Pluto in Capricorn or Makara in a Horoscope

With a negative development of character, indomitable ambition, violent despotism, obsessive envy, proud stubbornness and a tendency to persecution mania are formed. With a positive development of character, a person feels in his own depths the presence of fantastic power, which can be aimed at transforming the economy and economy, at revolution in the financial system, as well as at the total renewal of all forms of labor organization, including state law. Such a person stands for the stability of the power and economic structures of the state, which in his opinion should be preserved even with the most profound transformations and transformations. Such a person knows how to refine and save his energy, sequentially directing it to a carefully chosen goal. He is disciplined, conservative and ascetic. If he likes his own place in the state hierarchy, he is able to work to the point of exhaustion and takes considerable spiritual fruits in such selfless service to the maintenance of order and keeping energy in check of the law. This is a bright individualist, purposefully serving the supreme beginning. Even self-interest and despotism in such a person are distinctly constructive in nature – all accumulation and a tendency to hard rule rely precisely on deep spiritual attitudes. The latter are formulated something like this: the new can be created only on a solid basis, all chaos is dangerous in itself. In the personal fate of such a person, specific plans and projects are periodically destroyed, especially if he is inclined to build them according to routine schemes, borrowed from the cliches of the public subconscious, or aimed at satisfying the interests of the ego. Humility in this case consists in the ability to abandon their specific plans and obligations not when they are already destroyed, but with the first realization of their evolutionary failure. Such a person is diligently engaged in the transformation of the external and bringing it into line with internal meanings and high organizational ideas. Such a person diligently reveals the imperfections of organizational forms and structural associations, destroying them at the root with the parallel creation of new structures and foundations. Endurance and ambitiousness are combined with the organizational talent and talent of the leader. New spiritual values ​​are apprehended with caution – and only when confirming their practical significance and the possibility of implementation.