3rd House in Horoscope

Sahaj Bhava, Upachay Sthana, Nashak Sthana

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  • Work related as well as marriage related issues
  • How will your neighbors be  
  • Writing Skills – Handwriting, Writing style, documentation
  • Relation with younger sibling
  • Small Journeys – done as necessity. For example: job related journeys, transfers
  • This is Sahaj Bhava – i.e. It shows what a person can easily do. Eg. Someone can sing easily. If a malefic planet is present here, it enhances the ‘sahaj’ pravrutti
  • House for Communication
  • Health Related: Throat, both hands, shoulders, fingers, wind pipe, food pipe, neurology related diseases (this is because 3rd house is the house of communication and neurology controls the communication in human body. )

This complements the 1st house.

This is a ‘Upachay’ sthana. (means that malefic planets will give good results in this house )

Some Examples of planets in this house:

1.       Mars in 3rd house: indicates that the younger sibling might be a male. The relations with younger sibling might not be good. The neighbors might be quarrelsome. Person will take inintiative in doing things. While writing, he will press the pen hard on the paper. There might be obstacles in journeys.

2.       Moon in 3rd House: indicates that the younger sibling might be a female. The writing will be beautiful. The neighbors will be good. This is good for travelling.

3.       Saturn in 3rd house: indicates that the neighbors are not good

4.       Venus in 3rd house: indicates that the neighbors are attractive.

5.       Rahu is 3rd house: Person will be brave

Effect of Planets in 3rd House in Horoscope

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