10th house in Horoscope: Karma Sthana, Kendra sthana, upachay sthana

What is seen from this house / sthana:

1.       Business as occupation: Will a person do business, what type will it be

2.       Recognition in society

3.       This is 5th from 6th house. Hence indicates Boss, culture in office/ work place, promotion

4.       Happiness from father, will a person get along with father

5.       Land/ Office for business

6.       Liking for Jewellery

7.       7th from 4th: indicates last days of life

8.       Health: Knees, Heart valces

This is a very powerful house (after the first house). Hence it is good to have planet in this house. This is karma sthana – and karma is in person’s hand.

Some examples of planets in this house:

1.       Sun: gives high position and power.

2.       Jupiter: Automatically gives respect and power.

3.       Mercury: promotes business

4.       Venus: promotes business

5.       Saturn: Indicates effots need to be taken. But gives good results in the long term.

6.       Mars: person can gets what he wants

7.       Rahu/ ketu: Good for business

8.       Uranus: Gives changes in profession. But good for health.

9.       Neptune: might be duped in business