5th house in Horoscope: Kona Sthana, Yogkaraka Sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

A.      Intelligence:

B.      Degree Education. This house is used to see what education is suitable for the person. Will the person complete graduation. For seeing education in a person’s chart, analyze both 4th and 5th sthana. Whichever is stronger, use it for guidance related to education.

C.      Shows artistic nature. Eg. Is the person interested in music, dance, drawing

D.      Shows interest if sports. Shows the travels related to sports career.

E.       This is the house of love. Will be person fall in love?

F.       This is also the house for children. Will the person have children? Will the person have happiness from children? In women, this shows a woman’s ability to conceive.

G.     Shows the first child.

H.      This house shows wealth obtained effortlessly. Example: shares. Lottery, gambling. The Dasha has to be analyzed to find the timeframe that is most appropriate fir gaining this type of wealth.

I.        This is 2nd from 4th house. Hence it indicates mother’s wealth.

J.        This is the house of Will Power.

K.      Health Related: Heart, spinal chord, woman’s ability to conceive, ovaries.

‘Dharma’ means abiding by the rules of society. ‘Daiva’ means the luck that the person is born with. That which we cannot change.

 This is a very auspicious house as it is the kona sthana. The planets in this house give auspicious results. The Lord of this will give auspicious results.