Saturn / Shani

Saturn (Shani)  is considered to be a malefic planet. Saturn is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Saturn is the brother of Yam and Yami. But Saturn and Sun are each other’s enemies. Saturn is a slow moving planet. It changes its rashi every two and a half years. 

Saturn is sort of a dreaded planet. The transit of Saturn over moon is called sadesati. Sadesati has the power to make a person go through mental distress.
Saturn is KarmaPhalData – i.e. it gives results of Karma, both good and bad. People dread Shani as generally series of bad karmas done by a person stop is Sadesati. Shani energy stops it. Plus it also starts giving justice to sanchit karma. 
Hence people dread Sadi-Sati. If one has positive sanchit karma, sade-sati will not be very difficult. Instead it will be rewarding. 

On the positive side, Saturn is the karaka for hard work and persistence. Researcher come under the domain Saturn. Saturn supports the lower strata of society. It rewards hardwork and punishes bad deeds. 

Saturn has 3rd , 7th and 10th aspect. The 10th aspect of Saturn is very strong and causes small panauti. 

Shani Sadhana – People are suggested Shani sadhana during sadesati. 

Rashis ruled by Saturn :  Capricorn, Aquarius 
Saturn Exaltation Rashi : Libra
Saturn Debilitation Rashi : Aries 
Nakshatras ruled by Saturn : Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada 
Saturn is karaka for : Hardwork, persistence, poor people 
Friends :  Venus, Mercury 
Neutral: Jupiter, Mars 
Enemies:  Sun, Moon 
Unfavorable rashis: Cancer, Leo  
Gemstone: Blue Sapphire, Neelam 
Day ruled by Saturn: Saturday 
Numbers ruled by Saturn: 4, 8 
Marankarak house for Saturn: first house (lagna)