Pluto in Pisces or Meena in a Horoscope

With a negative development of character, a person is completely immersed in an atmosphere of deception and self-justification, which prevents him from being impassive and does not allow him to maintain the proper level of attention to the environment and the inside. Such a person is inclined to escape inside himself and to the total denial of the right of reality to exist. With a positive development, the deep layers of the subconscious are exposed, releasing mystical experience and promoting intuitive artistic creativity. Such a person is able to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, he is not just a suggestion, but he is able to contain any truth and any position. In his tolerance, he sometimes reaches the heights of selflessness, showing a rare tendency to direct interaction with the transcendent. Such a person learns the principle of cosmic love all his life and all the troubles in his existence are ultimately associated with an excess of egoism and limited vision. The spiritual development of such a person follows the path of highlighting and dispersing illusions and self-deception, including those deep ones that are known only to him. Evolutionarily, such a person is busy preparing new criteria for assessing reality and collective action methods that can prove effective in a new development cycle. Suffering does not frighten such people, because under any emotional stress they directly touch the very energies of existence, which gives them ecstatic joy. This is a generation of spiritual creators and innovators of religious teachings. They are able to revive the world to a new spiritual life and affirm the highest spiritual values ​​with an example of personal existence. These are the greatest romantics, the finest artists and the deepest poets. The secrets of life are comprehended by such people at an almost physiological level. They can understand anyone and anything if they want to. True, their openness to reality is so great that a new deep understanding enters their consciousness beyond their will. The development of such a person teaches him selfless love, which does not expect either appreciation or gratitude of loved ones. Humility for them lies in the submission of God’s will in all its manifestations. The formation of religious dogmatism is dangerous for such people, but it is they who possess the ability to participate in the formation of new religions and the development of mysterious initiatory institutions in the future.