Love and Relationships

Falling in Love:

Falling in Love is seen from the 5th house, 5th house and moon. Moon is the karaka for mind. So, position and aspects on natal moon are important for judging about love. Relation between 5thhouse and lagna / lagna lord are indicative that the person may fall in love.

Following are some of the prime combinations that indicate falling in love  –

–          1st lord in 5th house

–          5th Lord in 1st house

–          1st and 5th lord together

–          Nav-Pancham yoga between 1st and 5th lord

–          1st Lord in the nakshatra if the 5th Lord

–          Moon in 5th house

–          Moon in the nakshatra of 5th house

How is the relationship:

– When 5th house or 5th lord receive benefic aspect of Jupiter, love relation will be good. But if Saturn or mars also aspect the 5th house or 5th lord, they will reduce the benefic aspect of Jupiter and create problems in relationship.  

– If Uranus is associated with 5th house, 5th Lord the person may be uncertain about the love relationship.

– If Neptune is associated with 5th house or 5th lord, the person will be secretive about the relationship.

– When mars is associated with 5th house, 5th lord or moon, there may be aggression in love. This also indicated disagreements.

– When there is a relation between 5th house, 5th lord or moon with 8th house, the relation may be more of physical attraction.