4th House in Horoscope: Patal Sthana, Matru Bhava

What is seen from this house / sthana:

A.      Shows house that you live in – how will your house be, Will it be a new or used home, will it be in a building or on land, how will be the atmosphere in the home be? For women, this shows the house after marriage.

B.      Amenities in home

C.      Vehicles – 2 or 4 wheeler, used or new, happiness obtained from them

D.      Richness

E.       Mother – Mother’s attitude, mother’s teachings, Specific efforts taken by mother, happiness from mother, what was mother’s condition during pregnancy

F.       Happiness/ problems in persons life. Will the person be satisfied in life – as this house is related to mind.

G.     How will the last days of life be – will you be alone, will people take care of you

H.      Primary education – what did you learn in mother’s womb, education till 12th standard, short technical courses

I.        Interest in Yog Sadhana

This house is Patal Sthana; meaning it is difficult to judge how the planets will exactly act in this house. Grahas are acting on person’s mind.

Some Examples of planets in this house:

1.       Moon in 4th house: Can make a person rich. But there might be lack of satisfaction.

2.       Venus in 4th house: Can make a person rich. But there might be lack of satisfaction.

3.       Jupiter in 4th house: Indicates that the mother will be good. But, the person will never own a grand house. Person will be cared for in old age.

4.       Mars in 4th house: Good for acquisition of Land. Indicates that mother is strict.

5.       Saturn in 4th house: Atmosphere in the house will not be good. Person will not be looked after in the last days of his life.

6.       Rahu in 4th house: Atmosphere in house will not be good. Its advisable that the person’s name is on first on the house/property agreement.

7.       Ketu in 4th house: Indicates troubles in home.

8.       Neptune in 4th house: Indicates that the person religious. Person will be in coma before death.

Effect of Planets in 4th House in Horoscope

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