10th house in Astrology

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10th house in Astrology

Keywords for Tenth House in Astrology: Career, Public Image, Achievement, Status, Mother-in-law, Knee

Significance of the Tenth House in astrology

  1. Career and Profession: Governs career choices, professional life, and overall career path.
  2. Public Image and Reputation: Represents how one is perceived in public and by society.
  3. Authority and Power: Associated with positions of authority, power, and leadership roles.
  4. Achievements and Success: Indicates potential for achievements and recognition in one’s professional life.
  5. Ambitions: Reflects one’s ambitions and drive for success.
  6. Work-Life Balance: Involves the balance between professional responsibilities and personal life.
  7. Employers and Authority Figures: Relates to relationships with employers, superiors, and other authority figures.
  8. Legacy: The legacy or long-term impact of one’s professional and public endeavors.
  9. Status and Social Standing: Concerns social status and standing derived from professional achievements.
  10. Responsibilities and Duties: Encompasses one’s sense of duty, discipline, and responsibilities in a career context.
  11. Goals and Objectives: Reflects long-term goals and objectives, especially in a professional setting.
  12. Parental Influences: Can also indicate the influence of the father or a father figure on one’s life path and career.

The Tenth House is a crucial component in understanding an individual’s career trajectory, professional ambitions, and their role in the broader societal context.

10th House in horoscope and Health

Diseases Associated with the Tenth House in a Horoscope

  1. Knee Problems: Issues related to the knees, including arthritis or injuries.
  2. Bone Disorders: Conditions affecting bones, particularly those related to structure and strength.
  3. Joint Issues: Problems with joints, especially in the knee area.
  4. Skin Conditions: Diseases affecting the skin, potentially linked to stress or environmental factors from one’s career.
  5. Back Problems: Ailments related to the spine, including lower back pain often associated with work-related posture issues.
  6. Stress-Related Disorders: Health issues arising from professional stress, including hypertension and anxiety.
  7. Cardiovascular Diseases: Conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, potentially exacerbated by work-related stress.
  8. Digestive System Disorders: Issues with digestion, which can be influenced by work habits and stress.
  9. Chronic Fatigue: Resulting from overexertion or lack of work-life balance.
  10. Repetitive Strain Injuries: Due to the nature of certain professions or prolonged work activities.
  11. Mental Health Issues: Such as depression or anxiety, potentially linked to career pressure or workplace challenges.
  12. Occupational Hazards: Specific health risks associated with certain professions, such as exposure to harmful substances or physically demanding work.

The Tenth House’s influence on these health aspects underscores the connection between one’s professional life, responsibilities, and overall physical well-being.

Organs and Body Parts Associated with the 10th House:

  1. Knees: Including the knee caps and surrounding structures.
  2. Bones: Especially those providing structural support and strength.
  3. Joints: Particularly focusing on the health and function of knee joints.
  4. Skin: Linked to the skin, in the context of how external stressors might affect its health.
  5. Spine: Specifically the upper spine, related to posture and support.
  6. Teeth and Bones: Reflecting the structural and enduring aspects of the body.
  7. Hair: Particularly in terms of its health and how it might be influenced by professional stress or image concerns.
  8. Capillaries and Veins: Associated with the circulatory system’s smaller components, especially in the legs.
  9. Digestive System: Influenced by work-related stress or lifestyle.
  10. Muscles: Focusing on the strength and endurance required in many professional activities, particularly those involving the back and knees.

The 10th House’s connection to these organs and body parts highlights how career, social standing, and professional responsibilities can manifest physically, affecting these specific areas of the body.

10th House in Horoscope and astrology

10th house is also called Karma Sthana, Kendra sthana, upachay sthana in astrology.

Significator (Karaka) of the 10th House:

Saturn is traditionally considered the Karaka or significator of the 10th House. This association is due to Saturn’s themes of responsibility, discipline, and endurance, which align closely with the 10th House’s focus on career, authority, and achievements.

Element of the Tenth House:

The element associated with the 10th House is Earth. This element underscores the practical, tangible, and structured nature of the house, reflecting its focus on career, achievements, and material success.

Planets That Give Good Results in the 10th House:

  1. Sun: Being a natural significator of authority and power, the Sun in the 10th House often leads to prominence, respect in one’s career, and success in leadership roles.
  2. Saturn: As the Karaka, Saturn here can bring long-term career success, respect for one’s discipline and hard work, and achievement through perseverance.
  3. Jupiter: Indicates prosperity, growth, and ethical success in professional life. Jupiter here can also suggest a career in education, law, or other Jupiterian fields.
  4. Mercury: Brings excellent communication skills, adaptability, and success in careers related to commerce, writing, or speaking.

Planets That Are Weak in the 10th House:

  1. Mars: While Mars can bring drive and ambition, it might also indicate conflicts, excessive competitiveness, or challenges in professional relationships.
  2. Venus: May lead to a lack of aggressiveness in career pursuits or an overemphasis on harmony at the workplace, which can sometimes hinder professional advancement.
  3. Moon: Can indicate fluctuating career paths or emotional challenges in maintaining a stable professional life.

What is seen from 10th house / sthana:

1.       Business as occupation: Will a person do business, what type will it be

2.       Recognition in society

3.       This is 5th from 6th house. Hence indicates Boss, culture in office/ work place, promotion

4.       Happiness from father, will a person get along with father

5.       Land/ Office for business

6.       Liking for Jewellery

7.       7th from 4th: indicates last days of life

8.       Health: Knees, Heart valces

This is a very powerful house (after the first house). Hence it is good to have planet in this house. This is karma sthana – and karma is in person’s hand.

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