full of enthusiasm and indefatigable energy, has an amazing pedagogical gift and is able to educate those who can be called “people of the future.” This person is distinguished by a sober view of things, clarity of mind and optimism. He is constantly in search of new ways of self-expression and seeks to expand his intellect in any way, being both frank and sincere, but also sarcastic and critical person.