Balancing your Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

Balancing your Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

The third eye chakra or the frontal chakra is the 6th chakra of the human body. It is located between the two eyebrows. This chakra is responsible for intuition and the mind. It is necessary to properly maintain it in order to keep a good line of life and achieve its goals without difficulty. It is the energetic center of intelligence and intuition.

Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra Meaning

The third eye chakra is often represented by a lotus flower with an inverted triangle . It does not have an animal associated with this type of chakra, due to the fact that the third eye is not part of the physical body, in most traditions.

The association of the two elements in the representation is linked to wisdom. The symbol of the third eye chakra is the Om positioned on an inverted triangle, which is itself contained in a circle between two lotus petals.

The inverted triangle has a double meaning. Its funnel shape represents the channeling of information to the root, hence wisdom. If you look from the bottom up, the widening of the triangle demonstrates the development that leads to enlightenment.

As for the lotus, its meaning is universal, which is knowledge. This flower, often associated with the Hindu god of creation, Braha, indicates beauty, prosperity, eternity and fertility.

It must be mentioned that the symbol of the sixth chakra is dominated by Om or Aum. It is a mantra of grounding, recognition of the divine and concentration. Of Sanskrit origin, this mantra means ”  the root of all creation  “. As you pronounce it, you imagine a whisper of creation, or a vital force in the universe. Concretely, the Om is considered as a portal which leads to the supreme consciousness.

The third eye chakra is often represented by a mixture of purple tones and deep blue, indigo. These shades of colors represent wisdom, mystery, faith, and loyalty.

Why balance your Third Eye chakra or Ajna Chakra?

The third eye chakra is where the whole process of awareness takes place in an individual. It gives the opening on the global vision of the life.

Physically balanced 3rd eye chakra

On a physical level, the balance of the frontal chakra allows you to feel good about yourself. Your behavior will be positivist in all circumstances.

You will be able to see reality, and be able to distinguish between true and false. Any kind of illusion will disappear. In addition, you gain more confidence in yourself, and do not expect anything from others, whether for love, success, gain, on all levels.

The organs affected by the frontal chakra are the sinuses, the eyes, the base of the skull, the temporal lobes and the nervous system. The balance of the third eye chakra thus improves eyesight.

Emotionally balanced 3rd eye chakra

On an emotional level, you are able to understand that a lot of negative emotions are unreal . Feelings of fear, anxiety or even apprehension push you away. Your capacity for discernment will be developed and your mind will be free from doubt.

You understand that life is a cause and effect process, everything that happens to us is the consequence of an action or a decision taken previously. You understand that it is better to go with the flow of life without duality, for everything has a reason for being and there are events in detachment from life.

Spiritually balanced 3rd eye chakra

When the sixth chakra is open, your communication with the inner self and the higher self goes smoothly . Note that this exchange is beneficial on all levels, especially to see more clearly in each situation. The more this exchange between the different ”  selves  ” is optimized, the better you will feel, both mentally and physically.

In addition, the third eye chakra helps to fluidify the cohesion between the two hemispheres of the brain. The stimulation of these two parts allows an opening on peace, understanding, equanimity and acceptance. These qualities easily integrate our daily lives. We also discover our consciousness and who we really are. Thanks to this, we are able to lift the veil on the illusion of life, and have a clear idea of ​​our real nature.

How do you know if your third eye chakra is out of balance?

It must be emphasized that it is difficult to maintain the balance of the third eye chakra. It only needs to be slightly open or closed for you to feel a negative influence on your “me”. Common symptoms of a blocked or too open 3rd eye chakra are characterized by:

  • mental illness
  • headaches,
  • migraines,
  • personality disorders,
  • sinusitis,
  • ophthalmological conditions,
  • learning disabilities,
  • negative emotions and feelings,
  • a lack of ambition.

3rd eye chakra blocked or too open on the physical plane

A blockage of the frontal chakra causes significant damage to your physical health. Since it is the energy center that controls the pituitary gland as well as neurological functions, you will have a hard time:

  • Fight infections
  • Regulate your sleep
  • Keep your metabolism running smoothly

Thus, you are much more exposed to diseases, such as insomnia, too much sleep or too high blood pressure. There are signs that can put you on the right track to identify your frontal chakra imbalance:

  • Migraines
  • Convulsions
  • Sinusitis
  • Vision problems
  • Sciatica
  • Brain tumor
  • Vascular accidents
  • Mental fatigue

3rd eye chakra blocked or too open emotionally

A blocked frontal chakra allows the development of negative thoughts, makes learning difficult and gives rise to a lack of concentration . There are signs that tell you that you are deficient in this level, such as depression, delirium, schizophrenia, paranoia, and anxiety.

During a third eye chakra blockage, it is not uncommon to have nightmares or vivid dreams. Some people even have heightened skepticism.

3rd eye chakra blocked or too open spiritually

In addition to suffering from supreme anxiety in the face of any situation, spiritual progression can also be the cause. A person with a blocked frontal chakra does not believe in what they see and is unable to deal with every event in life.

How to balance your Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra?

To unlock your third eye chakra, there are several effective techniques. The first is the hygiene of life . As the saying goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body, nutrition, communication and the feeling of well-being are then as important as the spiritual nourishment itself.

Start by eating healthy . It must be mentioned that what we eat will be our fuel for the day. If you eat at a fast food outlet every day, your body is obviously not in its best shape, even if you exercise a lot. Choose a diet rich in vegetables, dairy products, fruits and meats, fish.

To properly fluidize your chakra, make sure to heal the relationship that exists between you and your loved ones.

It must also be mentioned that laughter is an excellent remedy for all ailments. Moreover, there is even the yoga of laughter, which consists of laughing even if there is nothing funny. Considered the best therapy, laughter is excellent for health and therefore for overall energy. Wellness experts even advise laughing for at least 15 minutes a day.

Besides, the hygiene of life, acupuncture is also an excellent remedy to balance the frontal chakra. This traditional Chinese medicine technique involves planting needles on all the chakra points of our body, whether they are main or secondary. Experts stick the needle, sometimes encrusted with a piece of mineral, on the crossings of the chakras. This helps to untie the chakra points where there is an accumulation of energy. Note that an accumulation causes a blockage of the flow of energy.

In order to acquire good energy, it is also necessary to control one’s breath , a technique also called Pranamaya . There is no particular method, but just a way to properly oxygenate its organs as well as the brain.

Meditation is also a great way to unlock the third eye chakra. Combined with therapeutic music on sacred healing frequencies, it is a powerful way to open one’s chakra. Sacred Solfeggio for the 3rd eye chakra: 852 Hz.

Stones to balance your third eye chakra?

Stones and crystals help to balance and open the third eye chakra, either by placing the associated stone directly on your body at the location of the 3rd eye chakra or by always carrying it with you. You can try meditating with the stone chosen from those shown below and placing it near your bed or under your pillow at night while you sleep.

Stones and minerals exert a certain power on our metabolism and our chakra. It is necessary to find the right one having the same frequency on the frontal chakra in order to balance it.

The main stones used to balance his 3rd eye chakra are lapis lazuli, sodalite, fire agate, celestine and pietersite.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone that symbolizes happiness and tenderness . It stimulates the imagination, intelligence, creativity and finesse of mind. This mineral also restores self-confidence, and encourages the wearer to take control of their life.

This stone brings deep peace to anxious and nervous people. It is considered the travel stone of the soul of the deceased by the Egyptians. It allows in fact to go beyond received ideas, and to go beyond internal conflicts.

Lapis Lazuli also relieves migraines, asthma, allergies, sneezing, sore throats and calms coughs.


Solidarity fights feelings of anguish and guilt. As a result, it reduces the feeling of fear, soothes and clears the mind.

It brings loyalty, courage and humility to the wearer. In addition, it helps to control emotions by optimizing our self-confidence, our self-esteem and of others. It therefore promotes creative expression and communication.

This stone gives access to stability in concentration, logic, rationality and self-control at the professional level.

Fire agate

Fire agate is a very rare variety of agate. Its appearance and its properties have earned it the name of “fire”. It is a favorite stone of the base chakra, which is in close connection with the central sun of the earth. Thanks to these properties, it restores the good circulation of energy in our body. Considered a very stimulating stone, in vibration with fire, it is of great help when it comes to pushing us to the end of our limits, or even surpassing ourselves in order to achieve our goals.

She makes us stronger and steadfast at every obstacle. This is why it is recommended for perfectionists.

By wearing fire agate as a piece of jewelry, it allows us to admit that mistakes are necessary to move forward. They allow us to learn lessons in order to evolve. This stone removes fears and instills a sense of security. It also repels curses by forming a strong energy shield around the wearer. But like all protection stones, its only bankruptcy is doubt.


As for meditation , celestine is the most recommended thanks to its high vibration. It brings peace and spiritual balance, while bringing comfort and appeasement. Like maternal tenderness, it acts gently, especially on children.

This stone also stimulates communication and creativity of the wearer. It teaches wisdom and self-confidence, while allowing a high level of perception.


Pietersite helps us free ourselves from the emotional wounds and traumas that come with associating with authoritarian or even domineering people. It allows us to feel good about ourselves, and therefore to evolve with each step. This stone teaches us to “be” and not to “appear”. It restores confidence and frees susceptibility. For those who have low self-esteem, this stone helps in the unconditional acceptance of being , regardless of the point of view and prejudices of others.

It is also an anti-melancholy stone which carries positive energy. It stimulates the communication capacity of its wearer, while giving them new ideas thanks to an open-mindedness. It is also of great help in controlling the situation in times of change. It is thus presented as an effective remedy against exhaustion and fatigue, by stimulating the pituitary gland and the endocrine system.

Regarding the physique of the wearer, this stone is shown to be very effective against vision problems as well as eye diseases, once it is applied to the diseased area. In addition, it relieves headaches, heaviness in the stomach, nervous and respiratory system disorders as well as dizziness. Hearing problems and tinnitus treatment will also be solved.

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