Pluto in Aries or Mesha in a Horoscope

With a negative development of character, a type of violent, aggressive and jealous person is formed, prone to destructive energetic influence on the world and always full of frustrations and disappointments. With a positive personality formation, aggressiveness, revolutionary spirit and ambition remain, but thanks to self-discipline and self-control, a person is able to overcome any obstacles and destroy all kinds of obstacles to achieving his life goals. He seeks radical changes in lifestyle, in politics and in power structures. He violently updates the management system and acts as a “skirmisher” of new directions in the ideology of collective action. Such a person most actively realizes his inner potential, his passions are bright, explosive and unsafe both for those around him and for himself. It is characterized by hard-restrained activity, a strong desire for power, claims to absolute supremacy, fierce power and a tendency to constantly make claims to society. This is a powerful military man, a self-confident magician and a born leader. This is a conqueror of peaks and a conqueror of new spheres of life, sometimes not thinking about either choosing a means or the possible consequences of his extremely stormy activities. Often the life of such a person is full of ordeals and bitter experiences that fall upon the head of such a person through his own fault. It is very difficult for him to restrain his possessive strong and gross manifestations, if only because he is in love with them. Sometimes clouds of black malice and irreconcilable aggression to the world rise in it by themselves, and only with the years does the grace of humility come to him. This person is inclined to participate in the development of society on fundamentally new paths, he willingly joins the ruthless purge of the outdated, loves a sharp confrontation with the authorities and the heated atmosphere of struggle and battle. He loves to channel the energy of the masses into the destruction of the old and the construction of the new; he is eager to break the existing ties and traditions. This is a bright individualist, fearless and bold, able to collect all his will in his hands and pave the way through any obstacles to the cherished goal. He proudly and independently seeks to remake the whole world around him, along with garbage and trash, destroying stupid fears and defective superstitions of the past. The life of such a person is full of coups, explosions and fractures. He has a great desire for change, a need for power and a desire for revenge. Very determined and energetic. He has an infinitely vivid imagination, the use of which requires the strictest self-discipline. A frantic pursuit of excellence can sometimes lead to self-destruction. For the sake of gaining absolute freedom and establishing a new lifestyle, such people are able to overcome the most difficult obstacles and assert their rights even in the most disadvantageous conditions.