Shatabhistha Nakshatra (Shatataraka) Comprehensive Guide: characteristics, professions, animal, diety, famous people, baby names

Shatabhisha (24th Nakshatra) – Aquarius(6:40 to 20), Ruled by Rahu, Diety: Varuna
Shatabhisha (24th Nakshatra) – Aquarius(6:40 to 20), Ruled by Rahu, Diety: Varuna

Shatabhisha Nakshatra, also known as Shatataraka, is 24th Nakshatra and is in Aquarius zodiac sign. Shatabhisha Nakshatra symbolized by an empty circle and ruled by the planet Rahu. Associated with healing and rejuvenation, it is often called the “hundred healers” or “hundred physicians.” Governed by the deity Varuna, Shatabhisha Nakshatra is connected to water and the cosmic ocean, offering emotional depth and resilience.

This comprehensive guide explores the various aspects of Shatabhisha Nakshatra, such as:

  • Symbol and Diety: Delve into the rich history and symbolism of this fascinating star constellation.
  • Key Characteristics: Learn about the unique qualities bestowed upon those born under Shatabhisha Nakshatra, including strong principles, dedication to helping others, and innate talents.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Discover the strengths and weaknesses of Shatabhisha natives, which influence their personal and professional lives.
  • Career and Education: Understand the fields in which Shatabhisha individuals excel, such as medicine, sports, politics, research, and engineering.
  • Relationships and Compatibility: Find out the ideal life partners and compatible nakshatras for Shatabhisha natives to ensure harmonious relationships.
  • Health and Well-being: Learn about the health challenges faced by Shatabhisha individuals and the lifestyle recommendations for improved well-being.

By understanding the intricate aspects of Shatabhisha Nakshatra, you can harness its positive energies and make decisions in alignment with your true self.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Basics

Symbol and Deity

The Shatabhisha Nakshatra, meaning “Hundred Physicians” or “Hundred Healers” in Sanskrit, is symbolized by an empty circle representing a void, which signifies the hidden or unknown. This symbol also alludes to the mystical nature of the nakshatra and its potential for healing and curing ailments.

Shatabhisha is associated with the deity Varuna, who is considered the god of water and the cosmic ocean. Varuna is believed to have the ability to aid in healing and bestow wisdom and knowledge to those born under this nakshatra.

Ruling Planet

Rahu, the shadow planet representing illusion and transformation, is the ruling planet of Shatabhisha Nakshatra. Its influence leads to radical change, innovation, and sometimes trouble or disease for individuals born under this star.

However, the presence of Rahu also fosters strong intuition, determination, and assertiveness, making these individuals adept at navigating life’s challenges.

Associated Zodiac Sign

The Shatabhisha Nakshatra corresponds entirely to the zodiac sign Aquarius, specifically spanning from 306°40′ to 320°00′ in the Aquarius constellation. This placement is connected to the group of faint starsLambada Aquarisbeing the brightest among them.

Aquarius is an air sign known for being innovative, intellectual, and compassionate. Thus, individuals born under Shatabhisha Nakshatra often exhibit these qualities, alongside their innate healing abilities and mystical inclinations.

Characteristics of Shatabhisha Natives

Personality Traits

Shatabhisha natives are often known for their mysterious and intuitive qualities. They tend to be deep thinkers, curious, and driven by the desire to seek knowledge and truth.

They may appear detached or introverted, but they have strong emotional undercurrents which often contribute to their compassionate nature.

Shatabhisha natives are drawn towards spirituality, and they can have a strong inclination towards metaphysics and astrology. Their keen intellect and analytical capacity allow them to excel in research and understanding complex subjects.


Shatabhisha natives possess several strengths that make them unique and effective:

  • Intuitive: They have a natural ability to sense things beyond the surface and to navigate situations with ease.
  • Curious: Their inquisitive minds make them lifelong learners, always eager to explore and gather information.
  • Adaptable: They can adjust to changing circumstances and think quickly on their feet.
  • Compassionate: Their empathy allows them to connect with others on a deep level and help alleviate suffering.
  • Resilient: They possess an inner strength that enables them to handle challenges and bounce back quickly.


Despite their notable strengths, Shatabhisha natives may also exhibit some weaknesses:

  • Withdrawn: They can be introverted and may have difficulties opening up to people, which can lead to isolation.
  • Impatient: They may struggle with patience, often wanting to see quick results and progress in their endeavors.
  • Skeptical: They can be overly analytical and can be hesitant to trust or accept new ideas and people without thorough investigation.
  • Moodiness: Their sensitive nature may make them prone to bouts of moodiness.

By understanding and being aware of these traits, strengths, and weaknesses, Shatabhisha natives can work towards self-improvement and personal growth.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Female …

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Celebrities having Shatabhisha Nakshatra

famous people who were born under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra:

  • Abraham Lincoln – The 16th President of the United States.
  • Rosa Parks – Civil rights activist known for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • Subhas Chandra Bose – Indian freedom fighter and nationalist leader.

Career and Profession

Shatabhisha Nakshatra individuals are known for their intellect, creativity, and perseverance. They excel in various career paths due to their versatile nature and adaptability. Here are some of the careers that are well-suited for people born under this Nakshatra:

  • Researchers and Scientists: Their curiosity and innovative thinking make them natural explorers of the unknown. They have a penchant for discovering new things and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Healers and Medical Professionals: Shatabhisha natives have a deep understanding of human health and wellness, making them ideal candidates for careers in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, and therapists.
  • Technological Innovators: The intellectual prowess and analytical skills of Shatabhisha individuals enable them to excel in technology-driven industries, taking up roles as software developers, engineers, and data analysts.
  • Mystic and Spiritual Healers: Known for their spiritual inclination and intuitive abilities, Shatabhisha-born people can provide guidance and healing to others through practices like astrology, meditation, and energy healing.
  • Writers and Communication Experts: With their creative flair, these individuals can weave stories and ideas into engaging written or verbal content, making them talented journalists, authors, or content creators.

Aside from these specific careers, Shatabhisha natives have the potential to excel in various industries due to their determination, discipline, and ability to think outside the box. They often encounter success when they follow their intuition, passion, and natural talents.

Relationships and Compatibility

Love and Romance

Shatabhisha Nakshatra, known as Shatataraka in some sources, is considered to be unique when it comes to love and romantic relationships. This nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, which brings a strong sense of intuition and adaptability, and strongly influences the natives’ behavior in romantic relationships.

Shatabhisha native’s compatibility is generally higher with nakshatras like Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, and Swati. However, they should avoid forming relationships with Ardra, Moola, and Purva Phalguni nakshatras.

Friendship and Social Life

When it comes to friendships and social life, Shatabhisha native tends to form long-lasting bonds with individuals who share their interests and mindsets. They are very loyal and trustworthy friends who value deep connections over superficial relationships.

Their ability to adapt and their intuitive senses make them valuable members in social circles. They can be good listeners and often provide unique perspectives to problems. Here is a list of some positive aspects and characteristics:

  • Adaptable
  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Good listeners

Despite their many strengths, Shatabhisha natives may sometimes struggle with self-doubt and a fear of rejection. Therefore, it’s essential for them to build stable, trustworthy relationships with people who understand and support them emotionally.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Animal Symbol: Understanding the Female Horse (Mare) Connection

Shatabhisha Nakshatra animal symbol is the female horse, also known as a mare. This animal represents the qualities and characteristics of individuals born under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. The mare plays a vital role in describing the traits of these individuals, making it essential to explore the connection between the Nakshatra and its animal symbol.

Symbolism and Characteristics of the Female Horse (Mare)

Swiftness, Balance, and Keen Sense of Danger

The mare is known for its swiftness, balance, and keen sense of danger, which symbolizes the attributes possessed by individuals born under the Shatabhisha Nakshatra. These qualities enable them to navigate through various situations with ease, just as the mare does in its natural environment.

Affinity for Healing and Exploration

Shatabhisha natives often exhibit a strong affinity for healing and exploration, making them valuable contributors to various fields in life. This connection with the mare signifies their unique abilities to adapt and grow in different situations.

Adaptability and Intuition

Mares are highly adaptable, possessing a keen sense of their surroundings, which allows them to escape challenging situations unscathed. Similarly, individuals with Shatabhisha as their Nakshatra display these adaptable qualities in their own lives. They have a natural curiosity, often delving deep into research and puzzles to reveal hidden truths about the world around them.

Shatabhisha individuals exhibit remarkable intuition, strong willpower, and assertiveness, drawing parallels to the characteristics of their yoni animal.

Spiritual Significance

The Shatabhisha Nakshatra, also known as Shatataraka, carries a significant spiritual aspect in Vedic astrology. Ruled by Rahu, the Northern Node, it is connected to the mysterious, hidden aspects of life that often lead individuals on a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

With a strong intuitive nature, those born under this Nakshatra are driven towards understanding the deeper meaning of life and existence.

Shatabhisha natives are known for their reclusiveness and ability to attain wisdom through contemplation and meditation. This aloofness allows them to introspect and focus on their spiritual growth, making them uniquely suited for seeking enlightenment.

Another key symbolism associated with this Nakshatra is the empty circle which symbolizes the quest to unravel and explore the mysteries and philosophies of life.

Some key spiritual traits of Shatabhisha include:

  • Strong intuition and psychic abilities
  • Interest in the mystical and hidden realms
  • A natural capacity for healing and medicine
  • Seeking solace and enlightenment through solitude

While Shatabhisha individuals may not be social butterflies, this unique combination of traits helps them delve deeper into their spiritual selves and develop a strong gut instinct.

Their inquisitive nature and inclination towards solving puzzles and mysteries drives them to explore the unknown realms of spirituality and metaphysics.

The connection to Rahu also signifies overcoming illusion and shadow, allowing them to reach greater spiritual heights.

Remedies and Rituals

The following remedies and rituals can help individuals born in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra (Shatataraka) overcome challenges and maximize their potential:

  • Lord Ganesha: Worship Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and bring success
  • Rudraksha: Wearing a 6-mukhi or 8-mukhi Rudraksha bead can provide protection and empowerment
  • Mantras: Chanting specific mantras like ‘Om Gajananaya Namah’ can invoke divine blessings
  • Charity: Engage in charity and service to others as a way to balance negative energies

Additionally, certain rituals and poojas can help strengthen the positive aspects of Shatabhisha Nakshatra:

Shatataraka Nakshatra PujaPromotes overall well-being and prosperity
Navgraha Shanti PujaReduces ill effects of malefic planets and strengthens benefic planets
Rahu Graha Shanti PujaMinimizes the negative effects of Rahu, the ruling planet of Shatataraka

These remedies and rituals are meant to provide guidance and balanced energy for individuals born under Shatabhisha Nakshatra. However, personal experiences may vary, and it’s important to consult with an astrologer to determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

Quick Information about Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha Nakshatra SymbolCircle 
Shatabhisha Nakshatra LordRahu  
Shatabhisha Nakshatra DietyVaruna  
Shatabhisha Nakshatra Zodiac (Rashi) 6:40 Aquarius to 20: in Aquarius
Shatabhisha Nakshatra Animal (Yoni) Female Horse 
Shatabhisha Nakshatra Sacred TreeKadam, Common Bur Flower (कदंब) (Anthocephalus Cadamba)
Shatabhisha Nakshatra GanaRakshas
Shatabhisha Nakshatra NadiAdya
Shatabhisha Nakshatra Baby Names Shatataraka pada 1: “Go” (pada Lord ‘Jupiter’)
Shatataraka pada 2: “Sa” (pada Lord ‘Saturn’)
Shatataraka pada 3: “See” (pada Lord ‘Saturn’)
Shatataraka pada 4: “Su” (pada Lord ‘Jupiter’)
Shatabhisha Nakshatra English NameLambada Aquaris   
Number of Stars in Shatabhisha Nakshatra100

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