9th house in Horoscope : Kona Sthan, Yogkarak Sthana, Bhagya Sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

A.      – Earnings: what earnings will be left at the end of your Life, Tells how you will earn – Job or Business. Can guide you where you can earn from. What Investments you will have: Land, Gold, Silver, FDs, Savings, Shares, Inheritance from father or other source. It shows financial problems. It also shows how your economic conditions will waver

B.      – Family: Shows how was your parents’ financial situation when you were born, Shows how your childhood is, Shows how your family will grow (i.e. Children, Marriage related), Important house to judge Kids

C.      – Speaking Ability: Shows how you talk, Also shows speaking related professions like Teaching, Music, Drama, Acting

D.      – Eating Habits

E.       – Eye Problems: Left Eye related from men, Right Eye related for women

F.       – Other Ailments: Throat Ailments, Tonsils, vocal cords, Wind Pipe (upper portion), Food Pipe (upper Portion)

G.      – Maraka Sthana  

Some Examples of planets in this house:

1.        Jupiter: Ju Does not do very good of the house it is in, Aspects 6th, 8th and 10th houses, Does not give economic Problems. Will earn through Good Means. Will give limited wealth but person will still be satisfied. Person will speak in a sober manner and will think before talking. Will like to eat sweet food

2.       Saturn: Person has to work hard to earn. This position is good for saving money, using money carefully. Person will not speak openly. Will speak only what is necessary. They will never get to eat on time.

3.       Mercury: Will like to eat spicy food.

4.       Mars: Speech will be harsh.

5.       Sun: Will speak what is right.

6.       Venus: Will bestow wealth. Speech will be good.

7.       Moon: Gives liking for food. Will be a good cook too.