11th house in Astrology

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11th house in Astrology

Keywords for Eleventh House in Astrology: friends, gains, income, fulfilment of desires

Significance of the Eleventh House in astrology

  1. Friendships and Social Circles: Governs friendships, social networks, and group affiliations.
  2. Hopes and Aspirations: Represents long-term goals, hopes, and dreams.
  3. Community and Social Involvement: Involves participation in community, social causes, and collective activities.
  4. Gains and Income: Associated with earnings from career, investments, or other sources beyond the primary income.
  5. Humanitarian Interests: Linked to humanitarian and philanthropic interests.
  6. Teamwork and Collaborations: Involves group activities, teamwork, and collaborative efforts.
  7. Social Recognition: Connected to social status, popularity, and public recognition.
  8. Altruism and Group Causes: Reflects involvement in altruistic activities or group causes.
  9. Technology and Innovation: Modern technology, scientific pursuits, and innovative ideas.
  10. Fulfillment of Desires: Indicates the realization of long-held desires and wishes.
  11. Networking and Connections: Involves forming beneficial social and professional connections.
  12. Rewards of Efforts: Rewards and benefits gained as a result of one’s efforts and contributions to society.

The Eleventh House in astrology encapsulates aspects related to social connections, collective goals, and the rewards reaped from one’s contributions to the broader community.

11th House in horoscope and Health

Diseases Associated with the Eleventh House in a Horoscope

  1. Circulatory System Disorders: Issues related to blood circulation, such as varicose veins or circulatory blockages.
  2. Ankle and Calf Problems: Ailments affecting the ankles and calves, including sprains or muscle strains.
  3. Nervous System Disorders: Potential problems with the nervous system, which may impact the body’s network of nerves.
  4. Allergies: Susceptibility to various allergies, possibly linked to the immune system.
  5. Edema: Conditions related to fluid retention and swelling, especially in the lower limbs.
  6. Stress-Related Illnesses: Health issues arising from social stress or anxiety, including stress-related cardiovascular problems.
  7. Blood Pressure Irregularities: Issues with blood pressure, either hypertension or hypotension.
  8. Friends-Related Mental Stress: Psychological or mental health issues stemming from social circle dynamics or friendship problems.
  9. Venous Insufficiencies: Problems related to the veins, including venous thrombosis or other venous disorders.
  10. Electrolyte Imbalances: Disorders related to imbalances in electrolytes, which could be influenced by social lifestyle factors.

The Eleventh House’s influence on these health aspects underscores the connection between social interactions, communal environments, and physical well-being.

Organs and Body Parts Associated with the 11th House:

  1. Ankles: Including ankle joints and related issues.
  2. Calves: Muscles and circulation in the calf area.
  3. Circulatory System: Especially concerning blood circulation to the lower limbs.
  4. Shins: Bones and muscles in the shin area.
  5. Nervous System: Specifically, the part that regulates group responses and social interactions.
  6. Lower Legs: Overall health and conditions related to the lower legs.
  7. Veins in the Legs: Venous health and potential related disorders.
  8. Skin (as related to Allergies): Skin issues, particularly those related to allergic reactions.
  9. Electrolytic Balance: The balance of electrolytes in the body, which can be influenced by social habits and lifestyle.

The 11th House’s connection with these body parts and systems highlights the interplay between social connections, collective activities, and the health of specific physical areas, particularly those related to the lower extremities and circulatory health.

Effect of Planets in 11th house

Sun in the 11th House:

  • Brings leadership qualities to group settings and aspirations. However, it can also indicate ego clashes in teamwork. The Sun here often signifies success achieved through social connections and a desire for recognition in one’s social circle.

Moon in the 11th House:

  • Indicates a strong emotional connection to one’s social network and aspirations. The Moon here suggests a person who finds emotional fulfillment in friendships and group activities but may also experience fluctuating emotions related to social dynamics.

Mercury in the 11th House:

  • Enhances communication skills within social groups and networks. Mercury here indicates an individual who is intellectually stimulated by group interactions, excels in collaborative efforts, and enjoys sharing ideas within a community.

Venus in the 11th House:

  • Suggests harmonious and beneficial social relationships. Venus here often brings popularity and ease in forming friendships, with a natural ability to attract social pleasures and benefits through group associations.

Mars in the 11th House:

  • Can indicate assertiveness and even aggressiveness in pursuing group-related goals. Mars here suggests a proactive approach to realizing aspirations but might lead to conflicts within social settings.

Jupiter in the 11th House:

  • Brings expansion and prosperity to social connections and aspirations. Jupiter in this house is often considered auspicious, indicating success in group endeavors, a wide social circle, and fulfillment of long-term goals.

Saturn in the 11th House:

  • May bring challenges, delays, or restrictions in the realms of friendships and aspirations. However, it also suggests long-lasting and stable social connections. Achievements may come, but often through hard work and persistence.

Uranus in the 11th House:

  • Indicates a tendency towards unconventional or innovative approaches to group involvement and aspirations. Uranus here suggests an attraction to progressive or unusual social groups and a desire for freedom and change in social settings.

Neptune in the 11th House:

  • Can bring idealism, confusion, or disillusionment to friendships and aspirations. Neptune here suggests a person who may have unrealistic expectations from social connections or be drawn to charitable or spiritual groups.

Pluto in the 11th House:

  • Indicates intense experiences in group settings and a powerful approach to realizing aspirations. Pluto here can suggest transformative experiences through social involvements, but also potential power struggles or manipulative tendencies in group dynamics.

Each planet in the 11th House brings its unique influence, shaping the way an individual engages with social groups, forms friendships, and pursues their long-term goals and aspirations.

11th House in Horoscope and astrology

11th house is also called Labha sthana, Chidra sthan, Upachay Sthana, Nashak Sthana.

Significator (Karaka) of the 11th House:

Jupiter is often regarded as the Karaka or significator of the 11th House. This association stems from Jupiter’s themes of expansion, prosperity, and its beneficial influence on social connections and aspirations.

Element of the Eleventh House:

The element associated with the 11th House is Air. This correlates with the house’s emphasis on social interactions, intellectual pursuits, and the formation of networks and communities.

Planets That Give Good Results in the 11th House:

  1. Jupiter: Enhances social connections, brings luck in achieving long-term goals, and promotes a sense of community and humanitarianism.
  2. Venus: Contributes to harmonious social relationships, success in group activities, and enjoyment of social pleasures.
  3. Mercury: Facilitates effective communication within networks, aids in forming beneficial connections, and supports intellectual endeavors in group settings.

Planets That Are Weak in the 11th House:

  1. Saturn: Can indicate delays or challenges in realizing aspirations, potential issues in social circles, or feelings of isolation within groups.
  2. Mars: May bring conflicts in social settings, overly aggressive approach towards goals, or difficulties in collaborative efforts.
  3. Sun: While it can bring leadership qualities, it might also indicate ego conflicts in team settings or challenges in balancing personal goals with collective needs.

What is seen from this house / sthana:

1.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s feelings towards you

2.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s children

3.       5th from 7th: hence indicates spouse’s education

4.       Indicates gains in Life – money, friends, family, events happening according

5.       Friends and acquaintances

6.       Elder sibling

7.       2nd from 10th: hence indicates the money obtained from business. This house indicates official earnings.

8.       6th from 6th: This completes the 6th house and hence is nashak sthana

9.       Chidra sthana: this is the sthana for genetic code, hereditary ailments

10.   7th from 5th house:

This house is called Chidra Sthana as the planets that fall in this house ‘directly’ affect the person (in bad/ good way). The dasha of the planet in the labha sthana proves beneficial to the person.

Planets in this house can be responsible for causing illness; can spoil health.

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