Shravana Nakshatra: personality, traits, symbol, diety, padas, celebrities, compatibility, Professions, Remedies, baby names

Shravana Nakshatra: personality, traits, symbol, diety, padas, celebrities, compatibility, Professions, Remedies, baby names
Shravan Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra, also known as Sravana, Shravan, or Thiruvonam, is the 22nd Nakshatra among the list of 27 Nakshatras in Hindu astrology. This Nakshatra falls under the Capricorn zodiac sign, also known as Makara Rashi, and is ruled by the creator, Lord Vishnu.

Consisting of three stars, Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed, Shravana Nakshatra forms the head of Aquila, the Eagle. The word Shravana translates to “hearing,” and the symbol of this star is the ear, signifying its connection to listening and learning.

Individuals born under Shravana Nakshatra are often considered godly, good-natured, and fortunate. However, they may also struggle with pride and a sense of entitlement. The Nakshatra’s association with the zodiac sign Capricorn means that these individuals tend to exhibit intelligence, thoughtfulness, and great decision-making capabilities.

Shravana Nakshatra Characteristics

Shravana Nakshatra is notable for its influence on the individuals born under it. These natives possess a strong connection with their religious and spiritual beliefs, often demonstrating traits such as kindness, courage, understanding, and knowledge. As a result, they tend to be soft-spoken, compassionate, and sensitive by nature, winning the hearts of many with their excellent personality.

Additionally, one of the prominent characteristics of individuals born in Shravana Nakshatra is their amicability towards their surroundings and people. They prioritize maintaining peace and upholding their established values and principles in life, making them resilient against peer pressure. This, in turn, contributes to their ambitious and intelligent nature, enabling them to achieve significant success in their respective fields.

A key attribute of Shravana Nakshatra is its focus on listening and learning. Derived from the word “hearing” and symbolized by an ear, this Nakshatra emphasizes the importance of obtaining knowledge through attentive listening, reminiscent of ancient oral traditions. People born under this star acquire a profound understanding and wisdom, making them resourceful and adaptable in various situations.

Those with Shravana Nakshatra in their birth chart also place a great emphasis on cleanliness and orderliness in their surroundings. They possess a methodical approach to work and are known for their diligence and perseverance, ensuring that they achieve their goals in a systematic manner.

In summary, the following characteristics can be found in individuals born under Shravana Nakshatra:

  • Sensitivity and spirituality
  • Amicability and peace-loving nature
  • Resilience against peer pressure
  • Ambitiousness and intelligence
  • Strong listening and learning abilities
  • Methodical work approach and cleanliness

Shravana Nakshatra Personality Traits

Positive Traits

Shravana Nakshatra natives are known for their methodical and soft-spoken nature. With a strong inclination towards neatness and tidiness, they maintain their surroundings well. These individuals are compassionate, always ready to help those in need. They embody the qualities of a gentleman, including patience, forbearance, tolerance, and wisdom.

Intelligence, creativity, and a desire keep learning add to the positive aspects of Shravana Nakshatra natives. Their exceptional communication skills enable them to be supportive and religious. Moreover, their noble nature wins them friends and admirers.

Negative Traits

Despite their many positive traits, Shravana Nakshatra natives also have some negative aspects. Females born under this star may possess the habit of showing off and ensuring that their good deeds are noticed by others. This trait can be seen as boastful and may not sit well with people around them.

As much as they are compassionate and helpful, it is essential to understand the consequences of their actions and strive for a balance between their positive and negative traits.

Shravan Nakshatra Overview

Shravan Nakshatra, also known as Sravana, Shravan, or Thiruvonam, stands as the 22nd Nakshatra in the list of 27 Nakshatras. It is prominently associated with the ability to bring like-minded people together and focuses on the aspects of listening and learning. This Nakshatra is situated within the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, and its influence predominantly revolves around Lord Vishnu.

Shravan Nakshatra Symbol

The symbol of Shravan Nakshatra is the ear, which signifies its innate connection to the concept of hearing. The positioning of this constellation comprises the stars Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed, which collectively form the head of Aquila, the Eagle. This celestial arrangement underlines the significance of attentiveness and absorbing knowledge in this Nakshatra.

Shravan Nakshatra Deity

The prime deity ruling Shravan Nakshatra is none other than Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, often acknowledged as the preserver of the universe. He is responsible for maintaining the balance between good and evil, making this Nakshatra associated with strong values, learning, and wisdom.

Shravan Nakshatra Ruling Planet

Shravan Nakshatra falls under the governance of the Moon, which significantly influences its natives’ demeanor. Due to the Moon’s presence, individuals born in this Nakshatra exhibit a gentle and soft-spoken nature, which further enhances their listening and learning abilities. Despite external influences, these individuals remain unwavering in their established values and principles.

Shravan Nakshatra Pada Characteristics

Shravan Nakshatra Pada 1

Natives born under the 1st pada of Shravana Nakshatra are known for their energetic, aggressive, and passionate personalities. They are dedicated, disciplined, and have the ability to inspire and motivate others. These individuals value structure and organization in their lives, making them successful in their careers and personal endeavors.

Shravan Nakshatra Pada 2

In the 2nd pada of Shravana Nakshatra, natives are characterized by their strong inclination towards listening and learning. These individuals possess a natural curiosity and keen intellect, driving them to expand their knowledge base continuously. They are excellent communicators, making them effective in both personal and professional settings.

Shravan Nakshatra Pada 3

Natives born in Shravana Nakshatra’s 3rd pada are influenced by the Moon, making them soft-spoken and gentle in nature. They have a strong sense of values and morals, which they steadfastly adhere to, even in the face of peer pressure. These individuals are known for their calm demeanor and empathetic attitude towards others.

Shravan Nakshatra Pada 4

The 4th pada of Shravana Nakshatra is associated with methodical and detail-oriented individuals. They prioritize cleanliness and order in their surroundings and are compassionate towards those in need. These natives possess a natural inclination to help others, which often drives them to engage in selfless acts and charitable endeavors.

Shravana Nakshatra Relationships and Compatibility

Shravana Nakshatra Friendships

Shravana Nakshatra natives have a deep understanding of emotions and are often known for their loyal and compassionate nature. They form strong bonds with their friends and are always ready to support and contribute to their well-being. Their ability to empathize with others and sense subtle changes in emotions makes them versatile friends who can adjust to different situations.

Marriage and Partner Compatibility

Marriage in Shravana Nakshatra promises emotional stability, mutual understanding, and support. Some of the most compatible Nakshatras for Shravana natives include:

  • Bharani Nakshatra: This pairing shares great emotional and sexual compatibility, resulting in an intimate and fulfilling relationship. Bharani natives are sensual and know how to be intimate and tactile in bed, making them an ideal partner for those born under Shravana Nakshatra.
  • Purva-Ashadha Nakshatra: Shravana natives find their ideal physical match in people born under Purva-Ashadha Nakshatra. The female monkey symbolism of Shravana’s sexuality coupled with Purva-Ashadha’s emotional depth result in a harmonious relationship.
  • Ashwini Nakshatra (for male natives): This partnership promises happiness in long-term relationships, as Ashwini and Shravana natives complement each other well.
  • Krittika in Taurus (for male natives): Men born under Shravana Nakshatra find great compatibility with those born under Krittika in Taurus. These relationships often result in a strong foundation for a successful marriage.

However, some less compatible pairings include:

  • Pushya Nakshatra: Although Shravana and Pushya natives may have a good relationship that transcends poor sexual compatibility, they are not likely to be the ideal match. Pushya natives might offer love and support but may not fulfill sexual desires completely.

When it comes to partner compatibility, it is essential to look beyond sexual compatibility and focus on the overall emotional and spiritual connection between the two individuals. By choosing a compatible partner, those born under Shravana Nakshatra can work together to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Shravan Nakshatra Famous Personalities and Celebrities

Shravan Nakshatra has been associated with several well-known personalities and celebrities who have made their mark in various fields. These individuals have displayed noteworthy traits such as intelligence, dedication, and a strong sense of purpose, which are often attributed to the influences of this Nakshatra. Here are some famous personalities born under the Shravan Nakshatra:

  • Mother Teresa: Born on August 26th, 1910, she was a Catholic nun and missionary who devoted her life to serving the poor and sick. Her humanitarian endeavors earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.
  • Kareena Kapoor: One of the most popular and successful actresses in Indian cinema, Kareena Kapoor has been working non-stop in the film industry for over 20 years.
  • Bruce Willis: A versatile Hollywood actor known for his action-packed movie roles, Bruce Willis has appeared in numerous successful films throughout his career, including the iconic Die Hard series.
  • Manisha Koirala: A talented actress from Nepal who rose to fame in Bollywood, Manisha Koirala has worked in numerous critically acclaimed films, earning various awards for her powerful performances.
  • Muhammad Ali: Born under the Shravan Nakshatra, the legendary boxing champion was known for his exceptional skills and charisma both in and outside the ring.
  • Henry Ford: The founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry by introducing the assembly-line production method, making automobiles affordable and accessible to many.

These famous personalities have indeed exhibited the positive traits often connected with Shravan Nakshatra, such as determination, intelligence, and a strong sense of purpose. They have significantly contributed to their respective fields, inspiring others with their remarkable achievements.

Shravana Nakshatra Career and Profession

Individuals born in Shravana Nakshatra often excel in careers that involve learning, listening, and communication. They possess a natural ability to acquire knowledge through listening, making them great candidates for roles in education and counseling.

Some suitable professions for people born in this Nakshatra include:

  • Scholar, researcher, professor, or teacher
  • Priest, ascetic, or religious worker
  • Public speaker, counselor, or life coach
  • Doctor, healer, or charity worker

Shravana Nakshatra natives may also find success in diverse career fields such as engineering, medicine, science, and various forms of arts. Their dedication to maintaining values, cleanliness, and organization can serve them well in professional environments. This sense of order in their life allows them to focus on achieving financial stability, as long as they avoid straying from their principles.

Born with an affinity for compassion and helping others, individuals with Shravana Nakshatra often thrive in non-profit or humanitarian work. They can make a significant impact in these fields due to their ability to connect with and support others in their communities.

Shravana Nakshatra Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of individuals born in Shravana Nakshatra are often closely tied to their bodily and emotional sensitivities. This nakshatra is associated with the ear and the act of listening, which is important when considering any potential health concerns.

People born under Shravana Nakshatra generally lead a healthy life, but they may sometimes experience sensitive skin issues or persistent ailments. These sensitivities can manifest in various ways, including weak digestion, problems in ears, tuberculosis, and skin diseases. Careful attention to diet, hygiene, and stress management can help mitigate these problems and maintain a strong foundation for overall health.

In addition to physical health, emotional wellness plays a significant role in the lives of those born in this nakshatra. As these individuals tend to be open-minded and receptive to the feelings of others, maintaining balance between their own needs and those of the people around them becomes crucial.

Some ways individuals born in Shravana Nakshatra can support their emotional wellness include:

  • Cultivating emotional awareness and listening skills
  • Practicing self-care and setting boundaries with others
  • Working on communication and conflict resolution techniques
  • Engaging in relaxation practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, or yoga

By focusing on both physical and emotional health, people born in Shravana Nakshatra can foster a strong sense of well-being and better navigate the unique challenges associated with their birth star. Implementing these strategies can contribute to improved health and overall life satisfaction.

Shravana Nakshatra Remedies and Recommendations

For those born under Shravan Nakshatra, there are specific remedies and recommendations that can help harness the positive traits and counteract the negative aspects of this star. These guidelines aim to maximize potential and bring about harmony and prosperity for the individuals.

One essential remedy for Shravan Nakshatra natives is the worship of Lord Vishnu. Daily worship, especially in the morning after taking a bath, can reduce the effects of sins and remove inauspiciousness associated with this nakshatra. Reciting the Vishnu Sahastranam daily is also considered beneficial for achieving auspicious results.

Another crucial practice for people born under Shravan Nakshatra is to actively listen. Developing the habit of attentive listening before making judgments, giving replies, or making decisions can significantly improve their lives. They may attract situations and opportunities that require careful listening and may miss essential experiences if they do not pay attention.

Walking, especially barefoot on grass, has also been suggested as a remedy for Shravan Nakshatra individuals. Engaging in physical activity and maintaining a connection with nature can help balance their energies and promote overall well-being.

Shravan Nakshatra natives should also focus on the following practices:

  • Maintaining neatness and cleanliness in their surroundings
  • Being compassionate and helping those in need
  • Practicing peacekeeping, forgiveness, empathy, and gratitude
  • Understanding their hyper-sensitivity and managing it effectively
  • Being mindful of their generosity to avoid financial hardships

By following these remedies and recommendations, individuals born under Shravan Nakshatra can nurture their positive qualities and lead a fulfilling and successful life.

Shravana Nakshatra Astrological Significance

Shravan Nakshatra as Ascendant

Individuals with Shravan Nakshatra as their ascendant are known for being patient, liberal, and cultured. These traits make them pleasant to be around, as they display humor and tolerance. They are religious, truthful, and possess a strong inclination towards learning and scholarly pursuits.

Shravan Nakshatra as Moon Sign

When Shravan Nakshatra is the Moon sign, it enhances the person’s aptitude for learning, perceptiveness, and intelligence. The influence of the Moon, which is considered the manifestation of the mind of God in Vedic theology, leads to an innate ability to absorb knowledge through listening. As a result, individuals born under Shravan Nakshatra are good listeners and have great potential in fields related to media and communication.

Result of each planet in Shravan Nakshatra

Each planet has a specific impact on an individual when it is present in Shravan Nakshatra:

  • Sun: Contributes to being an extremist, cautious, and thoughtful person. The Sun’s presence can lead to success in trading and skilled work-related endeavors.
  • Moon: Generates characteristics like soft-spokenness, balance, fair complexion, and medium height. A propensity for anxiety and a tendency to have few children can also emerge under the Moon’s influence.
  • Mars: Individuals with Mars in this Nakshatra tend to be focused, determined, and driven. However, they can also be stubborn and somewhat aggressive when pursuing their goals.
  • Mercury: Enhances communication abilities and the capacity to bring like-minded individuals together. Those with Mercury in Shravan often excel in networking and teamwork.
  • Jupiter: Bestows wisdom, a strong sense of justice, and spirituality. These individuals often possess an innate drive to seek higher meaning in life and share their knowledge with others.
  • Venus: Natives with Venus in Shravan Nakshatra can be very charming, attractive, and affectionate. They tend to develop deep emotional connections with their partners and have a strong appreciation for beauty and art.
  • Saturn: Creates a practical, disciplined, and patient nature. These individuals may face difficult life lessons but often overcome these obstacles through determination and hard work.


In summary, Shravana Nakshatra is an essential aspect of the zodiac system, holding immense significance in various domains of life. From the unique characteristics of natives born in this star to its spiritual and astrological importance, the prominence of Shravana Nakshatra cannot be understated.

The position of this Nakshatra in an individual’s birth chart majorly influences their personality traits, showcasing attributes such as:

  • Soft-spoken and methodical approach to work
  • Strong set of values and dedication to cleanliness
  • Compassion and desire to assist those in need
  • Energy, discipline, and motivation in professional spheres

Moreover, the Shravan month is renowned for its festivities and events, with devotees offering prayers and paying homage to Lord Shiva. Numerous rituals and traditions are observed during this auspicious time as believers seek divine blessings and spiritual growth.

The Homa ritual associated with Shravana Nakshatra aims to address the karmic impact from planets, steering destiny towards a path of harmony and prosperity. The underlying theme remains the importance of overcoming day-to-day life struggles to achieve lasting happiness and peace.

Overall, Shravana Nakshatra’s study and understanding can enhance one’s astrological knowledge, granting a clear perspective into both personal and cosmic realms, ensuring an enriched way of life for those under its influence.

Quick Information about Shravan Nakshatra

Shravan Nakshatra SymbolFootprints, ear    
Shravan Nakshatra Lord  Moon   
Shravan Nakshatra Diety       Vishnu 
Shravan Nakshatra Zodiac Sign (Rashi)Capricorn 10°00’  to 23°20’
Shravan Nakshatra Yoni / AnimalFemale Monkey    
Shravan Nakshatra Sacred TreeCrown Flower (रुई) (Calotropis Gigantea)
Shravan Nakshatra Ganadev
Shravan Nakshatra NadiAntya
Shravan Nakshatra Baby NamesShravan pada 1: “Khee” (pada Lord ‘Mars’)
Shravan pada 2: “Khu” (pada Lord ‘Venus’)
Shravan pada 3: “Khay” (pada Lord ‘Mercury’)
Shravan pada 4: “Kho” (pada Lord ‘Moon’)
Shravan Nakshatra English Name Altair   
Number of Stars in Shravan Nakshatra3

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