Moola Nakshatra: personality, traits, symbol, diety, padas, celebrities, compatibility, Professions, Remedies, baby names

Moola Nakshatra: personality, traits, symbol, diety, padas, celebrities, compatibility, Professions, Remedies, baby names
Moola Nakshatra , Sagittarius 0°00’ to 13°20’

Moola Nakshatra, the 19th among the 27 Nakshatras, holds significant astrological importance in Vedic beliefs. Ranging from 0 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in Sagittarius, this lunar mansion is associated with the end of life, serving as a precursor to a new beginning.

Symbolized by a group of bunch of roots tied together, Moola Nakshatra represents the concept of the root or the base. It is ruled by Goddess Maha Kali, who is known as the Goddess of destruction, emphasizing the transformative nature of this nakshatra.

Consisting of four padas, Moola Nakshatra reflects diverse characteristics and influences on those born under it. Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon govern each pada, respectively, shaping the motivations, strengths, and tendencies of the individuals in each quarter of this Nakshatra. Totem animal for Moola is the male dog, symbolizing the loyalty and protective qualities of this star sign.

Characteristics of Moola Nakshatra Natives

Physical Attributes

Moola Nakshatra natives are known for their distinctive physical attributes. These individuals often possess a strong and attractive physique, which helps them stand out in a crowd. Their facial features are usually well-defined and sharp, adding to their overall appeal.

These natives are also known to have a healthy constitution with a good immune system. However, they must pay attention to their health at specific ages, such as 27, 31, 44, 48, 56, and 60 years, as they may be susceptible to issues like tuberculosis, paralysis, or persistent stomach problems during these times.

Personality Traits

When it comes to personality traits, Moola Nakshatra natives exhibit great ambition and focus. They rarely accept failure and prefer to persevere until they achieve their desired goals. Their intelligence and curiosity drive them to learn new things and expand their horizons.

These individuals are known for their cautious approach to life, carefully examining all possible options and the consequences of their decisions. This ability to analyze situations makes them excellent problem solvers and well-respected members of their respective circles.

Spiritual and Material Success

Moola Nakshatra natives often experience both spiritual and material success in their lives. Their journey may be marked by a continuous struggle to find balance between these two aspects. This struggle is often attributed to the dual symbol of the nakshatra, which may cause them to feel conflicted about their decisions at times.

Inquisitive Mind

One of the key characteristics of Moola Nakshatra natives is their inquisitive nature. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn make them effective communicators, listeners, and observers. They have the ability to dig deep into matters and find hidden truths, making them invaluable assets in investigative fields such as research or detective work.

Personality Traits

Moola Nakshatra individuals possess a unique blend of characteristics reflecting their strength, bravery, and intelligence. In this section, we will explore their positive and negative traits that define their personalities.

Positive Traits

Moola Nakshatra natives are known for their:

  • Pure heartedness: They go to great lengths for the people they love without seeking personal gains in return.
  • Strong-headed nature: They face adversities calmly and with composure, allowing them to overcome difficult situations with determination.
  • Excellent communication skills: They can easily persuade and manipulate others to achieve their goals, making them natural leaders.
  • Resilience and courage: These individuals are not intimidated by challenges, and their tenacity often leads them to success.
  • Rich knowledge: Their inquisitive nature drives them to accumulate information and insights, making them highly informative individuals.
  • Compassion: They deeply care about the well-being of others and often extend their support and care to those in need.

Negative Traits

However, Moola Nakshatra individuals also have some negative traits:

  • Impulsiveness: They tend to make hasty decisions, which can lead to conflict or difficulties in their personal and professional relationships.
  • Impatience: Moola Nakshatra natives may have a hard time waiting and may become restless when faced with delays or setbacks.
  • Haughtiness: Their confidence and success can sometimes turn into arrogance, leading them to overestimate their abilities or underestimate the contributions of others.
  • Self-inflicting nature: Their drive to help others can sometimes disrupt their own lives, as people may take advantage of their goodwill.
  • Conflict-prone: Due to their strong-headed nature, these individuals can become confrontational when their ideas or beliefs are challenged.

Significance of Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra holds great importance in Vedic astrology due to its unique characteristics and associations with aspects of life such as change, destruction, and new beginnings. In this section, we will explore the symbolism, the deity, and the ruling planet of Moola Nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra Symbol

The symbol of Moola Nakshatra is a group of bunch of roots tied together, signifying the idea of a strong foundation, origin, or starting point. This Nakshatra is also represented by the tail of the Scorpion, encompassing nine stars: Epsilon, Mu, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Upsilon, and Lambda Scorpionis. The symbolism of roots and the scorpion’s tail are indicative of the core nature of Moola Nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra Deity

Moola Nakshatra is ruled by Goddess Maha Kali, the goddess of destruction. Her association with this Nakshatra represents the transformative aspect of life, particularly the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. As Moola Nakshatra is related to the root or base of all things, Goddess Maha Kali’s presence further emphasizes the importance of change, transformation, and the foundation for new beginnings.

Moola Nakshatra Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of Moola Nakshatra is Ketu, a shadowy and mysterious planet associated with spiritual growth and detachment. Ketu’s influence on Moola Nakshatra amplifies its connections to hidden realms, secret motives, and the discovery of the underlying truth. As Ketu governs Moola, it helps to bring about profound change and growth, shaping the lives of individuals who have their birth star within this Nakshatra.

In Vedic astrology, the significance of Moola Nakshatra is deeply intertwined with the concepts of transformation, foundations, and exploration of hidden truths. With its unique symbolism, a powerful deity, and the influence of the ruling planet Ketu, Moola Nakshatra serves as a rich and insightful source of knowledge for understanding life’s many mysteries.

Moola Nakshatra Pada Characteristics

Moola Nakshatra Pada 1

Individuals born in the first pada of Moola Nakshatra possess a strong affinity for travel. Being under the Aries Navamsa and influenced by Mars, these natives tend to focus on materialistic desires and self-growth. Their prominent facial features make them easily recognizable, and they often engage in philosophical discussions, frequently recalling their past experiences.

Moola Nakshatra Pada 2

In the second pada of Moola Nakshatra, which falls under the Taurus Navamsa and is ruled by Venus, the natives display a spiritual disposition. They are known for their deep understanding of life’s mysteries and often show an inclination toward exploring the material world. This pada is symbolized by a bunch of roots tied together, signifying the roots of one’s existence.

Moola Nakshatra Pada 3

As for the third pada of Moola Nakshatra, the individuals born in this segment exhibit an inquisitive and investigative nature. Their fascination with unraveling the enigmas of life equips them with a tenacious and determined mindset. In addition, their connection to the tail of the Scorpion constellation emphasizes their innate curiosity and desire for knowledge.

Moola Nakshatra Pada 4

Lastly, the natives of the fourth pada of Moola Nakshatra showcase a caring and protective personality. They often contribute to society by sharing their philosophical teachings and engaging in spiritual activities. These individuals prioritize the well-being and safety of others and strive to maintain a peaceful atmosphere around them. They are genuinely invested in their community’s growth and prosperity.

Compatibility and Relationships


Friendships between individuals born under Moola Nakshatra and other signs can be unique and rewarding. People with Moola Nakshatra often appreciate deep connections based on shared values and mutual support.

For instance, Moola Nakshatra is known to form strong bonds with Chitra Nakshatra natives, as both are adventurous and fun-loving. They provide genuine support to each other, with Chitra natives helping Moola individuals break away from strict and conventional beliefs.


When it comes to marriage, Moola Nakshatra’s compatibility with other signs may vary. For example, Moola and Purvashada Nakshatra natives have strong connections due to their shared values of ambition, determination, and creativity. These individuals can work together to achieve their goals, making for a successful and happy marriage.

However, Moola Nakshatra’s compatibility with Punarvasu is known to be weak. In marriage, Moola individuals tend to focus on the problems, seeking wisdom and care from their partner. Punarvasu, on the other hand, can be jealous and possessive in love, which creates conflicts in their relationship.


Moola Nakshatra natives can form effective partnerships in business or other collaborative endeavors with individuals born under several other stars. In such partnerships, both parties contribute their unique skills and attributes to achieve a common goal.

For instance, a partnership between Moola and Ashwini Nakshatra can be challenging yet rewarding. While Moola individuals might have trust issues due to their past experiences, Ashwini natives can understand their partner better than they think. This understanding can form the foundation for a strong and fruitful partnership.

To summarize, Moola Nakshatra’s compatibility in friendships, marriage, and partnerships depends on the specific nakshatras involved. When the relationship is based on shared values and understanding, Moola individuals can forge deep and meaningful connections with their counterparts.

Moola Nakshatra Famous Personalities and Celebrities

The Moola Nakshatra is known to be associated with several famous personalities who have made their mark in various fields. Here are a few notable celebrities born under this Nakshatra:

  • Billy Graham – Renowned American evangelist preacher, who was a spiritual advisor to many US presidents.
  • Al Gore – Former United States Vice President and environmental activist, who played a significant role in raising awareness about climate change.
  • Dalai Lama – Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is a spiritual leader and a symbol of peace and compassion around the world.
  • Judy Garland – Legendary American actress and singer, best known for her iconic role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – A multifaceted personality known for his accomplishments as an actor, bodybuilder, and politician, serving as the Governor of California.

These personalities, with their diverse talents and accomplishments, have all displayed certain qualities and traits that can be associated with Moola Nakshatra. These individuals tend to be fiercely independent, loyal, and protective of their loved ones, often valuing honesty and loyalty in their relationships.

In addition to their exceptional career achievements, many of these celebrities have also been involved in philanthropic activities, utilizing their fame and fortune to make a positive impact in the world. This aligns with the Moola Nakshatra’s inclination towards both spiritual growth and material success.

Career and Professions

Moola Nakshatra natives are known for their versatility and adaptability in various professions. Their unique characteristics make them suitable for certain career paths.

Some of their favored professions include:

  • Medical professions such as poison doctors, healers, psychotherapists, vaccination doctors, morticians, dentists, and autopsy professionals.
  • Spiritual roles such as shamans, preachers, and ascetics.
  • Financial advisory roles, as they possess good judgment for others but may struggle with personal financial management.
  • Professions related to politics, communication, or entertainment, where their charismatic nature and strong verbal skills can be utilized. Examples of such roles are politicians, TV and radio broadcasters, or sports personalities.

The Moola Nakshatra, represented by the tail of the Scorpion, consists of nine stars: Epsilon, Mu, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Upsilon, and Lambda Scorpionis. These celestial influences may have a significant impact on the native’s career choices and success.

It is essential for individuals born under Moola Nakshatra to find a career that allows them to harness their strong qualities, such as resilience, intuition, and charisma. By finding a suitable profession that aligns with their natural talents, they can achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of individuals born in Moola Nakshatra can be influenced by various factors, including the placement and strength of other planets in their birth chart, as well as their own actions and choices. However, here are some general health concerns and associations with Moola Nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra Female: Female natives born under Moola Nakshatra may experience specific health issues such as lumbago, paralytic attacks, stomach problems, and pain in the hands and shoulders. It is essential for them to take extra care during certain years of their age, including 27, 31, 38, 56, and 60.

Moola Nakshatra Male: Male natives born in Moola Nakshatra could face symptoms that can lead to tuberculosis, paralysis, or persistent stomach problems. They should pay special attention to their health during the ages of 27, 31, 44, 48, 56, and 60.

Apart from the above-mentioned health concerns specific to each gender, here are some general health and well-being suggestions for individuals born under the Moola Nakshatra:

  • Maintain a balanced diet to avoid digestive issues and promote overall health.
  • Regular exercise is essential to keep chronic pain, paralysis, and other health issues at bay.
  • Stress management techniques such as meditation and yoga can help in maintaining mental and emotional well-being.
  • Periodic health check-ups and timely medical intervention are crucial to detect and treat potential health problems.

Being aware of these health concerns and adopting preventive measures will help Moola Nakshatra natives maintain a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Spirituality and Personal Growth

Moola Nakshatra, composed of 19th Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology system, bestows a strong spiritual inclination in those born under its influence. Moola natives tend to follow a path of both material and spiritual development. With their naturally sweet voices and polite nature, they have an innate ability to connect with others on a deeper level.

As a part of the Sagittarius sign, Moola Nakshatra individuals often embark on inner journeys that center around personal growth and self-realization. Their deep-rooted faith enables them to face challenges head on, and this quality contributes to their overall success in life. The characteristics of Moola Nakshatra are believed to instill multiple virtues in its natives, some of which include:

  • Hard work
  • Commitment
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Innovation
  • Positivity

One significant aspect of Moola Nakshatra’s spiritual influence is its connection to the deity Niriti, who represents destruction, dissolution, and transformation. As such, those born under this star have a unique outlook on life that encourages them to embrace change and constantly evolve as individuals.

Compatibly, Moola natives often find harmonious relationships with spouses or marital partners, as they prioritize mutual growth, understanding, and support. Their spiritual quest often benefits their relationships, as their ability to adapt and evolve helps them to navigate through various obstacles and keep their bond strong.

Furthermore, individuals under the Moola Nakshatra are driven to explore their potential, talents, and hidden strengths. This eagerness for self-discovery allows them to tap into sources of personal power and aids in achieving their goals, both spiritual and material. By fostering a balance between these aspects of life, Moola Nakshatra natives excel in personal growth, leading to a well-rounded and fulfilling existence.

Remedies and Spiritual Practices

Moola Nakshatra is associated with a strong yet transformative energy. To navigate its challenging aspects and harness the potential for personal growth, individuals born under this star can engage in certain remedies and spiritual practices.

One effective remedy for natives of Moola Nakshatra includes the introduction of a canine companion into their lives. Dogs are known as faithful partners and can contribute positively to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those born in this star.

When it comes to spiritual practices, worshiping Goddess Kali and Rudra is highly recommended. The power and intensity of these deities can help Moola Nakshatra natives channel their energies towards attaining balance and stability in life.

Contemplation and meditation on death and transformation in all its forms is another useful practice. By embracing the concept of change, natives can better align themselves with the transformative energy of Moola Nakshatra.

Reciting specific root mantras can also help those aligned with this star. The mantras “Om Nam,” “Om Pam,” and “Om Pham” are known to resonate with Moola Nakshatra energies and can be recited as part of a regular spiritual practice.

In summary, engaging in these remedies and spiritual practices can help individuals born under Moola Nakshatra overcome the challenging aspects of their nature and fully harness the transformative power of this unique and intense astrological sign.

Moola Nakshatra and Astrology

Moola Nakshatra, the 19th lunar mansion in Vedic astrology, holds great significance in understanding an individual’s life patterns and characteristics. Located in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Moola Nakshatra is directly linked to the astrological aspects of the person’s Ascendant, Moon Sign, and planetary placements.

Moola Nakshatra as Ascendant

When Moola Nakshatra is positioned as the Ascendant in someone’s birth chart, it reflects a strong, independent, and determined personality. These individuals often seek a stable life based on their knowledge and abilities. They tend to be resourceful and focused on establishing a solid foundation for their growth and success.

However, since Moola natives value self-reliance, they can sometimes struggle with sharing responsibilities or seeking help from others. Cultivating patience and understanding is vital for individuals with Moola Nakshatra as their Ascendant to create a harmonious atmosphere within relationships.

Moola Nakshatra as Moon Sign

Individuals with the Moon placed in Moola Nakshatra generally possess a strong intuition and a deep-rooted connection with their inner selves. The influence of the Moon paves the way for emotional transformation and a persistent drive to overcome challenges.

These individuals should be cautious not to let their intense, powerful emotions overpower their judgment, as this may lead to impulsive decisions. Striking a balance between emotions and rational thoughts will greatly benefit people born with Moola Nakshatra as their Moon Sign.

Result of each Planet in Moola Nakshatra

Planetary placements in Moola Nakshatra can yield varying results depending on the specific planet. Some key influences are as follows:

  • Sun: Bestows leadership qualities and a strong resolve, but may lead to ego-driven actions.
  • Moon: Enhances intuition and emotional sensitivity, but caution is needed to avoid emotional turbulence.
  • Mars: Inspires courage and drive for success but can encourage impulsiveness and aggression.
  • Mercury: Improves communication skills and intellectual abilities but may result in overthinking and anxiety.
  • Jupiter: Amplifies wisdom and spiritual inclination but can lean towards over-optimism and naivety.
  • Venus: Encourages harmony and beauty in life but may contribute to excessive indulgence in material pleasures.
  • Saturn: Instills discipline and perseverance but may make individuals feel restricted or impose challenges to overcome.

Overall, understanding and working with the influences of Moola Nakshatra in one’s birth chart can be an effective way to harness its strengths and address its challenges. Each individual’s journey with Moola Nakshatra will differ based on their unique astrological blueprint.


In summary, Moola Nakshatra is the 19th of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology and plays a significant role in the lives of those born under its influence. With its association with the end of life and new beginnings, Moola Nakshatra is often regarded as the root or the base from which individuals draw their inner strength and motivation.

The Moola Nakshatra spans from 0 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, incorporating four padas, each governed by different planetary rulers. The padas shape the individual’s inclinations and characteristics, such as the love for exploration in the first pada or the philosophical teachings in the fourth pada.

People born under the Moola Nakshatra may experience certain challenges in their relationships and emotional connections, but they also possess unique qualities that drive them to contribute positively to society. As the totem animal of this Nakshatra is a male dog, loyalty and teamwork are some of the virtues commonly observed in Moola Nakshatra natives.

For those interested in exploring their own birth chart or seeking guidance related to the Moola Nakshatra, it is advisable to consult a trusted Vedic astrologer. By doing so, individuals can gain deeper insights into their life path and harness the powerful energies of the Moola Nakshatra to fulfill their desires and ambitions.

Quick Information about Moola Nakshatra

Mula Nakshatra SymbolTail of a Lion
Mula Nakshatra LordKetu 
Mula Nakshatra DietyNirriti 
Mula Nakshatra Zodiac Sign (Rashi) Sagittarius 0°00’ to 13°20’
Mula Nakshatra Animal (Yoni) Male Dog 
Mula Nakshatra Sacred TreeSalai (Boswellia Serrata)
Mula Nakshatra GanaRakshas
Mula Nakshatra NadiAdya
Mula Nakshatra Baby NamesMula Nakshatra pada 1: “Yay”, pada Lord ‘Mars’
Mula Nakshatra pada 2: “Yo”, pada Lord ‘Venus’
Mula Nakshatra pada 3: “Bha”, pada Lord ‘Mercury’
Mula Nakshatra pada 4: “Bhee”, pada Lord ‘Moon’
Mula Nakshatra English Name Lambda Scorpi 
Number of Stars in Mool Nakshatra11

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