Venus / Shukra

Venus is considered to be a benific planet. It is the significator of beauty. A well placed Venus in horoscope can give a person all kinds of pleasures in life. Venus gives love for arts. The effect of Venus is at its peak during 16 to 32 years. In a man’s horoscope, Venus signifies his wife. 

If Venus is afflicted in horoscope, a person tends to overdo things and may have addictions. This happens more if Venus if aspected by mars, Uranus or Neptune. If Venus is aspected by Saturn, a person remains very much in control. 

Venus is the teacher of demons. Venus aspects the 7th house from where it is placed in horoscope. 

Malavya Yoga of Venus: 

This is one of the Pancha Mahapurush yogas. This yoga happens Venus is in Kendra in its own rashi or exhaltation rashi. This yoga makes a person rick and bestows him with material pleasures. 

Professions ruled by Venus: 
Artists, actors, dancers, singers, poets, traders of gemstones, jewelers, traders of fashionable clothes, traders of perfumes, selling alcohol, tailor, sellers of sweets. 

Body parts ruled by Venus : 
Eyes, chin, cheeks, neck, reproductive organs, gall bladder, thymus gland 

Rashis ruled by Venus :  Taurus, Libra 
Venus Exaltation Rashi : Pisces 
Venus debilitation Rashi: Virgo 
Nakshatras ruled by Venus : Bharni, Purva Phalguni, Purva Shadha 
Venus is karaka for : Riches, pleasures, married life, wife, beauty  
Friends :  Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu 
Neutral: Jupiter, Mars 
Enemies:  Sun, Moon 
Gemstone: Diamond 
Day ruled by Venus: Friday
Marankarak house for Venus: sixth house