7th house in Horoscope: Maraka Sthana

What is seen from 7th house / bhava / sthana:  

A.      Spouse: his/ her looks, nature, personality

B.      Marriage: marital happiness, problems, fights, divorce, widowhood, remarriage, love marriage

C.      Planets in the 7th also affect persons nature

D.      Business partner

E.       Temporary fame is seen from this house.

F.       Court Cases – (documentation in court cases is seen from 3rd house)

G.     Quality of sleep is indicated here. (Sleep is affected by tensions in house)

H.      This is 4th from 4th house. Hence also indicates about house, mother, vehicles

I.        This is 3rd from 5th house. Hence represents second child.

J.        Health: kidney, waist, uterus, ovaries

Some Examples of planets in this house:

1.       Moon in 7th house: Spouce will be loving

2.       Mars in 7th house: Spouse will be full of life, aggressive

3.       Sun in 7th house: Spouse will be dominating

4.       Mercury in 7th house: Spouse will be nice. But if mercury is afflicted, there will be problems. Mercury has a tendency to do things two times.

5.       Venus in 7th house: Spouse will be beautiful and lover of beautiful things.

6.       Jupiter in 7th house: Spouse will be wise and good. But person will receive less happiness from marriage. Jupiter does not flourish the house it is in. He does good by his drishti.

7.       Saturn in 7th house: It is a good placement for marriage. It will not break the marriage even if there are problems. There may be delay in marriage

8.       Rahu in 7th house: Spouse will be good looking. There will be difference between the person and his spouse (difference in religion, height, age)

9.       Ketu in 7th house: Person gets less happiness from marriage.

10.   Uranus in 7th house: Can lead to fights and divorce

11.   Neptune in 7th house: person is deceived by the spouse. Spouse hides things from the person.