Bach Flower remedies during pregnancy and postpartum

Bach Flower remedies during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Bach flowers during pregnancy can be consumed in the same way as in other stages of life. In addition, it is at this stage of life that emotions often overwhelm, and inner peace is doubly important.
Bach flowers are always selected, taking into account the individuality of a person, as well as his emotional reaction to events. However, it is often possible to foresee in advance how the situation can affect a person, therefore, Bach flowers are mentioned here, which may be useful to future mothers:

Bach Flower Remedy During the first trimester

  • nut ( Walnut ) – helps to easily and quickly adapt,
  • forest apple ( Crab Apple ) – helps if there is dislike for your body or the body of a partner. Helps to accept changes in the physical body,
  • lipstick ( Mimulus ) – helps if the fear “How will I cope with the new situation?” appears. Helps to trust life, boldly go towards unknown events,
  • grapes ( Vine ) and spring water ( Rock Water ) – help if there is not enough strength to respond elasticly to changes and events. Often a person has plans for life and for himself. Grapes help you learn to rely on life and its ability to arrange events in the best possible order. Spring water helps to be more tolerant of oneself and to balance the high demands put forward for oneself, taking as a priority one’s well-being here and now.

Toxicosis of pregnant women. In 2003 and 2004, a study was conducted in South America to find out how Bach flowers can help expectant mothers suffering from toxicosis. The study involved 50 pregnant women who had nausea and vomiting every morning. Taking into account the emotional state of each woman, an individual mixture of Bach flowers was prepared for each study participant. Within seven days, 74% of expectant mothers got rid of toxicosis, within fifteen days – 84%, in turn, after a month only 2% of the study participants continued vomiting, but its frequency and the use of chemical drugs significantly decreased. In addition, during the therapy, the general well-being of the pregnant women improved.

Bach Flower Remedy During the second trimester

Moms-to-be usually do very well during these weeks. Often, various emotional “outbursts” occur, or increased irritability is observed. We recommend that you evaluate whether ready-made combinations “Formula of Rescue Remedy” or “Rest” may be useful.

Bach Flower Remedy During the third trimester

Perhaps a big event approaching every day can cause fears or make you doubt your ability to face a big life challenge:

  • lipstick ( Mimulus ) – helps if the thoughts “I’m afraid to give birth” are spinning in my head. This plant, as previously mentioned, helps to trust life, to boldly go towards unknown events,
  • sunflower ( Rock Rose ) – helps if you are seized by panic fear, which deprives you of the ability to think logically. The sunflower gives the courage to act boldly in any emergency, such as childbirth,
  • honeysuckle ( Honeysuckle ) is useful in the event that there has already been a negative birth experience, and it seems that the same can happen again. This plant helps to leave the past in the past and not allow the past to affect you and events in the present.

Bach Flower Remedy During Childbirth

Many women learn to relax before giving birth and here Bach flowers can be of great help. Women who took the Rescue remedy a few days before the due date and during childbirth usually had an easy and soft birth, and after giving birth they recovered very quickly. 

This Bach color combination helps to overcome intense excitement and soothes.

Before childbirth , as well as during childbirth, women are often characterized by the emergence of unexpected doubts about their abilities: “I will not cope; I cannot give birth; too much is asked of me. ” In this case, Elm and Larch will help restore self-confidence . 

If labor is prolonged, and and lot of strength is lost, Olive will be of help.

Bach Flower Remedy Postpartum period

The long-awaited baby does not always give only positive emotions, often expectations bring with them disappointment and dissatisfaction. The following are the most common postpartum depression and Bach flowers that can help:

  • The appearance of a baby in the family and the fact that you become a mother means big changes in your life and a rapid change of roles. Walnut will successfully adapt to the new situation. This remedy is recommended to be taken by the whole family, and also added to the water during the first bath of the newborn.
  • If the birth was difficult, during labor you experienced a state of emotional shock, or you experience such a state after birth, the Star of Bethlehem will help you get rid of it and restore your inner emotional balance. It is also recommended to add this flower remedy to the water during the first bath of the newborn.
  • If you suffer from postpartum sadness (this may be on the third day after giving birth, the so-called “crying day”), as well as if later you feel depressed, sad, melancholy and the desire to cry for no reason, Mustard will help to overcome this condition and will bring joy back into your life.
  • Apathy, unwillingness to change conditions, reconciliation with the existing, lack of cheerfulness, unwillingness to eat, love and enjoy the joy that life gives, helps transform Wild Rose, allowing inspiration to shine again in the eyes, and restore the ability to enjoy everyday trifles again.
  • If you have reached the extreme limit of strength, if you feel overworked and it seems that there is no strength for anything, and you could only sleep and sleep, the Olive will help you recover, give you energy and strength.
  • If you react too emotionally to every unusual situation, feel anxiety, panic and horror seize you, and all this deprives you of the ability to reason logically, the Rock Rose will teach you to act boldly in new situations.
  • If you become easily irritated, you cannot control your thoughts and behavior, if it seems to you that you are close to a nervous breakdown, if obsessive and suicidal thoughts are nesting in your head (for example, “it would be better not to wake up”), or it seems to you that you can cause harm to themselves or others (for example, baby, if it is unbearable cries), the Cherry Plum strengthen the spiritual help in any situation to respond to all the sober and maintain control over the mind and body.
  • If you are angry with your child (or husband), want to take revenge on him (“well, cry!”), Holly will help you look at all life situations through the prism of love.
  • If it seems to you that you are not a very good mom (“I don’t care enough about my child.”) And you can not do anything right, if you are unhappy with yourself and feel guilty in front of the child, Pine  will relieve you of feelings of guilt and reproaches to herself, will help to realize that no one in this world is perfect. The pine tree will help you accept yourself with your mistakes and understand that you are a good enough mom – exactly what your child needs!
  • If you have set high standards for yourself what a “good mom” should be (for example, a child should always smile, dinner should always be on the table, rooms should always be clean, linen ironed, etc.), Rock Water will help you get rid of an adamant mental attitude, reduce the desire for perfectionism, it will teach you how to enjoy life, and not strive for fictitious standards.
  • If you live under the motto “I have to cope with everything myself” and are not able to ask for help and support from others, an Oak will help you see your limit and reckon with it, teach you to take care not only of others, but also of yourself.
  • If you are in a state of intense despair and hopelessness (“There is no point in asking for help, because no one in this world can help me.”), If you feel like you are in a deep emotional “hole” from which you cannot get out,  Sweet Chestnut will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand that there is a way out of every desperate situation. Higher powers will come to your aid!
  • If you are unable to accept your body, which has changed since the birth of your baby, and make physical contact with the baby, or if breastfeeding seems unacceptable to you or you are ashamed of what is happening to you (for example, you are ashamed that you were affected by postpartum depression) , Crab Apple will help to accept yourself, your body and feelings.
  • If depressing thoughts are hovering in your head, they do not want to retreat and return to you again and again, the White Chestnut will rid your head of all that is superfluous, help you concentrate on life here and now.
  • If you are afraid that something bad may happen to your baby (for example, wake up at night to check if the baby is breathing and whether he is alive), the Red Chestnut will help to objectively assess the existing or threatening danger and teach you to rely on that we are all protected. Meat-red horse chestnut helps mommy to think about the good and feel safe, and also, taking care of others, do not forget to take care of herself.
  • If you are physically with the child, and emotionally “sailed” into another world, is no longer here and now (especially if the baby is crying), Clematis will help you to “return” to perceive emotions and needs of the child and to respond to them.
  • If it seems to you that circumstances or other people (your mother, husband, medical staff) are to blame for your predicament, and it is difficult for you to see how you can change the situation in which you are, if you feel that all too hard, you feel powerless, Willow ( Willow ) will help you regain power over their lives, to find creative solutions and take life more easily, returning to her positive outlook on what is happening, and faith in the best.
  • If you suffer from overexertion (“This is beyond my strength!”), Elm will strengthen your self-confidence and teach you how to delegate things.
    In turn, if you compare yourself with other young mothers (“She’s doing better!”), Larch ( Larch) will help regain self-confidence, build self-confidence and help you realize that you, too, can do great things!
  • Cream of Rescue Remedy : in the first days, when, when feeding the baby, the amount of milk has not yet been adjusted, and the breast swells painfully, and also, if milk stagnation occurs. Take a warm shower first, then apply the cream to your breasts towards your nipples. You can also use cream to treat cracked nipples. The Cream of Rescue Remedy is also useful for your baby: if the tummy aches, you notice rashes on the skin, stuffy nose, etc. Read more about applying the cream here.