11th house in Horoscope: Labha sthana, Chidra sthan, Upachay Sthana, Nashak Sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

1.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s feelings towards you

2.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s children

3.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s education

4.       Indicates gains in Life – money, friends, family, events happening according

5.       Friends and acquaintances

6.       Elder sibling

7.       2nd from 10th: hence indicates the money obtained from business. This house indicates official earnings.

8.       6th from 6th: This completes the 6th house and hence is nashak sthana

9.       Chidra sthana: this is the sthana for genetic code, hereditary ailments

10.   7th from 5th house:

This house is called Chidra Sthana as the planets that fall in this house ‘directly’ affect the person (in bar/ good way). The dasha of the planet in the labha sthana proves beneficial to the person.

Planets in this house can be responsible for causing illness; can spoil health.