Moon / Chandra

Moon is considered to be a benefic planet in astrology. Moon is the fastest moving of all the grahas. It changes rashi every two and a quarter days. 

Moon is the karaka for mind. Hence, a person’s moon sign and nakshatra are of utmost importance in his personality development. Moon is also the karaka for mother. Moon also represents women in the society. 

Moon in 8th house in horoscope can give lot of tensions, specifically in the moon dashas or during the transit of Saturn over the moon. 

Gaj Kesari Yoga formed by Moon and Jupiter: 
When Jupiter is in Kendra from moon, Gaj Kesari yoga is formed. For best effects from this yoga, both moon and Jupiter should not be afflicted. Gaj Kesari bestows wealth upon the native.    

Rashis ruled by Moon:  Cancer 
Moon Exaltation Rashi : Taurus
Moon Debilitation Rashi : Scorpio  
Nakshatras ruled by Moon : Rohini, Hasta, Shravan  
Moon is karaka for : Mind, Mother   
Friends :  Sun, Mercury  
Neutral: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus 
Enemies:  Rahu   
Gemstone: Moti (Pearl)
Day ruled by Moon: Monday 
Numbers ruled by Moon: 2 
Marankarak house for Moon: eighth house 

Moon in Different Zodiac Signs in a Horoscope 

Moon in AriesMoon in TaurusMoon in GeminiMoon in cancerMoon in LeoMoon in VirgoMoon in Libra, Moon in ScorpioMoon in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces

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